Greyhounds Fast Results

01:02AUSIpswichShow full result

01:02Race 2 Sky RacingShow full result

1st11 Hes Blazing 19/102nd55 On Any Day 5/23rd66 Love Letter 9/2

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01:18Race 3 Www Ipswichgreyhounds ComShow full result

1st44 Street Scandal 21/102nd22 Heaven Scent 9/53rd77 Im All Class 9/2

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01:40Race 4 Dover and Sons Maiden FShow full result

1st11 Sweet Babe 17/102nd66 Mott The Hoople 70/13rd88 Love A Rum 12/5

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02:57Race 8 Euro PumpsShow full result

1st88 Ringbark Road 3/52nd11 Tuta Yankee 30/13rd66 Fogelberg 9/2

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03:14Race 9 Www Ipswichgreyhounds ComShow full result

1st77 Minnesota Nights 30/12nd11 Hes The Outlaw 9/23rd33 Tuta Delta 17/1

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03:32Race 10 Federal Morgan At StudShow full result

1st55 Kingsbrae Cheryl 10/12nd11 Rosdue Tyson 8/53rd77 Whether To Fly 15/2

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03:49Race 11 TabShow full result

1st22 Frostbite Hux 23/102nd77 Rosdue Swagman 11/23rd33 Blue Mystique 19/1

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04:04Race 12 Www Ipswichgreyhounds ComShow full result

1st77 Yosemite Sam 6/12nd11 Flight To Mars 23/103rd33 Louie Luxe 22/1

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00:49Race 1 Sportsbet We Let The Dogs OutShow full result

1st44 Edsel Bale 5/12nd33 Silly Mid Off 7/103rd1010 Vlasta Bale 15/2

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01:10Race 2 Shima Shine At StudShow full result

1st11 Barcia Khan 20/12nd44 Nash Bale 19/13rd66 Sylvan Lake 1/1

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01:32Race 3 Greyhound Adoption ProgramShow full result

1st22 Man Of Power 17/102nd44 Darley Dynamo 13/13rd77 La La Missouri 19/10

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03:07Race 8 Eureka ConcreteShow full result

1st44 Batmans Dreams 11/52nd11 Roxy Crumpet 16/53rd88 Smiling Spaniard 22/1

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03:22Race 9 Southern SheetmetalShow full result

1st22 Jack Alan 27/102nd66 Shimmer Sparkle 40/13rd55 Avery Charm 26/1

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03:57Race 11 Gcv #13StrongShow full result

1st22 Mount Panorama 11/52nd88 Trendy Universe 8/53rd66 Miss Marlee Moo 13/1

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04:24Race 12 Sportsbet Every Dog Has Its DayShow full result

1st55 Claretown Ryan 13/22nd11 Neptune Town 13/23rd77 Coach Beard 27/20

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04:01Race 1 Racing Saturday 3Rd DecemberShow full result

1st55 Our Boy Tiger 11/52nd22 Turbo Worm 3/53rd77 Raglan Viper 22/1

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04:17Race 2 Ladbroke It! Maiden Heat 1 Maiden Series HShow full result

1st66 Fusion Fiction 16/112nd22 Lenny Power 5/43rd44 Subzero Katana 30/1

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04:37Race 3 Ladbrokes Mates Mode Maiden Heat 2 Maiden Series HShow full result

1st66 Fusion Latrell 5/42nd44 Wheeling 14/13rd33 Valparasio 17/10

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04:58Race 4 Ladbrokes Punter Assist Maiden Heat 3 Maiden SerieShow full result

1st66 Cash Grab 17/102nd77 Bogan Road 9/23rd11 Kingsbrae Beach 17/2

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05:22Race 5 Ladbrokes Switch Maiden Heat 4 Maiden Series HShow full result

1st22 Golden Bullet 2/52nd11 Winlock Wighton 11/13rd44 Glitter Brulee 14/1

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05:42Race 6 Ladbrokes Same Race Multi Maiden Heat 5 Maiden SerShow full result

1st66 Subzero Selma 27/102nd88 Tenerife 4/13rd77 Ruckus Taro 9/2

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06:07Race 7 Zipping Garth At StudShow full result

1st22 Proficiency 2/12nd11 Nangar Blue 9/53rd44 Japanese Black 3/1

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06:29Race 8 Signvision Dubbo 1-3 Wins 1-3 Wins FShow full result

1st33 Same Ole Me 7/12nd22 Saudade 12/13rd88 Janet Keeping 5/1

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06:49Race 9 Feral Franky At StudShow full result

1st77 Run Home Jack 9/22nd22 Awake Until Dawn 30/13rd66 Stinger Casey 7/5

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07:11Race 10 Freemasons HotelShow full result

1st11 Dusty Armatree 5/12nd77 Armatree Sparkle 12/52nd44 Lumeah George 22/1

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07:35Race 11 Gotcha4lifeShow full result

1st44 Midnight Lala 11/12nd88 Perfect Hunter 9/2

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08:00Race 12 Village Bakehouse Dubbo BattlersShow full result

1st55 Mighty Boomer 21/102nd88 Tralee Jay 7/53rd33 Jackies Exhibit 6/1

04:12AUSWarrnamboolShow full result

04:12Race 1 Maceys Bistro (250+Rank)Show full result

1st22 Zodiac Bale 6/12nd11 Fleur Bale 11/133rd55 Kentucky Giblet 23/10

04:27AUSWarrnamboolShow full result

04:27Race 2 Sportsbet Bet With Mates (250+Rank)Show full result

1st11 Special Zamba 17/52nd77 Rixi Bale 13/103rd22 Bebop Giblet 27/10

04:47AUSWarrnamboolShow full result

04:47Race 3 Broad Tree Care (250+Rank)Show full result

1st55 Gomez Bale 3/42nd11 Malibu Bale 12/53rd77 Zulu Ghost 10/1

05:07AUSWarrnamboolShow full result

05:07Race 4 Wood Motorcycle and Mower (250+Rank)Show full result

1st66 Stars Hope 17/52nd44 Dr Dulcie 11/23rd11 Cosmic Leilani 6/1

05:32AUSWarrnamboolShow full result

05:32Race 5 Mepunga Blazer @ Stud (250+Rank)Show full result

1st88 Miss Immy Lee 18/12nd11 Reality Mask 4/13rd33 Zambora Nut 21/20

05:57AUSWarrnamboolShow full result

05:57Race 6 Cassign Design (250+Rank)Show full result

1st55 Miss Molly Lee 16/52nd33 Negasi Bale 17/53rd11 Shanias Dream 4/1

06:17AUSWarrnamboolShow full result

06:17Race 7 Mepunga Cruzer @ Stud (250+Rank)Show full result

1st77 Amlin Princess 11/52nd88 Ozark Bale 3/13rd55 Joyous Moment 15/2

06:37AUSWarrnamboolShow full result

06:37Race 8 Coast Fm and 3Yb (250+Rank)Show full result

1st22 Call The Fairies 9/52nd11 Kempton Bale 17/53rd66 Joffas Liberty 13/1

06:57AUSWarrnamboolShow full result

06:57Race 9 Norfolk Butchers (250+Rank)Show full result

1st44 Moonlight Jack 19/102nd11 Placid Hero 17/53rd33 Abby Doll 29/10

07:18AUSWarrnamboolShow full result

07:18Race 10 Kermonds Hamburgers (250+Rank)Show full result

1st55 Tahitian Lily 27/102nd33 My Maximus 9/23rd88 Master Shameem 6/4

07:41AUSWarrnamboolShow full result

07:41Race 11 Edwards Electrical (250+Rank)Show full result

1st11 Gunther 2/12nd88 Zambora Jay 3/13rd66 Reel It In 12/1

07:57AUSWarrnamboolShow full result

07:57Race 12 Sportsbet Same Race Multi (250+Rank)Show full result

1st88 War Of Words 8/12nd44 Bad Bailey 13/53rd22 Afro Puff 11/2

06:53AUSNowraShow full result

06:53Race 1 Shoalhaven Greyhounds As Pets MdnShow full result

1st22 Winlock Boots 11/172nd44 Shades Of Rose 9/23rd77 Mud Muffin 18/5

07:08AUSNowraShow full result

07:08Race 2 Out and About Dog Walking Nowra MdnShow full result

1st55 Bali Lava 13/102nd88 Zipping Loretta 9/13rd77 Sacred Park 6/4

07:28AUSNowraShow full result

07:28Race 3 Ryans Cleaning Service 1-3 WinShow full result

1st22 Numb 19/202nd44 Rockstar Aloha 7/13rd33 Mount Tate 70/1

07:44AUSNowraShow full result

07:44Race 4 Ladbrokes Mates ModeShow full result

1st44 King Messy 17/52nd55 Kalany Bale 16/53rd88 Stilton Freckle 15/1

08:10AUSNowraShow full result

08:10Race 5 Ernie and Eileen Smith MemorialShow full result

1st66 Mr Natural 5/42nd44 Blazing Tokyo 20/13rd55 Under The Thumb 5/2

08:29AUSNowraShow full result

08:29Race 6 Bechini and AssociatesShow full result

1st22 Always Done 10/112nd44 Valencia Bale 16/13rd33 Black Redeemer 16/1

08:51AUSNowraShow full result

08:51Race 7 Ladbrokes Spring Classic Final Ng Series FShow full result

2nd22 Elite Bullet 3/13rd77 Winlock Benji 5/2

07:38AUSAngle ParkShow full result

07:38Race 1 Sky Racing (N/P) Mixed Series F Ctb Division1Show full result

1st11 Whiskey Soda 9/52nd66 Wind Burn Flash 6/13rd88 Harry 11/2

08:03AUSAngle ParkShow full result

08:03Race 2 Fresh Pet Food Co Maiden Stake Ctb Division1Show full result

2nd77 Flaming Galah 11/83rd22 Midnight Feast 8/15

07:47AUSSheppartonShow full result

07:47Race 1 Sportsbet Go The Blue DogShow full result

1st66 Have A Chat 13/52nd55 Chasing Boyd 11/23rd77 Little Easy 6/1

07:54AUSMaitlandShow full result

07:54Race 1 Zipping Garth @ Stud MaidenShow full result

1st88 Hes Naughty 6/42nd66 Precious Boy 16/13rd77 Lads On Tour 40/1

08:41AUSMaitlandShow full result

08:41Race 3 Congratulations Margaret Enright 1-2 WinShow full result

1st11 All Lit Up 7/22nd88 Astral Star 14/13rd33 Flying Tiny Tim 9/1

00:35NZCambridgeShow full result

00:35Race 1 Follow Auckland Grc On Facebook SprintShow full result

1st44 Tooth And Nail 18/52nd66 Hunter Jill 11/13rd11 Thrilling Nash 5/11

00:53NZCambridgeShow full result

00:53Race 2 Dog Speed Pbd SprintShow full result

1st88 Opawa Rhino 4/12nd66 Cappiello 5/13rd22 Bailiff Bailey 15/2

01:14NZCambridgeShow full result

01:14Race 3 Mayhounds Greyhound Rehoming Group SprintShow full result

1st66 Coolibah Kid 13/22nd11 Rock It Red 1/13rd55 Opawa Arlo 9/2

01:36NZCambridgeShow full result

01:36Race 4 Mps Fencing Pbd SprintShow full result

1st66 Boot Camp Tiara 7/12nd33 Sweet Amber Joy 19/103rd88 Start Bailing 5/1

02:57NZCambridgeShow full result

02:57Race 8 Hewlett Electrical SprintShow full result

1st11 Opawa Luke 13/22nd88 Zipping Derek 15/23rd44 Pedro Lee 2/53rd77 Rocked It 13/2

03:18NZCambridgeShow full result

03:18Race 9 Senz 1476Am SprintShow full result

1st11 Hurricane Bob 9/22nd66 Donning 10/13rd33 Hot Little Zeus 2/1

03:35NZCambridgeShow full result

03:35Race 10 Pump and Engineering Services Ltd StakesShow full result

1st44 Thrilling Rush 19/102nd33 Thrilling Clara 19/103rd11 Opawa Lucy 13/2

03:53NZCambridgeShow full result

03:53Race 11 Thanks Cambridge Raceway SprintShow full result

1st11 Wheelhouse 19/102nd66 Lagoon Taupy 30/13rd77 Portland Timmy 5/1

04:10NZCambridgeShow full result

04:10Race 12 Mt Wellington Tab StakesShow full result

1st44 Thrilling Brodie 4/52nd55 Go Johnny Go 17/23rd99 Chase Me Down 15/2