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Jock MKT pick of the day for Sunday's NFL slate. Handicapper John Hyslop gives us his favorite player to invest in for Sunday on Jock MKT, and it's not a player you'd expect. Make sure you invest with Slop today.

Jock MKT Pick of the Day: Don’t Sleep on This Jock MKT Investment From the Broncos

I'm going back to the Jock MKT for some action on Sunday. If you're a stock market person, you may want to join me. One reason is that the stock market isn't even open on Sunday so the Jock MKT is your only option. The other reason is that Jock MKT is fun when you have a guy that's definitely going to go off. It's even more fun when no one in their right mind is going to bid on the guy. More shares for us and we get them at a price. Who can possibly beat that?

Jock MKT Pick of the Day - Sunday (10/1/22)

Russell Wilson (QB) - Denver Broncos

I'm still just doing the tournaments so when you're in the lobby, just look for those. Those contests have the little trophy icon if you want to just look for that. Basically how it works is everyone has $250 to spend on shares of players. You buy your shares for whatever they cost and in the end, based on how your guy does, those shares change in value. For instance, if your guy finishes as the number one overall player for the day, his shares are valued at $25. If you have 10 shares, you now have $250. The player with the most cash wins the tournament. Feels easy.

The IPO phase of this Sunday's tournament starts at 11:00 am ET. What I plan on doing is throwing a bid down on Russell Wilson at the open for say $3.00 or so. Hopefully, that keeps people away but I'm pretty sure it won't stop them completely. The idea is to make people pay for slight convictions because most won't. The only people that will remain in the Wilson market are people who actually believe he's going to go off and there probably aren't many of them. No matter what I'm just going to buy as many shares as possible at 12:59 pm ET right before the IPO phase ends. I'm getting my Wilson shares.

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The thing I like about Wilson is the fact that the Broncos looked terrible against the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday night. That game was played out in front of everyone too so we all saw what happened. But what people forget is that their eyes lie sometimes. Not big lies, like "I'm pregnant with your kid", more like "I didn't eat that last cookie". Innocent stuff but lies nonetheless. The lie our eyes told us about the Broncos is that they sucked because they couldn't move the ball against the 49ers. What we're forgetting is that San Francisco's defense is legit. Not many teams move the ball against them.

This week the Broncos will see the Las Vegas Raiders who would have trouble stopping the Georgia Bulldogs. Everyone scores on them and every quarterback they play against ends up closer to 300 passing yards than 200. Throw in the fact that the right side of Denver's offensive line is out and now we have a team that will have a hard time running the ball. They have to throw and if we're being honest it could even be because the Raiders are scoring points themselves. At the end of the day, I think Wilson ends up with way more fantasy points than he's projected for. Our shares will be worth some cash at the end of this thing.

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About Jock MKT

How To Play Jock MKT

When you first play Jock MKT you need to select your chosen event, and then the format you wish to play.

the Jock Market

The Market format is a 'Cash format'. You invest as much or as little as you want and your profit or loss is determined by the change in the value of the shares you own.

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Jock MKT Contests

The Contest Format is the 'Tournament format'. You will buy in to your chosen contest for a set entry fee, and every user receives the same amount to start. At the end of the contest, users are ranked by their number of 'chips' they have remaining, and are paid out accordingly.

Jock MKT breaks down play into phases, the initial IPO phase and Live Trading.

During the initial IPO stage, you are looking to put your a big in on your desired player/racer's shares, and this price will be determined by the highest pre-event bid.

A good example of this would be buying low on a golfer at the start of the week, as he is considered a longshot, but you believe he can challenge or outperform his share price. If there is a lot of chatter about said golfer online, then his stock will naturally rise, so the price will be dependent on expectations from the off.

When it comes to Live Trading, you are instead buying or selling the player/racer in real-time. Again using Golf as an example, you may have bought a player at low shares at the start of the week, and said golfer now finds themselves in the mix at the top of the leaderboard. This might be where you would look to sell your shares, as you are worried they might not close, or the price is simply at a number you are comfortable getting out of. This behaves in the same way the stock market would.

The final shares are determined by the total fantasy points and rankings at the end of the game/event.

If your current shares are now worth more than what you paid, you are in the money, and you end the week in positive equity on that selection. If the shares are worth less, then you lose on that selection, and the difference is forfeited. It really is as simple as that.

So why not give Jock MKT a go today, and find out how buying and selling your favorite athletes rewards you in the long run?

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John has spent the past 20+ years betting sports on a daily basis and is considered by many to be a walking sports betting encyclopedia. From obscure player props to sides and totals, if there is an angle, John will find it. His work has appeared on Rotogrinders and he has been a regular on sports talk radio stations across the country. Based in the US, John operates a blog & podcast, Sports Bets Beers, which covers betting angles in the NFL, NBA, MLB, & NHL.


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