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Sedriques Dumas takes on Josh Fremd in the prelims during this weekend's UFC Fight Night. Lightning Locks takes a closer look at the fight and shares his prediction and pick.

Sedriques Dumas vs. Josh Fremd Prediction: Can Dumas Dominate at UFC Fight Night?

Since the annals of its creation, the Dana White Contender Series has been a vehicle of lies, deceit, and fraudulence. What I mean by this is although it can be used as a tool to get young talent inside of the UFC's industrial complex, what is really surmised when it's all said and done is that of putrid 10k/10k contracts, unfair all around stipulations, and little to no job security even if you are to win your preliminary bouts within the company.

Jumping through aforementioned mad, indignant hoops aside, the show has given us the stars of tomorrow nevertheless, with Sean Omalley making a triumphant splash into the mainstream as well as Jamahal Hill winning the damn belt in its entirety last January.

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Dumas vs Fremd Start Time, Where to Watch, and Odds

  • Date: Saturday, March 11, 2023
  • Start Time: 3:00 pm ET
  • Where to Watch: ESPN+

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Sedriques Dumas vs. Josh Fremd Prediction

Last week there was Trevor Peek igniting a crater within the earth, and I wholeheartedly believe that Sedrigues Dumas shall take up the mantle this Saturday as being the next prolific alumni from Dana White's most hyped product before PowerSlap ever had the misfortune of coming into fruition.

Sedriques Dumas comes into the fray a perfect 7-0, with his record extending to 15-1 if you count his tenure as the amateur. While getting some flack recently for his domestic abuse past and being, by all accounts, "stingy" with his interviewing capabilities, what matters at the end of the day is their behavior when the cage door closes, something that this rough housing gentleman delivers in spades. He trades heavy leather with professional victim Josh Fremd to properly finalize his debut foray into the octagon Saturday post-meridian.

Jack of all trades master of absolutely nothing, Josh "The Big Yinz" Fremd is getting his last crack at maintaining his spot on the roster, no doubt getting his walking papers if he is to fumble the bag once more for the third time in a row. While having gigantic physical dimensions for middleweight, the fact of the matter is he fights like a man much smaller than he really is, leading him to get obliterated in the pocket or get submitted by meme submissions altogether.

Look for Sedriques Dumas to hit the UFC ground running, overwhelming the toll booth operator in Fremd easily and often, latching up a club and sub-finish victory before the first round manages to conclude.

Sedriques Dumas vs. Josh Fremd Pick

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