Super Bowl Squares Betting Game: How to Play Super Bowl Squares for Super Bowl 2023

Are you confused about the Super Bowl squares betting game? Jon Conahan has you covered with the Super Bowl squares and how to play them. Come learn how to play Super Bowl squares ahead of the game.
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Super Bowl Squares Betting Game: How to Play Super Bowl Squares for Super Bowl 2023

Super Bowl squares are one of the biggest games that people play during the biggest game of the year. This could be with friends and family at a party or any other place as Super Bowl squares are highly prevalent.

While Super Bowl squares certainly require some luck to win, that's part of what makes the game so fun. At the end of the day, betting has a ton to do with luck as well, so it's not too much different in that department. For this, however, you don't need to go searching for data and stats. It's all just for fun and that's what everyone wants during the Super Bowl.

Below, we will show you how to play Super Bowl squares just hours before the 2023 Super Bowl.

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How to Play Super Bowl Squares

For starters, there's no reason to create your own Super Bowl squares. OddsChecker has literally already done the job for you with our free printable Super Bowl squares. Why waste your time making one when we already have you covered?

If you want to make one, you will need a piece of paper, pens, and much more to create a 100-square grid. Have fun with that.

Free Printable Super Bowl Squares Grid

Click here to download the free printable Super Bowl squares grid for Eagles vs. Chiefs

Free Printable Super Bowl Squares 2023

Every Super Bowl squares game will have 100 squares. It's made from 10 columns and 10 rows. 100 of these squares need to be filled out with numbers from 0-9.

The Eagles and Chiefs will be assigned columns while the other is assigned rows. It doesn't matter which team is which, but it's much easier to understand with our free printable Super Bowl squares sheet above as we already assigned both teams their sides.

Each Super Bowl square will be the same price. This means that if you have a pool with a $1000 pot, each square would be a $10 buy-in. There are Super Bowl squares that could be more than $1000 per square and others that could be as cheap as $.25 per square. Either way, it's just for fun!

Once you run a generator or any other random way to give numbers, you have to write the contestants' names or initials into the box to send to them. That shows them what numbers they have from 0-9.

How do you win Super Bowl Squares?

There's no secret way to win Super Bowl squares but there isn't a secret to winning anything in life.

However, this is all based on luck. Once the Super Bowl squares are assigned, you will then need to watch the game and hope they land on your numbers.

This is for each quarter, halftime, and full-time. Typically, halftime and full-time have the best payouts, especially the full-time winners. If you have the numbers 4 for the Eagles and 3 for the Chiefs, you would win if the Eagles are winning 14-13 at the end of a quarter or full-time.

Remember to have fun with this and enjoy the Super Bowl. These games are meant to add some fun to an already exciting day.

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