Ante Post Greyhounds Betting Odds

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Saturday 23rd February 2019

Shotgun Bullet5/2


Towcester Story11/2

Goldies Hotspur7

Savana Winner7

Headford Maurice66

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Saturday 23rd February 2019

Droopys Noodle11/10

Pink Osteria5

Savana Dare6

Saleen Ash8

Snowdon Archie12

Lissane Banter20

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View all oddsView all oddsCearnsport Springbok

Sunday 3rd March 2019

Mane Mane3

King Nelson4

Burgess Brandy9/2

Piemans Bullet7

Droopys Denny8

Lightfoot Prince8

Droopys Trawler14


Emiles Eske50

Noelles Phelpso50

Jumeirah Boss66

Gemini Wonder125

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View all oddsView all oddsCoral Winter Derby

Thursday 7th March 2019

Dorotas Wildcat5/2

King Turbo8

Droopys Gold10

Trade Fudge10


King Cash25

Sporting Dave25

Volcanic Reef25

King Dylan33

Raise The Stakes33

Lets Be Ready40

Droopys Nirvana66

Easter Week66

Summer Call80

Dunquin Ella100

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Fridays Caramel100

Woodmancote Anna100

Classic Tune150

Farloe Pongo200

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View all oddsView all oddsGreyhound Derby

Friday 7th June 2019

Dorotas Wildcat14

Droopys Verve16

King Turbo25

Roxholme Nidge25

Rising Brandy28

Clonbrien Prince33

Lenson Blinder33

Skywalker Logan33

Slippy Cian33

Ballymac Anton40

Bruisers Bullet40

Bruisers Bullett40

Droopys Biker40

Droopys Davy40

Droopys Trapper40

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Jaytee Taylor40

Magical Bale40

Skywalk Rafa40

Trade Fudge40

Affane Party50

Ballyanne Sim50

Borna Gin50

Calzaghe Flash50

Droopys Expert50

Droopys Rex50

Druids Lucky Man50

Forest Jason50

Innocent Times50

Kilmore Lemon50

King Dylan50


Antigua Boss66

Antigua Romeo66

Ballymac Arminita66

Ballymac Arminta66

Ballymac Diego66

Ballymac Miscula66

Ballymac Osby66

Blue East66

Brinkleys Poet66

Crossfield Will66

Cushie Jet66

Droopys Trawler66

Druids Busy Man66

Funk Factor66


Grays Cup Winner66

Jaytee Jerry66

King Elvis66

King Nelson66

King Sheeran66

Newinn Lester66

Newinn Lister66

Queen Beyonce66


Roxholme Butt66

Seaglass Phantom66

Whoop Jack66


Bombers Bullet80

Bombers Bullett80

Calzaghe Boyo80

Desperado Dan80

Droopys Gold80

Droopys Live80

Frisky Luck80

Geelo Blissfull80

Jaytee Yankee80

Killer Bee80

King Lennon80

Maries Darkie80


Roxholme Jim80


Ballymac Defo100

Blue Tick Craic100

Bramble Reggie100

Bubbly Joe100

Buckos Dream100

Cabra Hurricane100

Calico Ranger100

Camps Star100

Cash Is King100

Clona Blaze100

Crossfield Giles100

Distant Sailor100


Droopys Albert100

Droopys Fisher100

Ela Juliet100

Emers Cookie100

Forest Mike100

Geelo Blissful100

Im All In100


King Cash100

King Kid100

Meet Me100

Nadurra Dutch100

Nadurra Ross100

Newinn Banger100

Newinn Jet100

Oi Oi Upenalty100

Plaza Lep100

Queenies Rainbow100

Rockmount Ozzy100

Roman Empire100


Salacres Barley100

Totos Park100

Tyrur Harold100

Whoops Jack100

Arthur Noodle125

Brigadier Bullet125

Dorotas Vic125

Down To The Felt125

Droopys Noodle125


Freedom Lord125


Sporting Dave125

Swift Taxman125

Amelias Princess150

Ballydoyle Frank150

Bull Run Button150

Calzaghe Alfie150

Calzaghe Geraint150

Carrigoon Swift150

Cooneen Jack150

Droopys Dresden150

Dunham Verrazano150

Forest Alan150

Gazilly Shay150

Geelo Monty150

Greenwell Jet150

Haggswood Iso150

Noelles Phelpso150

Pinpoint Junior150

Priceless Blake150

Small But Deadly150

Strides Farran150

The Other Reg150

Volcanic Reef150

Wee Puma150

Bellebob Zuri200

Burgess Brandy200

Distant Rain200

Dodgers Drum200

Droopys Stunning200

Forest Kodiac200

Good Lad200

King Diamond200

King Eden200

Night Bomber200

Onedin Paradise200

Pennys Persia200


Sparta Oscar200

Wildfire Legend200

Chilli Escobar250

Horgans Magic250

Jelly Flood250

Karlow Scolar250

Karlow Scolari250

Quivers Fancy250

Salacres Vincent250


Bit View Knight300

Blue Moon300

Builders Duke300

Dantes Inferno300

Hazelwood Terry300


Ninja Fortune300

No Recollection300

Saleen Ash300

Sunset Ranger300

Emze Dell500

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View all oddsView all oddsIrish Greyhound Derby

Monday 1st July 2019

Slippy Cian20

Lenson Blinder28

Clonbrien Prince33

Droopys Verve33

King Turbo33

Magical Bale33

Droopys Davy40

Jaytee Taylor40

Balline Kyle50

Ballymac Anton50

Blastoff Jet50

Boynepark King50

Braveheart Bobby50

Burgess Bucks50

Clonbrien Hero50

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Cushie Jet50

Droopys Alice50

Droopys Biker50

Gurteen Feather50

Haggswood Iso50

Killer Bee50

Music Toour Ears50

Newinn Lester50

Priceless Blake50

Skywalker Logan50

Te Amo50

Towcester Story50

Tullig Footpad50



Ballyanne Sim66

Ballymac Beach66

Borna Gin66

Buckos Dream66

Cabra Hurricane66

Clona Blaze66

Fainne Chiarrai66

Jaytee Jerry66

Newhall Missile66

Rising Brandy66

Totos Park66


Beaming Paradise100

Blue East100

Calzaghe Flash100

Cash Is King100

Crossfield Will100

Deadly Dennis100

Doggy Mcdogface100

Droopys Expert100

Jacks Royale100

Liberty Gale100

Our Belles Boy100

Scooby The Flyer100

Sliabh Liag100


Stonepark Noel100

Da Blue Thing200

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Monday 30th December 2019

Ali Brown3

Dave Clark9/2

Darrell Williams5

Tony Bullen11/2

Julie Collier10

Errol Blyth12

Jason Barrasford20

Phil Donaldson20

Richard Harkness25

Ian Meek33

Jonathan Hobbs33

Jonathan Kay33

Kaan Hughes33

Rose Draper50

Rachel Casey66

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Tanya Stevenson100

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View all oddsView all oddsEaster Cup

Tuesday 31st December 2019

Magical Bale5

Slippy Cian5

Clonbrien Prince15/2

Droopys Davy10

Lenson Blinder10

Clona Blaze12

Gurteen Feather12


Ballyanne Sim16

Ballymac Anton16

Beaming Paradise20

Tullig Footpad20

Braveheart Bobby25

Cushie Jet25

Uncle Wexford25

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Drive On Tipp33

Jaytee Jerry33

Nice Charmer33


Priceless Blake40

Vaguely Noble40

Kilgraney Master50

Priceless Verona66

Urban Jet66

Karlow Eddie100

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