Ante Post Greyhounds Betting Odds

British Breeders Stakes

Monday 22nd October 2018

King Sheeran2

Down To The Felt4

Raise The Stakes8

Carn Brea14

King Diamond14

Geelo Monty16

Let Me Tell You16

Viking Jerry16

Decoy Junior20

Romeo Mandate20

Rogue Convict25

Bubbly Majestic33

Burton Lodge Bob40

Harton Ross50

Enzo Sfizio66

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Barley Vangerwen100

Pagan Lord150

Russanda Rubin150

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All England Cup

Thursday 25th October 2018

Droopys Vervein4/7

Falcon Bayin4

Holdem Zidanein8

Greenwell Jetin16

Gazilly Shayin20

Allowdale Bruno25

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Henlow Derby

Sunday 28th October 2018

King Elvis6/4


Fernhill Rex8

Forest West9

Autumn Fluent12

Bubbly Turbo16

Wildfire Legend16

Drumcrow Darcy25

Fahrenheit Daz33

Lowgate Rudy33

Savana Awesome33

Brinkleys Rosie40

White Horse Won40

Barstool Trainer50

Garryglass Teddy66

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Saleen Story66

Savana Rapid66


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Brighton Belle

Thursday 1st November 2018


Ballymac Misculain7

Naughty Mollyin7

Rackethall Jess12

Dodgers Drumin14

Kanturk Repeatin14

Seaglass Celine16

Baran Spitfirein20

Barricane Carina20

Dunbolg Hannain20

Galloping Moon20

Chubbys Turkana33

Chubbys Caviar50

Droopys Justine50

Cooly Bonitain66

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Kentish Wonderin66

Seasons Hilda66

Droopys Edge80

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Melbourne Cup

Friday 23rd November 2018

Poke The Bear9

Dyna Patty12

Orson Allen14



Big Flood20

Hasten Slowly20

Miss Splendamiro20

My Redeemer20

West On Augie20

Beast Unleashed25

Blue Striker25

Chiefs Sidekick25

Ella Enchanted25

Hecton Bale25

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Nervous An Weird25

Not Available25

Pindari Express25

Raw Ability25

Up Hill Jill25

Belt Up Bubbs33

Black Forge33


Fab Reiko33



Neo Cleo33

Often Imitated33


Slingshot Hammer33


Alpha Georgiou50

Aston Duke50

Barooga Brett50

Black Mumbo50

Chiefs Empire50


Dual Keroma50

Jimmy Newob50

Midnight Starlet50

Peco Can50

Peter Galo50

Sky Wave50

Zaras Entity50

Zipping Captain50

Zipping Mitzy50

Tritt Tritt66

Two Times Twice66

Wise Misty66

Chasin Crackers100

Cosmic Bonus100

Crash Bandicoot100

Dyna Forrest100

Hone In100

Kouta Mayhem100

Out Of Range100

Poco Dorado100

Ritza Millie100


Victa Louise100


Come On Emmaline150


Saint David150

Shima Bar150

Winsome Money150

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Greyhound Derby

Friday 7th June 2019

Dorotas Wildcat20

King Turbo (With A Run)20

Droopys Verve25

Rising Brandy25

Roxholme Nidge25

Droopys Biker33

Droopys Trapper33

Jaytee Taylor33

Lenson Blinder33

Skywalker Logan33

Borna Gin40

Bruisers Bullet40

Droopys Davy40

Innocent Times40

King Nelson40

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Affane Party50

Ballymac Osby50

Droopys Expert50

Frisky Luck50

Kilmore Lemon50

King Elvis50

Magical Bale50

Crossfield Will66

Droopys Fisher66

Funk Factor66

King Lennon66

King Sheeran66

Roxholme Butt66

Cash Is King80

Droopys Gold80

Ela Juliet80

Newinn Jet80

Queen Beyonce80

Arthur Noodle100

Ballymac Defo100

Blue Tick Craic100

Bombers Bullet100

Bubbly Bluebird100

Builders Duke100

Calico Ranger100

Crossfield Giles100

Dorotas Vic100


Geelo Blissful100

Good Lad100

Greenwell Jet100


King Kid100


Oi Oi Upenalty100

Pinpoint Junior100

Sporting Dave100

The Other Reg100

Tyrur Harold100

Whoops Jack100

Alfies Prince150

Ballydoyle Frank150

Bull Run Button150

Distant Sailor150

Droopys Albert150

Droopys Bonucci150

Droopys Dresden150

King Eden150


Ninja Fortune150

No Recollection150

Jelly Flood200

Night Bomber200

Sunset Ranger200

Wildfire Legend200

Horgans Magic250

Karlow Scolar250

Bit View Knight300

Saleen Ash300


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