Greyhounds Fast Results

02:42AUSThe MeadowsShow full result

02:42Race 1 Sky Racing (0-2 Wins)(225+ Rank)Show full result

1st11 Bears Dream 17/52nd66 Midoriyama 2/13rd33 Tai Pan Agogo 21/20

02:58AUSThe MeadowsShow full result

02:58Race 2 Top Cat Video (0-1 Win)Show full result

1st44 Snow Angel 5/42nd22 Tears No More 20/13rd66 Weblec Cruiser 18/5

03:14AUSThe MeadowsShow full result

03:14Race 3 Meadows Conference and Events CentreShow full result

1st33 Trending Rookie 29/102nd77 Gracie Bale 3/13rd11 Diesel Riot 9/1

03:37AUSThe MeadowsShow full result

03:37Race 4 Home Of Ten Group 1sShow full result

1st44 Inga Leo 4/12nd22 Madam Maximus 4/53rd11 Carla Veloso 5/2

03:54AUSThe MeadowsShow full result

03:54Race 5 Feikuai Greyhounds (225+ Rank)Show full result

1st44 Rothwell Prince 13/52nd66 Artic Assassin 29/103rd11 Berkel Boy 19/1

02:50AUSTareeShow full result

02:50Race 1 Welcome To Bbet Park Taree MaidenShow full result

1st55 Bella Nineteen 3/52nd33 Major Hope 18/13rd88 Blazing Bobbie 13/2

03:07AUSTareeShow full result

03:07Race 2 Town Head Fruit and Veg MaidenShow full result

1st55 Kung 11/12nd11 Gagan Muldoon 12/13rd44 Kiarni Kurt 13/10

03:27AUSTareeShow full result

03:27Race 3 Taree Gbota BranchShow full result

1st22 Tuesday Rose 5/12nd77 Get Up Ally 17/23rd11 Terror Turner 9/10

03:42AUSTareeShow full result

03:42Race 4 Ranvet 0-2 WinShow full result

1st77 Redbank Liddy 7/52nd88 Achira 17/23rd44 Outback Ugg 11/1

03:11AUSCapalabaShow full result

03:11Race 1 Wayne HarrisShow full result

1st33 Who Knew What 19/52nd11 Little Shelly 8/13rd22 Hectic Cheese 6/1

03:31AUSCapalabaShow full result

03:31Race 2 Just Greyhound PhotosShow full result

1st22 Purple Flirt 7/22nd55 Alpha Calypso 3/13rd66 Tsunami Miss 6/4

03:51AUSCapalabaShow full result

03:51Race 3 Dr John MurrayShow full result

1st88 Margaret 9/52nd66 Bago Honey 16/13rd77 Leos Letters 9/2

03:24AUSMurray BridgeShow full result

03:24Race 1 Metro Roller Doors Maiden StakeShow full result

1st44 Ethels Run 11/22nd11 Pockets Pontoon 29/103rd22 Stevie Dawn 7/5

03:47AUSMurray BridgeShow full result

03:47Race 2 Pet WagginShow full result

1st55 Mr Flip Flop 3/52nd11 Im Paramount 9/23rd22 Tiara Sebon 9/1

01:10NZHatrickShow full result

01:10Race 1 Welcome To Hatrick C0Show full result

1st33 Big Time Dandy 2/12nd11 Feel The Madness 11/23rd55 Adobe Pebbles 22/1

01:28NZHatrickShow full result

01:28Race 2 Laser Plumbing C0Show full result

1st77 Big Time Prada 19/102nd33 Oscars Reality 9/23rd22 Tuff Dynamo 9/1

01:45NZHatrickShow full result

01:45Race 3 Lance Green Accountant C0Show full result

1st55 Thrilling Maple 3/12nd66 Thrilling Esther 8/13rd44 Effortless Run 15/1

02:03NZHatrickShow full result

02:03Race 4 Kernow Construction C1 FinalShow full result

1st66 So Like Me 17/52nd55 Big Time Tasha 16/113rd88 Nutty Nuts 14/1

02:20NZHatrickShow full result

02:20Race 5 Www Racingtips Co Nz C2Show full result

1st77 Cliff Top Molly 14/52nd11 Born Trixie 8/13rd88 Johny Mowhawk 20/1

02:37NZHatrickShow full result

02:37Race 6 Accell Leading The Way In Canine Therapy C1Show full result

1st22 Shamrock Green 17/52nd88 Als Loaded 6/13rd55 Homebush Fury 7/2

02:54NZHatrickShow full result

02:54Race 7 Palamountains Scientific Nutrition C1Show full result

1st88 Big Time Blaze 3/52nd77 Big Time Jarred 14/13rd33 Opawa Lyndsay 21/10

03:17NZHatrickShow full result

03:17Race 8 Laser Plumbing C1Show full result

1st11 Hardcore Bart 17/52nd88 Homebush Yuri 13/103rd22 Small Paige 17/1