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Greyhounds Fast Results

01:01AUSThe MeadowsShow full result

01:01Race 1 Tab com au FinalShow full result

1st11 Plagiarise 6/112nd77 Barooga Boy 17/103rd22 Jebrynah Astra 25/1

01:20AUSThe MeadowsShow full result

01:20Race 2 Sky Racing (0-2 Wins)(275+ Rank)Show full result

1st11 Trojan Package 8/52nd22 Im A Psycho 14/53rd88 Wild Aces Agogo 5/2

01:35AUSThe MeadowsShow full result

01:35Race 3 Themeadows org auShow full result

1st88 Mepunga Web 9/52nd44 Radical Rex 6/43rd11 My Names Lindy 11/1

01:53AUSThe MeadowsShow full result

01:53Race 4 Victoolshop com (0-2 Wins)(275+ Rank)Show full result

1st11 Fleetwood Sam 5/22nd88 Hugs And Kisses 13/23rd44 My Envy 14/5

02:15AUSThe MeadowsShow full result

02:15Race 5 Cookes Electrical And Air ConditioningShow full result

1st66 Wheres Lesley 27/102nd44 Jayla Strike 19/13rd77 Harrell Bale 40/1

02:32AUSThe MeadowsShow full result

02:32Race 6 Home Of Ten Group 1sShow full result

1st77 Hamillson 6/52nd11 Plan Ahead 13/53rd33 Mobile Legend 23/10

02:57AUSThe MeadowsShow full result

02:57Race 7 Gorski Tippers and TrailersShow full result

1st11 Shes So Kind 17/102nd55 Gleeson 16/53rd66 Mighty Marvin 13/10

03:17AUSThe MeadowsShow full result

03:17Race 8 Houdini Boy @ StudShow full result

1st88 Mohinga Chase 50/12nd22 Bradys Shout 15/13rd11 Im Easy Boys 4/1

03:35AUSThe MeadowsShow full result

03:35Race 9 Home Of The Phoenix (2-3 Wins)Show full result

1st44 Lonely Lisa 18/52nd88 Weblec Mist 17/103rd22 Rocky Horror 13/1

04:02AUSThe MeadowsShow full result

04:02Race 10 Tab Venue Mode (275+ Rank)Show full result

1st33 Im Not Budging 7/102nd11 Berkel Boy 17/23rd44 Stellar Rising 9/2

01:12AUSGawlerShow full result

01:12Race 1 The Bunyip Maiden StakeShow full result

1st88 Lucretia Ann 13/22nd11 Suhana 17/103rd44 Winnie Blues 1/1

01:27AUSGawlerShow full result

01:27Race 2 Greyhounds As Pets StakeShow full result

1st11 Ludgate 8/52nd77 Nashville 25/13rd22 La Bella Lucy 20/1

01:47AUSGawlerShow full result

01:47Race 3 Gawler Dry Cleaners StakeShow full result

1st77 Imperial Master 1/22nd44 Zipping Cookie 3/13rd55 Magic Burner 19/1

02:08AUSGawlerShow full result

02:08Race 4 Nixons Function Centre StakeShow full result

1st44 Highly Praised 5/182nd77 Blackpool Storm 7/23rd88 Black Hulk 10/1

02:29AUSGawlerShow full result

02:29Race 5 Giddy-up Juvenile StakeShow full result

1st77 Ding 2/92nd88 Emerley Red 7/13rd11 Logans Hero 10/1

02:50AUSGawlerShow full result

02:50Race 6 Xp3020 (queens) StakeShow full result

1st22 Svitolina 3/192nd11 Burning Glow 5/13rd66 Bluestar Panther 22/1

03:07AUSGawlerShow full result

03:07Race 7 Accell Therapy StakeShow full result

1st66 Salt And Pepper 19/202nd77 Snowy Jinx 4/13rd33 Reiko Bear 13/2

03:32AUSGawlerShow full result

03:32Race 8 The Bunyip StakeShow full result

1st66 Cruze Maguire 6/12nd77 Swinging Forts 17/23rd11 Termo Beach 22/1

03:52AUSGawlerShow full result

03:52Race 9 Greyhounds As Pets Mixed StakeShow full result

1st11 Sutton Sandy 7/102nd44 Line Seeker 16/53rd66 Under Study 9/2

04:17AUSGawlerShow full result

04:17Race 10 Gawler Dry Cleaners StakeShow full result

1st88 Daniel Sun 16/112nd77 One Friend 40/13rd11 Flaming Bubbles 16/1

04:33AUSGawlerShow full result

04:33Race 11 Nixons Function Centre StakeShow full result

1st22 Maybe Wrong 3/52nd88 Platinum Flare 5/13rd77 Bumrah 15/1

04:56AUSGawlerShow full result

04:56Race 12 Giddy-up Mixed StakeShow full result

1st55 Nockatunga 11/22nd88 For Five Seconds 8/53rd77 Shes Hope 66/1

04:09AUSBendigoShow full result

04:09Race 1 Bendigo AdvertiserShow full result

1st88 Browning Bale 12/12nd33 Trending Striker 11/13rd44 Kanji Olympic 11/5

04:37AUSRichmondShow full result

04:37Race 1 Ladbroke It! Maiden Heat 1Show full result

1st44 Sophie Did It 4/12nd77 Trial By Combat 5/13rd66 Darth 11/2

04:52AUSRichmondShow full result

04:52Race 2 Ladbrokes Bet Ticker Maiden Heat 2Show full result

1st11 Disco Sound 11/22nd33 Chronic Wave 22/13rd55 Charlm Shadow 19/10

05:12AUSRichmondShow full result

05:12Race 3 Ladbrokes Easy Form Maiden Heat 3Show full result

1st77 Traction 7/52nd66 Lepidoptera 13/53rd88 Miss Maggie May 8/1

05:27AUSRichmondShow full result

05:27Race 4 Ladbrokes Split Multi Maiden Heat 4Show full result

1st77 Peace Valley 9/22nd33 Up There Charlie 11/23rd66 Design Artist 7/1

05:47AUSRichmondShow full result

05:47Race 5 Ladbrokes Switch 0-2 WinShow full result

1st77 Catch Me Nero 2/52nd22 Blakey Boy 13/23rd66 Scary Too 26/1

06:02AUSRichmondShow full result

06:02Race 6 Ladbrokes Blended MultiShow full result

1st77 Little Girl Blue 11/132nd44 Tricky Trenear 13/13rd88 Lanmor Dollars 19/5

06:22AUSRichmondShow full result

06:22Race 7 Ladbrokes Same Race MultiShow full result

1st88 Dream Again 7/22nd77 Shacoby Blaze 11/23rd44 Mystic To Excel 8/1

06:37AUSRichmondShow full result

06:37Race 8 Ladbrokes Cash InShow full result

1st11 Canya Zeus 5/12nd22 One Dimension 3/103rd55 Sly Dunbar 34/1

06:57AUSRichmondShow full result

06:57Race 9 Ladbrokes Odds BoostShow full result

1st77 Tarawi Peppa 18/12nd11 Nicks Tank 18/53rd55 Cartel Master 14/5

02:11NZManawatu ExtraShow full result

02:11Race 1 Red Snapper Seafoods, Christchurch C1Show full result

1st33 Born Trixie 16/12nd22 Big Time Pokemon 12/13rd66 Uncle Albert 16/5

02:28NZManawatu ExtraShow full result

02:28Race 2 Total Bodyshop Supplies C1Show full result

1st55 Golden Logger 17/102nd11 Allegro Bryan 17/53rd88 Pretty Belinda 15/1

02:45NZManawatu ExtraShow full result

02:45Race 3 Big Barrel Palmerston North C1Show full result

1st66 Big Time Muhamad 13/102nd11 Allegro Moses 6/13rd88 Opawa Jade 9/1

03:02NZManawatu ExtraShow full result

03:02Race 4 $15,000 Turbo Territory Dash Final Here Dec 3RdShow full result

1st11 Opawa Violet 11/52nd77 Wifi Wilbur 17/23rd44 Allegro Zippy 21/10

03:19NZManawatu ExtraShow full result

03:19Race 5 Pngrc Sectional Times @ Pngreyhounds Kiwi C2Show full result

1st66 Big Time Katy 16/52nd22 Opawa Jody 12/13rd33 Ariana Sunset 18/1