Ante Post Greyhounds Betting Odds

Ladbrokes Gold Collar

Tuesday 26th June 2018

Droopys Dresden5/2

Droopys Polly5/2

Droopys Edgein3

Droopys Whoin7

Mustang Thrill8

Cloncunny Major20

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Irish Independent Laurels

Saturday 30th June 2018

Bakery Lane5

Rockybay Foley11/2

Cabra Angel13/2

Titus Spirit13/2

Native Chimes8

Flat White10

Nice Mystery10

Chawke It Down14

Rockybay Rover14

Churchfield Der16

Droopys Floral16

Hazelhill Star20

Sidarian Fern20

Away Jet25

Howth Head25

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Pudgie Budgie25

Moorstown Venus33

Clearly Written40


Rosstemple Brae50

Ballycowen Jack66

Damien Lass66

Fourpenny Rebel66

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Shelbourne Champion 550

Saturday 30th June 2018

Droopys Biker5/2

Cash Is King4

Slippy Cian4

Blue East13/2

Burgess Paddy10

Clona Blaze10

Lenson Blinder10

Beaming Paradise12

Slippery Jade12

Ballymac Arminta14

Mc Razl14

Music Toour Ears14

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RPGTV Select Stakes

Monday 2nd July 2018

Brinkleys Poetin11/4

Whoops Jackin7/2

Innocent Timesin4

Sporting Dave4

The Other Regin5

Shaneboy Freddiein12

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Irish Derby

Sunday 23rd September 2018

Droopys Biker16

Ballymac Bolger20

Droopys Davy20

Borna Gin25

Dorotas Wildcat25

Good News25

Bakery Lane33

Cash Is King33

Clonbrien Hero33

Droopys Noah33

Skywalker Tuco33

Slippy Cian33

Beaming Paradise40

Bellmore Jagger40

Blue East40

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Bombers Bullet40

Crossfield Will40

Droopys Ant40

Minor Mike40

Native Chimes40

Skywalker Rafa40

Tyrur Harold40

Innocent Times50

Magical Logan50

Whoops Jack50

Aayamza Breeze66


Legal Ace66

Maireads Spring66

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Greyhound Derby

Friday 7th June 2019

Droopys Verve20

Dorotas Wildcat25

Rising Brandy25

Brinkleys Poet33

Droopys Biker33

King Turbo (With A Run)33

Droopys Trapper40

Borna Gin50

Bruisers Bullet50

Crossfield Will50

Droopys Davy50

Droopys Expert50

Innocent Times50

Magical Logan50

Arthur Noodle66

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King Elvis66

Lenson Blinder66

Magical Bale66

Newinn Jet66

Calico Brandy80

Bombers Bullet100

Bubbly Bluebird100

Calico Ranger100

Crossfield Giles100

Dorotas Vic100

Geelo Blissful100

King Kid100

Master McGrath100

Oi Oi Upenalty100

Sporting Dave100

The Other Reg100

Tyrur Harold100

Whoops Jack100

Ballymac Defo150

Bull Run Button150

Droopys Dresdenin150

Murrys Act150

Ninja Fortunein150

Pinpoint Junior150

Alfies Prince200

Droopys Bonucci200

Greenwell Jet200

Jelly Flood200

King Eden200

Newinn Shadow200

Saleen Ash200

Karlow Scolar250

Wildfire Legend300


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