Ante Post Greyhounds Betting Odds

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Saturday 8th October 2022


Another Holiday13/2

Droopys Got It13/2

Trinity Junior10

Bens Teddy12

Crafty Jayko12

Radical Hero14

Raha Mofo14

Clona Duke16

Three Canons16

Tullig Raven16

Antigua Big Syd20

Bogger Hunter20

Killeacle Phelps20

Romeo Hanzo20

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Storys Cashout20

A Lucky Gift25

Brinkleys Magic25

Paradise Nikibel25

Romeo Command25

Ballymac Joey33

Ballymac Run33

Clounamon Sydney40

Killahan Sydney40

Ballymac Bronze50

Ballymac Drama50

Bunkers Hill50


Dun Loich66

Kilbarry Sydney66


Shady Bueno66

Ballymac Whirl80

Paradise Moldova80

Sign On Rocket80

Marinas Joker110

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View all oddsView all oddsSteel City Cup

Saturday 15th October 2022

Brookside Richie7/4

Droopys Yogi8

Blackhouse Harry10

Move Over Cha10

Signet Goofy14

Moanteen Mikey16

Chelms Switch20

Skywalker Mint20

Freedom Epic25

Geelo Striker25

Breaghmore Patch33

Carrowkeal Syd33

Narcos The Great33

Savana Eruption33

Trickys Rocket33

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Droopys Quiktime50


Distant Brian100

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View all oddsView all oddsStandard Trophy

Friday 21st October 2022

Droopys Good2

Phoenix Puma8

Antigua Socks10

Ayle Blake10

Carter Bar10

Rail Mccoy14

Newinn Tik Tok16

Blastoff Mason22

Moorstown Victor22

Blackgirl Shek25

Bubbly Simba25

Goldies Linekar28

Oh Cosmopolitan33

Crossfield Larry50

Distant Oscar50

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Kilscannell King50

Knockboy Kay50

Storys Direct50

Fabulous Demand66

Hes Got Wings66

Jeopardy Storm66

Riverside Best66

Storys Girl66

Al Capone80

Bedrock Teddy80

Jeopardy James80

Puttfor Charlie80

Shani El Bolsa80

Stradeen Azzurro80

Bubbly Freebie100

Crystal Rose100

Itsur Best Mate100

Pennys Cooper100

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View all oddsView all oddsChampion Stakes

Friday 21st October 2022

Warzone Tom5

Bubbly Dancer8

Master Ten Ten10

Antigua Sugar12

Bubbly Ranger14

Antigua Bigun16

Bubbly Cristal16

Ninja Kerry16

Antigua Hope20

Sporting Chile20

Baby Bullet22

Droopys Soldier22

Come Asyouare28

Dapper Rodney28

Doghouse Dazzler28

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Night Time Danny28

Farneys Chloe33

Romeo On Tilt33

Swift Mellow33

Derrinasafa Boss40

Milton Lango40

Crossfield Lexi50

Droopys Garden50

Luna Jezabelle50

Right Fork50


Aero Squeak66

Milton Noah66


Aero Bob100

Puttfor Rags100

Roll On Sydney100

Tribal Causeway100

Waste House Izzy100

Yellow Brick100

Young Burke100

Beepers Grace125

Miss Big Pants125

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View all oddsView all oddsStadium Bookmakers Hunt Cup

Sunday 23rd October 2022

Havana Lover9/4


Savana Volcano8

Roxholme Duchess10

Amaze Me Seb12

Blueberry Bullet14

Baggios Champ18

Savana Spartacus20

Antigua Lava22

Droopys Tess22


Forest Roanna28

Savana Regera28

Chelms Cub33

Frostys Ten33

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Milton Pepe33

Droopys Senorita40

Close The Sky50

Fabulous Syrah50

Romeo Riot66

Clongeel Ozzie80

Hazelhill Hare80

Mollys Princess125

Roseville Emily150

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View all oddsView all oddsPremier Greyhound Racing Oaks

Thursday 27th October 2022

Fabulous Azzura6

Coppice Josie10

Blackrose Pippa12

Droopys Samantha12

Shall We14

Antigua Cuddles16

Distant Emma16

Moments Of Magic16

Savana Ruinart16

Distant Wendy20

Droopys Optimal20

Whats Up Eva20

Bettys Book25

Global Prima25

Good Vienna25

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Longacres Queen25

Roanna Storm25

Slick Sakina25

Front Pasha28

Russmur Liz28

Ballymac Intent33

Belles Good33

Glengar Jenny33

Mustang Kim33

My Little Ivy33

Sleek By Design33

Trumpers Lola33

Bonjour Bullet40

Coppice Psyche40

Crystal Alice40

False Alarm40

No Rush40

No Worries40

Apache Breeze50

Ballymac Ino50

Droopys Hue50

Front Society50

Kildallon Tilly50

Old Fort Chicago50

Ritzy Lady50

Sober Regrets50

Vixons Angel50

Westwell Emer50

Annadown Poppy66

Arthur Pumpkin66

Ballymac Honest66

Chasing Norma66

Droopys Delia66

Droopys Starlet66


Madabout Barbs66

Marlfield Mia66

Mrs Chuckle66

Newtown Gemma66

Orange Josie66

Ratchies Saphire66

Snooty Bella66

Sweet Pear66

Tasi Lava66

Timmys Penny66

Tromora Rain66

Tullymurry Olive66

Tullymurry Spell66

Abigails Jen80

Ballymac Walnut80

Front Mali80

Ballymac Lizzy100

Snooty Rose100

Crystal Duchess125

Vixons Gloss150

Farneys Select200

Feora Jessie200

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View all oddsView all oddsRPGTV Cowley Puppy Collar

Friday 28th October 2022


Romeo Hotshot8

Ballymac Mags12

Lively Lauren12

Queen Pink12

Romeo Mission16

Queen Gaga20

Havana Allablaze22

King Ezra22

Makeit Swallow22

Nancy Spain28

Two Marks28

Havana Playboy33

Oi Oi Joey33

Ranches Chancer33

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Singalong Java33

Crafty San Diego40

Fabulous Bling40


Moanteen Lennox40

Ballymac Louie50


Jasmine Lily50



Millbank Oreo50

Orange Aoife50

Vixons Ranger50

Distant Piper66

Marinas Cognac66

Vancouver Port66

Brennans Harris80

Carneys Peaches80

Lively Dee80

Chippy Brady100

Grandpa Roo100

Liquid Lunch100

Makeit Scarlet100

Mohican Arthur100

Tracey Went Mad100

Bales Legacy200

Gramps Roo200


Mohican Piglet200

Mohican Rose200

One Mean Kid200

Pro Zo200

Sophias Jet200

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View all oddsView all oddsRPGTV Puppy Cup

Friday 28th October 2022


Romeo Hotshot11/2

Ballymac Mags8

Lively Lauren8

Queen Pink10

Romeo Mission10

Queen Gaga12

Makeit Swallow14

Havana Allablaze25

King Ezra25

Singalong Java25

Crafty San Diego33


Nancy Spain33

Oi Oi Joey33

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Ranches Chancer33

Two Marks33

Havana Playboy40

Fabulous Bling50

Moanteen Lennox50

Bales Legacy66

Ballymac Louie66


Jasmine Lily66



Orange Aoife66

Sophias Jet66

Brennans Harris80

Carneys Peaches100

Distant Piper100

Lively Dee100

Makeit Scarlet100

Millbank Oreo100

Mohican Rose100

Vancouver Port100

Vixons Ranger100

Chippy Brady150

Gramps Roo150

Grandpa Roo150

Liquid Lunch150

Marinas Cognac150

Mohican Arthur150

Mohican Piglet150

One Mean Kid150

Pro Zo150

Tracey Went Mad150


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View all oddsView all oddsGreyhound Derby

Thursday 1st June 2023

Ballinabola Ed25

Coolavanny Shado25

Distant Podge33

Tullig Cyraname33

Another Holiday40

Ballymac Finn40

Coolavanny Hoffa40

Romeo Magico40

The Other Kobe40

Tullig Cyrname40


Born Warrior50




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Magical Kuba50

Part Blake50

Swords Rex50

Tullig Raven50


Antigua Sugar66


Ballymac Fairone66

Barefoot Supremo66

Coolavanny Duke66

Deadly Showtime66

Droopys Nice One66

Explosive Boy66

Feora Chris66

Grangeview Mac66

Hoodoo Brown66

Thorn Falcon66

Cape Cloud80

Havana Lover80


Ballymac Ben100

Ballymac Leon100

Barley Panther100

Bens Lad100

Blackhouse Harry100

Bockos Vieira100


Coolavanny Calvn100

Coppice Brewer100

Coppice Fox100

Deelish Frankie100

Droopys Got It100

Droopys Mural100

Emilys Jet100

Hopes Paddington100


Make Noise100

Mickys Barrett100

Moments Of Magic100

Ninja Kerry100

Raha Mofo100

Savana Beau100

Signet Denver100

Signet Goofy100

Global Vision125

Bockos Budsit150

Chelms Fred150

Dapper Rodney150

Hello Hammond150

Amaze Me Seb200

Ballygraigue Jim200

Ballymac Louie200

Banjo Lad200



Keeperhill Vic200

Leclair Noire200

Lemon Tossy200

Makeit For Waz200


My Jersey Boy200

No Detail200

Taylors Gord250

Ab Rodeo

Ab Showtime

Cbj Stargazer

Fgf Ropinthewind

Junkyard Dog

Turbo Barry

Vj Strike Out

Ww Nothin To It

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