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Thursday 25th April 2019

Roxholme Poppy9/4

Magical Icarus3



Roxholme Butt9/2

Antigua Fire11/2

Goldies Hotspur13/2

Aayamza Breeze12

Affleck Bolt12

Arthurs Impact14

Droopys Denny16

Shotgun Happy16

Headford Maurice25

Sober Lily66

Torrent Miller66

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Droopys Success100

Harts Beauty100

Kentish Wonder150

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View all oddsView all oddsCearnsport Grand National

Sunday 28th April 2019

Lenson Wilson7/4

Mane Mane11/4

Droopys Trawler5

Caislean Fifi11/2

Droopys Denny10

Turnhouse Jet12

Shaneboy Bowie16

Barricane Jack25

Great Alexander40

Emiles Eske50

Castlehill Wally66

Gemini Wonder66

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Tuesday 30th April 2019

Droopys Vervein3

King Turboin11/2

Boylesports Xtrain7

Droopys Davyin8

Braveheart Bobby14

Droopys Expertin14

Droopys Nadalin16

King Cashin16

King Dylanin20

Priceless Blakein20

Forest Jason25

Raise The Stakesin40

Coonen Jack50

Greenwell Jeanin50

Jaguar Jackin50

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Lemon Shane50

Bramble Reggiein66

Cooneen Jack66

Bellebob Zuriin125

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Tuesday 30th April 2019

Ardnasool Jet3

Roxholme Nidge4

Coolavanny Dylan8

Calzaghe Flash10

Grays Cup Winner10



Goldies Hoddle20

Magical Houdini20

Prize Fighter20


Sleepy Genie40

Sparky Jack40

Fridays Geldof50


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Coney Cassius100

Coney Mckenna100

Skyfall Venom100

Coney Sabella125

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View all oddsView all oddsHarrison Dawson

Friday 24th May 2019

Orson Allenin9/2


Blue Strikerin9




Fernando Blasterout14

Pindari Expressin14

Seal The Dealin14

Barooga Brettout16

Hasten Slowly16

Beast Unleashedout20


Curt Leeout20

Double Back20

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Red Rockout20

Southern Ripple20

Bago Bye Bye25

Belt Up Bubbs25

Lagoon Rhett25

Nervous An Weirdout25

Slingshot Hammer25

Whiskey Riot25

Bucks Futurein50

Cash Point50

Italian Plastic50

Lagoon Pirate50

Not Available50

West On Augie50

Kinloch Moss66

Tritt Tritt66



Dyna Oscar100

Penta Allenout100

Dyna Hunter150

Fully Loadedout150

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View all oddsView all oddsSandown Cup

Friday 24th May 2019

Tornado Tearsout5/4

Dyna Chancerin13/2

Bago Bye Bye9

Blue Moon Risingin12

Poco Doradoin12

Veloce Neroin12


Double Gee14

Rippin Sam14

Boom Downin16

Sweet As Emm20

Black Impala25

Never Duplicated25

Reidys Runner25

Ebby Ripper33

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Moment To Jive33



So It Goes33

Apex Within50


Kihael Road50


Rockstar Patriot50

Thats Lil Vicki50

Billys Bake100

Hot Tip100

Soda Flash100

Sweet Bourbski100

Two Times Twice150

Cairnlea Jet200


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View all oddsView all oddsGreyhound Derby

Friday 7th June 2019

Dorotas Wildcat16

Droopys Verve16

Clonbrien Prince20

Lenson Blinder20

Clona Blaze25

King Turbo25

Magical Bale25

Roxholme Nidge28

Droopys Biker33

Fancy Bear33

Ghost Dancer33

Jaytee Taylor33

Martinstown Band33

Rising Brandy33

Seaglass Phantom33

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Slippy Cian33

Droopys Davy40

Forest Jason40


Roman Empire40

Toolmaker Me Dad40


Angry Lauren50

Ballymac Anton50

Ballymac Osby50

Ballymac Tas50

Clonbrien Swift50

Crossfield Con50

Cushie Jet50

Droopys Expert50

Druids Busy Man50

Jacks Tornado50

King Dylan50

Riverside Leo50

Skywalker Logan50

Badminton Jet66

Ballymac Diego66

Ballymac Syd66

Borna Gin66

Cabra Firmino66

Doona Buck66

Droopys Trapper66

Funk Factor66

Garryglass Rover66

Grays Cup Winner66

Honour Turbo66

Jaytee Jerry66

King Elvis66

King Nelson66

Lemon Shane66

Lightfoot King66

Our Surprise66

Queen Beyonce66

Toolmaker Daddy66

Toolmaker Josie66

Antigua Romeo80

Ballymac Arminta80

Blastoff Jet80

Blue East80

Calico Brandy80

Clonbrien Hero80

Crossfield Will80

Da Head Hunter80

Desperado Dan80

Droopys Alice80

Droopys Gold80

Droopys Nirvana80

Frisky Luck80

Geelo Blissful80

Innocent Times80

Jaytee Yankee80

Killer Bee80

Killinan Fury80

King Lennon80

King Sheeran80

Maries Darkie80

Mucky Brae80

Music Toour Ears80

Newinn Banger80

Ower Boy Bullet80

Roaming Hero80

Roxholme Butt80

Roxholme Jim80

Te Amo80

Trade Fudge80


Antigua Fire100

Antigua Rum100


Ballymac Defo100

Ballymac Miscula100

Braveheart Bobby100

Bubbly James100

Bubbly Joe100

Cabra Hurricane100

Calico Ranger100

Calzaghe Boyo100

Camps Star100

Cash Is King100

Coolavanny About100

Crossfield Giles100

Distant Sailor100


Droopys Albert100

Droopys Carat100

Droopys Cruiser100

Droopys Fisher100

Droopys Live100

Droopys Pilot100

Ela Juliet100

Express Warrior100

Forest Mike100

Gurteen Feather100



Kilmore Lemon100

King Cash100

King Kid100

Meet Me100

Nadurra Dutch100

Nadurra Ross100

Newinn Jet100

Newinn Lester100

Oi Oi Upenalty100

Plaza Lep100

Queenies Rainbow100

Raise The Stakes100

Rockmount Sid100

Seaglass Tiger100

Skywalker Wonder100


Sporting Dave100

Swift Biscuit100

Totos Park100

Troy Zico100

Tullig Footpad100

Tyrur Harold100

Volcanic Reef100

Whoops Jack100


Arthur Noodle125

Ballymartin Hero125

Blue Tick Craic125

Droopys Noodle125

El Commendo125

Grangeview West125

Locnamon Mike125

Rockmount Ozzy125

Amelias Princess150

Ballydoyle Frank150

Boynepark King150

Bramble Reggie150

Brigadier Bullet150

Buckos Dream150

Bull Run Button150

Busters Bullet150

Calzaghe Alfie150

Calzaghe Geraint150

Carrigoon Swift150


Coney Kuccini150

Coolavanny Bimbo150

Deadly Dennis150

Deadly Storm150

Down To The Felt150

Droopys Dresden150

Droopys Firmino150

Droopys Heron150

Droopys Mac150

Droopys Nadal150

Droopys Rex150


Dunham Verrazano150

Emers Cookie150

Forest Alan150

Freedom Lord150

Geelo Monty150

Greenwell Jet150

Haggswood Iso150

Im All In150

Joella Reggie150

King Idol150

Lemon Ronald150

Lets Be Ready150

Liberty Hawk150

Lightfoot Kante150

Lugs Branno150



Nidderdale Lark150

Pinpoint Junior150

Priceless Blake150


Savana Floyd150

Small But Deadly150

Strides Farran150

The Other Reg150


Wee Puma150

Beatties Fear200

Bubbly Cougar200

Cooneen Jack200

Dodgers Drum200

Dower Rory200

Droopys Stunning200

Forest Kodiac200

Gazilly Shay200

Good Lad200

Haggswood River200

Jaxx Flashover200

King Diamond200

King Eden200

La Brava200

Master Reed200

Newinn Buzz200

Newinn Missile200

Onedin Paradise200

Pennys Persia200


Pond Adonis200


Real Sheila200

Salacres Barley200

Savana Bear200

Savana Tramps200

Savana Volt200

Sparta Oscar200

Swift Lavender200

Swift Taxman200

Wildfire Legend200

Chilli Escobar250

Horgans Magic250

Jelly Flood250

Karlow Scolar250

Quivers Fancy250

Salacres Vincent250

Blue Moon300

Builders Duke300

Dantes Inferno300

Hazelwood Terry300


Nicoles Rhythm300

Ninja Fortune300

No Recollection300

Saleen Ash300

Sunset Ranger300

Toton Tommy300

Emze Dell500

Shes A Mariner750

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View all oddsView all oddsSapphire Crown

Thursday 13th June 2019

Black Opiumout13/2

Dyna Patty13/2

Federal Lillyin13/2

Midnight Darein13/2

Miss Splendamiro13/2


Dam Slipperyout9

Crimson Vixenin12

Dolly Macin12

Neo Cleoin12

Shes Gifted12

Shima Breeze12


Mystic Riotin14

Time To Talk16

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Oakvale Magic25


Shes For Us25

Caitlyn Keeping33


Go Seek Heidi50

Dyna Harpa100

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View all oddsView all oddsIrish Greyhound Derby

Monday 1st July 2019

Lenson Blinder20

Clona Blaze25

Clonbrien Prince25

Slippy Cian25

Droopys Davy33

Droopys Verve33

King Turbo33

Magical Bale33

Angry Lauren40

Badminton Jet40

Burgess Bucks40

Crossfield Con40

Jacks Tornado40

Jaytee Taylor40

Killer Beein40

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Toolmaker Me Dad40

Antigua Fire50

Balline Kyle50

Ballymac Anton50

Ballymac Syd50

Blastoff Jet50

Braveheart Bobby50

Clonbrien Hero50

Clonbrien Swift50

Coolavanny About50

Cushie Jet50

Droopys Alice50

Droopys Biker50

Gurteen Feather50

Haggswood Iso50

Music Toour Ears50

Roaming Hero50

Skywalker Logan50

Te Amo50


Ballyanne Sim66

Ballymac Beach66

Borna Gin66

Boynepark King66

Buckos Dream66

Cabra Hurricane66

Da Head Hunter66

Deadly Dennis66

El Commendo66

Fainne Chiarrai66

Jaytee Jerry66

Newhall Missile66

Newinn Lester66

Priceless Blake66

Rising Brandy66

Totos Park66

Tullig Footpad66




Beaming Paradise100

Blue East100

Calzaghe Flash100

Cash Is King100

Crossfield Will100

Doggy Mcdogface100

Droopys Expert100

Jacks Royale100

Liberty Gale100

Our Belles Boy100

Scooby The Flyer100

Sliabh Liag100


Stonepark Noel100

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View all oddsView all oddsMillion Dollar Chase

Sunday 20th October 2019

Black Opiumout12

Orson Allenout12

Blue Strikerin20

Bucks Futurein20

Crimson Vixenin20


Dyna Pattyout20

Fernando Blasterin20

Midnight Dare20

Miss Splendamiro20

Pindari Express20

Whiskey Riotin20

Hasten Slowlyout66


Lagoon Rhettout66

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View all oddsView all oddsRPGTV Naps Table 2019

Monday 30th December 2019

Dave Clark7/2

Darrell Williams4

Richard Harkness4

Ali Brown5

Errol Blyth7

Tony Bullen14

Jonathan Hobbs16

Julie Collier20

Jason Barrasford33

Rachel Casey40

Rose Draper40

Ian Meek50

Phil Donaldson50

Jonathan Kay100

Kaan Hughes150

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Tanya Stevenson150

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