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Tuesday 11th December 2018

Down To The Felt7/4

Geelo Monty3

Lowgate Rudy11/2

Sharpys Rocket7

Lostrigg Zeus8

Viking Jerry25

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Thursday 13th December 2018

Droopys Verve4/5

Droopys Trapper7/2

Bramble Reggie8

Nadurra Ross10

Bramble Milburn14

Droopys Nadal16

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Monday 17th December 2018

Kilmore Lemon3

Roxholme Hat3

Calzaghe Flash7

Gentle Storm8

Queen Anna14

Chopchop Hope16

Newlawn Adam16

Troy Bella20

Stringer Bell33

Union Jack40

Daithis Star50

Pukka Bullet50


Trapstyle Jet50

Blakes Flyer66

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Kooga Khan66

Moors Dingo66

Billis Tyson125

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Friday 7th June 2019

Dorotas Wildcat16

Droopys Verve20

King Turbo (With A Run)20

Rising Brandy25

Roxholme Nidge25

Droopys Biker33

Jaytee Taylor33

Lenson Blinder33

Skywalker Logan33

Bruisers Bullet40

Droopys Davy40

Droopys Trapper40

Forest Mike40

Innocent Times40

Slippy Cian40

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Affane Party50

Borna Gin50

Droopys Expert50

Kilmore Lemon50

King Elvis50

King Nelson50

Magical Bale50


Ballyanne Sim66

Ballymac Osby66

Blue East66

Crossfield Will66

Droopys Fisher66

Frisky Luck66

Funk Factor66

King Cash66

King Lennon66

King Sheeran66

Roxholme Butt66

Roxholme Jim66

Bombers Bullet80

Brigadier Bullet80

Cash Is King80


Droopys Gold80

Droopys Live80

Droopys Trawler80

Ela Juliet80

Newinn Jet80

Queen Beyonce80

Strides Farran80

Arthur Noodle100

Ballymac Defo100

Ballymac Diego100

Blue Tick Craic100

Bubbly Bluebird100

Bubbly Joe100

Clona Blaze100

Cooneen Jack100

Crossfield Giles100

Dantes Inferno100

Distant Sailor100

Dorotas Vic100

Down To The Felt100

Droopys Albert100

Droopys Noodle100

Gazilly Shay100

Geelo Blissful100

Greenwell Jet100


King Dylan100

King Kid100

Nadurra Ross100

Oi Oi Upenalty100

Pinpoint Junior100

Seaglass Phantom100

Sporting Dave100

The Other Reg100

Totos Park100

Tyrur Harold100

Whoops Jack100

Cabra Hurricane125


Geelo Monty125


Alfies Prince150

Bull Run Button150

Calico Ranger150

Droopys Bonucci150

Droopys Dresden150

King Diamond150

King Eden150

Ninja Fortune150


Ballydoyle Frank200

Builders Duke200

Dodgers Drum200

Good Lad200

Hazelwood Terry200


Night Bomber200

Wildfire Legend200

Blue Moon250

Horgans Magic250

Jelly Flood250

Karlow Scolar250

No Recollection250

Sunset Ranger250

Bit View Knight300

Saleen Ash300


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