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College Football Betting Odds

College Football Betting Odds & Line - NCAAF Betting

Unlike betting lines, college football odds are a more straightforward way of determining which team will win. Analysts predict a winner in what’s known as a moneyline or ‘straight up’ bet. These are written out in college football odds spreads. OddsChecker provides easy-to-read odds grids so punters can compare odds offered by different sportsbooks.

In the US, college football betting odds are written with a plus (+) or a minus (-). They’re described in terms of a $100 bet for simplicity’s sake. The underdog is written with a plus (+) and the favorite with a minus (-).

College Football Moneyline Odds Explained

OddsChecker provides you with top college football odds from eleven trusted sportsbooks as well as our own professional handicappers. Analysts and handicappers make picks and set NCAAF odds by taking a close look at a team’s record, coaching history, draft picks, and other relevant data.

College football odds spreads are provided for a variety of bets, like moneyline betting (mentioned above) and totals bets. A moneyline bet simply predicts the winner of a game. A totals bet (or an over/under bet) is based on the total score of a finished game or at another stopping point, such as halftime.

Let’s take a look at two examples.

Moneyline odds for college football betting are written as:

Ohio State -600

Rutgers University +230

Here, Ohio State is the -600 favorite and Rutgers is the +230 underdog. Remember that American betting is often written in terms of a $100 bet, though $10 or other wager amounts are also common.

In a moneyline bet on this game, a punter would have to bet $600 on Ohio State to win $100 should the Buckeyes win. Meanwhile, a $100 bet placed on Rutgers would see a $230 payout should Ohio State lose.

Totals odds are given as:

Ohio State -110 O 16

Rutgers University -110 U 16

Here, the ‘O’ stands for Over and the ‘U’ stands for Under. Rather than betting on a winner, a punter bets on whether or not the total score will be over or under 16 points. This is another common way to bet on NCAA football odds.

Regardless of which side of the bet you choose, a $110 bet pays out $100. The missing $10 here is known as ‘the juice’, which is paid to bookmakers to keep them afloat.

College Football Point Spread Explained

The college football point spread may seem complex, but OddsChecker makes it easy for fans to get in on the action. We provide industry-leading NCAA football lines, which offer punters an unrivaled look at gameday analysis and predictions.

The point spread is the most popular way to bet on football. College football betting lines, mentioned above, are calculated by determining which team is superior and then providing a handicap to the underdog to make the wager as close to a 50/50 outcome as possible.

This handicap is written as points. These points require a favorite team to win by a certain amount of points and the underdog to not lose by that many points.

Let’s take a look at an example, moving to the SEC:

University of Alabama -16 -110

Ole Miss +16 -110

In this example of college football lines, a 16-point handicap has been provided to Ole Miss. The Crimson Tide needs to win by at least 16 points for a bet to pay out, while Ole Miss needs to not lose by at least 16 points for a wager placed on them to pay out.

NCAA football lines can also be expressed in percentages of winning probability rather than spread points. In this example, a +/- 16 spread indicates that the Crimson Tide have an 88.6% chance of winning, while Ole Miss has an 11.5% chance of winning.

How Are College Football Betting Lines Calculated?

NCAA college football betting lines are calculated by analysts at leading sportsbooks. Professionals take a close look at a team’s record, performance at-home and away, coaching talent, and other factors in order to determine both teams betting lines. By doing this, handicappers can determine which team is likely to win a game, as well as future events like the College Football Championship and bowl games. OddsChecker connects you with top point spreads form leading sportsbooks so you can wager knowing that you have the latest and most trusted predictions in NCAAF odds. Compare and contrast lines provided by our eleven trusted sportsbooks before placing your wager.

What Are Popular College Football Bets To Wager?

So far, we’ve covered moneyline and totals bets on college football odds spreads, as well as betting the spread in point spread bets. We’ll review these, then introduce prop betting.

Moneyline bets: Also known as a straight-up bet, moneylines determine which team either wins or loses. Draws are considered a ‘push’ bet, and all money wagered is returned to the punter.

Point spread bets: Also known as ‘betting the spread’ or, in the event of a win, ‘covering the spread’ or ‘beating the spread’, this is football’s most popular form of betting. Point spread bets are popular because they incorporate detailed analysis that allows punters to get the most out of their wager. Handicaps are provided to underdog teams to level out the wagering field and make college football betting lines more exciting.

Totals bets: Also known as an over/under bet, this wager predicts the total number of points at the end of a quarter, half-time, or, more commonly, the end of a game. Totals bets are also a popular live betting option, as totals lines will shift throughout the game.

Prop bets: Also known as a ‘proposition’ bet, this wager determines anything other than the outcome of a game. Prop bets can be diverse, ranging from who will take the Heisman Trophy to who which player will score the first touchdown of a game.

Where Can I Find The Latest College Football Betting Lines Online?

OddsChecker connects you to eleven industry-leading sportsbooks that offer reliable football odds, competitive deals, and secure platforms for all college football betting needs. Continue reading below for an in-depth look at the exclusive deals offered by our affiliated sportsbooks: FanDuel, BetMGM, PointsBet, BetAmerica, DraftKings, Sugarhouse, FOX Bet, 888Sport, Resorts Casino, Bet365, and Unibet.

Do Sportsbooks Offer Different College Football Betting Lines?

Each sportsbook offers slightly different betting NCAA football odds and lines. This is a reflection of each company’s unique determination of odds and lines for a given game, which are dependent on a team and the analysis of that team. OddsChecker connects you to leading sportsbooks and allows you to quickly and conveniently compare NCAAF odds and lines provided in a grid formation. This way, fans are able to compare their options to determine what’s best for them—without sacrificing quality, integrity, or value.

What Are The Best Betting Sites For College Football Odds?

Check out OddsChecker’s free bets section to learn more about the competitive deals being offered by trusted sportsbooks for college football odds, as well as NFL odds. In addition to the eleven sportsbooks that offer lines and odds on the NCAAF, our free bets section includes exclusive deals from William Hill and Borgata.

Here is a quick look at deals from college football betting sites.

FanDuel a popular sportsbook and daily fantasy sports (DFS) provider that has a host of creative betting options.

BetMGM a leading sportsbook and casino gaming provider that offers NFL Vegas Odds as an affiliate of the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

BetAmerica an online sportsbook that's also popular for providing elite racing picks for a diverse range of horseraces.

DraftKings a popular sportsbook and DFS provider that focuses on creating daily and weekly contests.

SugarHouse an online casino and sportsbook that spearheaded online sports betting in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

FOXBet one of the latest sports betting platforms that was created by partners FOX Sports and The Stars Group.

888Sports an online betting giant that got its start in Europe and has since moved across the pond to offer competitive deals in the US.

ResortCasino an online sports betting platform that's affiliated with the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Bet365 an online sports betting and gaming site that's based in the UK but is one of the most successful platforms worldwide.

Unibet an online sports betting and gaming site that's popular and successful worldwide.

Can I Find The Latest Las Vegas College Football Odds Online?

College football Vegas odds are available online. Vegas odds differ slightly in terms of how they’re written. For example, odds are described in terms of ‘5 to 1’. This means that there are five chances to win and one chance to lose, which translates as 83.3% chance of winning. Prior to 2018, Nevada was the only state to provide legal sportsbooks, which meant Las Vegas college football odds were the country’s only way to wager. However, sports betting has expanded throughout many states, which means fans have options when it comes to betting on the NCAAF.


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