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2020 Presidential Election Odds: Joe Biden Has An 89% Chance Of Flipping A Donald Trump State

The latest 2020 Presidential Election news as it looks likely that Joe Biden can take a Donald Trump state.
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2020 Presidential Election Odds: Joe Biden has a 89% chance of flipping a Donald Trump state

Online sportsbooks think Joe Biden is making huge progress in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in particular

2020 Election Odds: Could the Democrats flip any Trump states?

The short answer to this is yes, online sportsbooks have the Democrats at -833 to flip any Trump state in the 2020 Presidential election, which implies there’s a 89.3% chance of this happening.

According to online bookmakers, there’s nine Trump states which have a 40% chance or more of being flipped by the Democrats.

Michigan is the most likely Trump state that will be reclaimed by the Democrats. Current odds imply there’s a massive 77.8% chance the Democrats win.

Wisconsin’s election odds suggest that there’s a 74.1% chance the state will swing blue in the 2020 election. Back in May, the odds only suggested a 55.6% chance of this happening.

Pennsylvania is another state Joe Biden will be quietly confident of baking back; In June, the Democrats had a 62.1% chance of winning the state according to the odds. However, that percentage has since jumped to 73.5%.

According to the odds, there’s a 62.5% chance that the Democrats will win in Arizona. Only last month that percentage was at 50%.

There’s been plenty of chatter around the Florida result in recent weeks, the Democrats currently have a 57.8% chance of winning the state. Just like Arizona, this percentage was at 50% in September.

The Democrats have a 47.6% chance of flipping North Carolina according the US election odds provided by UK sportsbooks. Joe Biden has gained great momentum in this state over the last month, as the odds implied only a 28.6% chance at the start of September.

The odds imply that the Democrats have a 44.4% chance of flipping Georgia, which is the same likelihood they have of winning in Ohio. Iowa is the final state where the Democrats have over a 40% chance of flipping.

US Election Odds: Will the Democrats flip a Trump state?

1OddsImplied Percentage Chance

See full list below.

Presidential Election Odds: Donald Trump Makes Headway In Hawaii, Nevada and Washington

We reported back in August that there was Donald Trump a 66% chance that Donald Trump didn’t flip any of the Clinton states in 2020. However, as we all know there’s been various events since August which have had a dramatic impact on the US election, and in particular the US election odds.

According to one online bookmaker, Donald Trump now has 43.9% chance of flipping a Hillary Clinton state in November.

The Republicans odds have drifted in various states including, New Jersey, New York, New Mexico and Delaware, however, there are a few key states where Donald Trump appears to have made small gains.

Donald Trump’s odds of flipping Nevada have shortened from +350 to +275, which implies the chances of the Republicans winning in Nevada have increased from 22.2% to 26.7%.

The Republicans odds of winning in Hawaii have also been narrowed in the last couple of months, in August they were priced at +2000 to win the state, however, they are now +1600. Which implies their chances of winning in Hawaii have increased from 4.8% to 5.9%.

Another state which is looking a little more promising for the Trump party is Washington. The odds imply the Republicans chances of winning Washington have improved from 5.9% to 7.7%.

US Election Odds: Will the Republicans flip a Clinton state?

1OddsImplied Percentage Chance

See full list below.

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2020 US Election Odds: The odds of the Democrats flipping Donald Trump States

1Republicans Odds (UK odds)Democrat Odds (UK odds)% Chance of being flipped
Alabama-3300 (1/33)+1600 (16/1)5.9%
Alaska-500 (1/5)+400 (4/1)20%
Arizona+150 (6/4)-167 (3/5)62.%
Arkansas-1600 (1/16)+1000 (10/1)9.1%
Florida+120 (6/5)-137 (8/11)57.9%
Georgia-137 (8/11)+125 (5/4)44.4%
Idaho-5000 (1/50)+1600 (16/1)5.9%
Indiana-1200 (1/12)+900 (9/1)10%
Iowa-162 (8/13)+150 (6/4)40%
Kansas-2500 (1/25)+1200 (12/1)7.7%
Kentucky-3300 (1/33)+1400 (14/1)6.7%
Louisiana-2500 (1/25)+1400 (14/1)6.7%
Michigan+400 (4/1)-350 (2/7)77.8%
Mississippi-3300 (1/33)+1400 (14/1)6.7%
Missouri-800 (1/8)+700 (7/1)12.5%
Montana-1400 (1/14)+900 (9/1)10%
Nebraska-3300 (1/33)+1200 (12/1)7.7%
North Carolina+110 (11/10)-125 (4/5)55.6%
North Dakota-5000 (1/50)+1600 (16/1)5.9%
Ohio-150 (4/6)+125 (5/4)44.4%
Oklahoma-5000 (1/50)+1400 (14/1)6.7%
Pennsylvania+250 (5/2)-275 (4/11)73.3%
South Carolina-700 (1/7)+650 (13/2)13.3%
South Dakota-5000 (1/50)+1600 (16/1)5.9%
Tennessee-5000 (1/50)+1200 (12/1)7.7%
Texas-275 (4/11)+250 (5/2)28.6%
Utah-1600 (1/16)+1000 (10/1)9.1%
West Virginia-10000 (1/100)+1600 (16/1)5.9%
Wisconsin+275 (11/4)-286 (7/20)74.1%
Wyoming-6600 (1/66)+1600 (16/1)5.9%

2020 US Election Odds: The odds of the Republicans flipping Hillary Clinton States

1Republicans Odds (UK odds)Democrat Odds (UK odds)% Chance of being flipped
California+1600 (16/1)-3300 (1/33)5.9%
Colorado+700 (7/1)-1200 (1/12)12.5%
Connecticut+1000 (10/1)-4000 (1/40)9.1%
Delaware+1600 (16/1)-3300 (1/33)5.9%
Hawaii+1600 (16/1)-5000 (1/50)5.9%
Illinois+1600 (16/1)-3300 (1/33)5.9%
Maine+650 (13/2)-800 (1/8)13.3%
Maryland+1600 (16/1)-5000 (1/50)5.9%
Massachusetts+1600 (16/1)-6600 (1/66)5.9%
Minnesota+400 (4/1)-350 (2/7)20%
Nevada+275 (11/4)-300 (1/3)26.7%
New Hampshire+350 (7/2)-350 (2/7)22.2%
New Jersey+1200 (12/1)-3300 (1/33)7.7%
New Mexico+950 (19/2)-900 (1/9)9.5%
New York+1600 (16/1)-5000 (1/50)5.9%
Oregon+1000 (10/1)-1600 (1/16)9.1%
Rhode Island+1200 (12/1)-3300 (1/33)7.7%
Vermont+1400 (14/1)-6600 (1/66)6.7%
Virginia+900 (9/1)-1600 (1/16)10%
Washington+2000 (20/1)-10000 (1/100)4.8%

2020 US Election Odds

1Odds (UK odds)Implied percentage chance% Of Wagers This week
Donald Trump+188 (15/8)34.8%64.7%
Joe Biden-200 (1/2)66.7%29.4%

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