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DraftKings Review

About DraftKings
DraftKings, Inc. is a leading skill-based Daily Fantasy
Sports platform that allows fans to compete in single-day, online games for cash and prizes across the largest variety of professional sports. DraftKings’ technology brings a more engaging interactive experience and daily excitement to the pastime of fantasy sports, which has captivated sports fans for decades. DraftKings is the exclusive DFS partner of Premier League sides Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC and Watford FC, the NFL International Series, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, the National Hockey League and NASCAR.

More than $1.5Billion awarded in Cash and prizes!
Daily fantasy football from DraftKings offers wannabe managers the chance to tweak their lineup every week and never be penalised with points deductions for doing so. It’s something the tinkerman himself, Claudio Ranieri, would more than subscribe to.

What are daily fantasy sports?
In a nutshell, daily fantasy sports work off the same idea that traditional fantasy football games do. The idea that you get to pick a team of stars and compete against your mates. The main difference, of course, is that contests take place every week and prizes are awarded every single week of the season. It gives you that same feeling of winning every week, it’s just far more lucrative.

By selecting a new team every matchday, you don’t have a limited set of transfers to use up across the entire season and prices fluctuate according to performance. It means that unknown gem, like Dele Alli, who you marked out pre-season and got before all your friends on traditional fantasy football is actually priced at a level realistic to his value in real life.

DraftKings is the world’s leading destination for daily fantasy sports and offers hundreds of contests on a daily basis on Premier League and Champions League football plus a range of other sports including all four major US sports, UFC, PGA golf and even e-Sports.

Getting Started with Daily Fantasy Football
A good starting point to familiarise yourself with daily fantasy football is to enter a Beginner contest. These allow you to compete against fellow novices in 50 contests in every sport before delving into some of DraftKings’ bigger contests.

In the lobby, these are marked out in their own separate category alongside the ‘Featured’, ‘Head to Head’, ‘Tournaments’, ‘Leagues’, 50/50s’, ‘Double Ups’, ‘Multipliers’, and ‘Steps’. Details on how all these contests work can be found in the DraftKings app.

Picking a Team
All managers start with a $50,000 to pick an 11-man line-up from the player pool for that slate of fixtures. Every line-up is made up of one goalkeeper, three defenders, three midfielders, two forwards and two utility players. Each of the two utility players can be a defender, midfielder or forward, and it means you get the flexibility to create a formation for your team by doing so.

Dollars and Pounds
Every time you play DraftKings you’ll notice that everything it priced up in dollars. There’s nothing to worry about though. As you can see, the deposit screen automatically converts the amount in pounds to dollars thus giving you peace of mind when entering contests. Prizes are then paid in dollars before being converted upon their return to your bank account.

The players are priced according to performance and you could even mentally imagine a pound sign instead of the dollar in this case.
Goal: 10 Assist: 6 Shot: 1 Shot on goal: 1 Cross: 1 Foul drawn: 1 Foul committed: -0.5 Successful tackle: 1 Intercepted pass: 0.5 Yellow card: -1 Red card: -3 Missed penalty: -5 Save (GK): 2 Goal conceded (GK): -2 Clean sheet (GK): 5 Clean sheet (DF): 3 Win (GK): 5 Penalty save (GK): 3

Five Insider Tips:
1. Always have a contingency plan: Players get injured and you can swap them out all the way up to kick off. It’s up to you to have the plan to deal with this.
2. Use the knowledge you have: You know football inside out. Use that to beat your mates.
3. Look behind the statistics: Football isn’t all about statistics. Delve into the football narrative to work out why a player isn’t performing and pick accordingly.
4. Use line-up indicators: No need to go onto Twitter to find out who’s playing. DraftKings has line-up indicators to prevent injured players plaguing your squad.
5. Don’t spend it all at once: Make your money last. Pick one big gun and spread the remainder out.
£400 Deposit Bonus
£400 Deposit Match
Open a new account on DraftKings and they’ll give you a 100% deposit bonus up to £400. Bonus releases at a 5% rate, meaning for every £20 of entry fees you receive £1. 18+. Begambleaware.org. T&Cs apply, see site for details.