Ante Post Greyhounds Betting Odds

Gold Cup

Saturday 17th March 2018

Dorotas Wildcat2

King Turbo5/2

King Kid3

King Elvis5

Calico Brandy10

Barricane Tiger25

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Midland Puppy Derby

Wednesday 21st March 2018

Droopys Verve11/10

Rising Brandy11/4

Brinkleys Poet7

Bubbly Roger10

Greenwell Jet14

La Soldado16

Lostrigg Charlie16

Brinkleys Twirl20

Ruthless Robbie20

Itsur Mate22


Rosaleda Bella25

Decoy Junior40

Moaning Star40

Pro Penny50

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Quivers Phoenix66

Highfly Noah100

Be Spoke125

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Golden Easter Egg

Saturday 31st March 2018

Big Bang Tears13/2


Aston Dee Bee12

Poke The Bear12

Up Hill Jill12

Bogie Bekim14

Mr Shire14

Blue Sky Riot16

Chasin Crackers16

Crash Bandicoot16

Extreme Magic16

Falcons Fury16

Hecton Bale16

Lucky Chap16

Miss Splendamiro16

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Monster Fish16

Opal Nera16

Ritza Lenny16

Striker Light16

Aston Duke20

Ebby Ripper20

Fernando Expressin20


Zipping Clive20

Alpha Georgiou25

Bekin Street25

Big Daddy Bee25

Billys Bake25

Champion Model25

Cosmic Bonus25

Dual Keroma25

Hasten Slowly25

Its A Party25

Little Digger25

Out Of Range25

Two Jay25

Zipping Katelyn25

Bonnie Beauty33

Starza Light33

Ancient Secretin40

Dreaming Timein40

Aston Frankel50

Big Black50

Black Hole Sun50

Bombshell Bandit50

Chevy King50

Fast Car Driving50

Iconic Beach50

Immen Bale50

Mossimo Bale50

Nellie Lost It50

Outside Pass50

Poco Dorado50

Rock Up Top50

Rohan Hill50

Royal Turbo50

Shes Grand50


Surfing Dyno50

Teddy Monelli50

Trip To Eden50

Two Times Twice50

Verne Allen50

Zipping Inglis50

Zipping Zeus66

Alera Bale100

Aqua Cheetah100

Caprice Monelli100

Corrupt Millions100

Envy Heist100

Federal Agent100


Gunnadoo Cove100


Lagoon Pirate100

Little Nangar100

Mendoza Monelli100

Panel Beater100

Pants On Fire100

Shayna Powers100

Sound Advice100

Wild Walter100


Aston Dinnigan150

Bogan Doonie150

Lagoon Rhett150

Mount Brown150

Ritza Rossi150

Rostered On150


Watch The Wasp150

Zipping Beau150

Flying Mikayla200


Kilkee May200

Midnight Treat200

My Country200

Neekys Way200


Pedro Cerrano500

Stilton Sox500

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Greyhound Derby

Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Bruisers Bullet33

Dorotas Wildcat33

Droopys Expert33

Magical Bale33


Clares Rocket50

Clonbrien Hero50

Droopys Verve50

Forest West50

King Elvis50

Skywalker Tuco50

Airfield Penny66

Black Farren66

Bramble Milburn66

Brinkleys Poet66

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Bubbly Bluebird66

Bull Run Button66

Calico Ranger66

Colarhouse Gerry66


Droopys Biker66

Droopys Davy66

Droopys Gleeson66

Droratas Hooligan66

Forest Mike66

Good News66

Greenwell Jet66

Headford Kev66

Headford Octane66

Jaytee Yankee66

Lightfoot King66


Maireads Spring66

Melodys Maestro66

Native Chimes66

Priceless Brandy66

Rising Brandy66

Roxholme Ray66

Skywalker Rafa66

Tyrur Harold66

Tyrur Shay66

Dorotas Woo Hoo80

Forrest Chunk80

Sporting Dave80

The Other Reg80

Astute Missile100

Astute Missle100

Bubbly Big Eddie100

Cappoquin Jack100

Cloran Paddy100

College Paradise100


Coolavanny Mason100

Coolavanny Sam100

Da Head Hunter100

Dorotas Vic100

Drive On Tipp100

Droopys Alex100

Droopys Ant100

Droopys Bonucci100

Droopys Giorgio100

Droopys Opah100

Droopys Zephyr100

Forest Chunk100

Forest Con100

Forest Lana100

Forest Natalee100

Frisky Luck100

Geelo Sapphire100

Greenwell Panda100

Holycross Lad100

Howth Head100

King Eden100

King Kid100

Lemming Perrin100

Lightfoot Kante100

Lightfoot Oscar100

Linklucky Cookie100

Lost One Dare100

Lotties Rocket100

Madabout Eoghan100

Mudross Charlie100

Murrys Act100

On One Bazza100


Pacey Bambi100

Piemans Bullet100

Pro Magic100

Rackethall Jess100

Rio Coco100

Roxholme Chris100

Roxholme Poppy100

Russanda Ripley100

Seaglass Sandman100

Shotgun Bullet100

Slippy Maggie100


Swift Aspen100


Towstar Billy100

Whoops Jack100


Affleck Bolt125

Ballymac Defo125

Bombers Bullet125

Bubbly Sinbad125

Buckos Dream125

Burnt Beans125

Clares Ransom125

Crossfield Giles125

Dream Dude125



Gazilly Shay125

Graces Blueboy125

Jovial Monk125

Newinn Shadow125

Swithins Brae125

Alfies Prince150

Apache Kid150

Autumn Fluent150

Away Jet150

Ballydoyle Maura150

Ballymac Reds150

Barricane Tiger150

Beaming For You150

Bentekes Bocko150

Bit View Knight150

Bow Street150

Brinkleys King150

Bubbly Roger150

Bull Run Bolt150

Calico Blackjack150

Calico Brandy150

Carn Brea150


Danzey Exception150


Dorotas Hooligan150

Dower Forgold150

Droopys Acrobat150

Droopys Live150

Droopys Polly150

Droopys Wilbury150


Drumcrow Chris150

Frankies Lady150

Garryvoe Bobby150

Goldsmith Blake150

Holdem Zidane150

Jaytee President150

Kilmore Lemon150

Layton Boy150

Lightfoot Prince150

Lostrigg Charlie150

Lughill Robbie150

Madabout Maggie150

Newinn Blitz150

Newinn Missile150

Nitro Notorious150

Noelles Phelpso150

Oh Nonono150

Oh Yesyesyes150

Paradise Marco150

Paradise Valdez150

Queen Adele150

Roxholme Tiger150

Sab Miller150


Silverhill Conor150

Skywalker Manner150

Slippy Tyrion150

Street Lane150

The Other Ben150

Tyrur Stan150

Vancouver Shea150

Wildfire Lord150

Ballydoyle Duke200

Bar The Warrior200

Barricane Jack200

Barricane Tommy200

Black Zack200

Bockos Alfie200

Bubbly Express200

Bubbly Turbo200

Cappoquin Al200

Coolavanny Pet200

Crossfield Hugo200

Dorotas Tiger200

Droopys Who200

Empress Katie200

Ginas Blue200

Giro Day200

Impressive Guy200

Jaytee Patriot200


Kiss And Hug200

Knockard Spring200

March On Monty200

Minor Mike200

Powerful Boy200

Rathcoole Ronnie200

Rising Razor200

Slippery Louise200

Springwell Click200

Take The Crowd200

Velvet Blaze200


Whizzy Wonder200

Cooneen Jack250

Droopys Dazzle250

Droopys Nuka250

Fearsome Skipper250

Geelo Zip250

Snooty Fox250

Droopys Hyde300

Fleetwood Royal500

Overall Milly500

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