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Fast Results

Friday 3 December 2021

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1st8 Dr Patrick9/4 JF
2nd11 Arctic Blaze14/1
3rd12 Moving11/1

Winning Trainer: L Comer

Winning Jockey: C D Hayes

Straight Forecast: 41.37€

Tricast: 309.78€

Non-runners: Limit Long, Never Back Down, Acqua Di Gioia (14 Ran)

Distances: Head, 3½

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1st8 Joupe2/1F
2nd7 No Show7/2
3rd12 Lily Of The Glen10/1

Winning Trainer: Peter Lawlor

Winning Jockey: B M Coen

Straight Forecast: 7.65€

Tricast: 59.14€

Non-runners: Berliet Express, Albedo, Golden Sandbanks (14 Ran)

Distances: 1½, ¾

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1st3 Alexander James6/1
2nd1 Imperial Command14/1
3rd4 Tadleel10/3

Winning Trainer: M Appleby

Winning Jockey: Jason Watson

Straight Forecast: 80.34£

Non-runners: None (All 7 Ran)

Distances: 1¼, Nose

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1st4 Golden Twilight11/4
2nd3 Dalvey11/2
3rd9 Dances With Stars2/1F

Winning Trainer: M Halford

Winning Jockey: M P Sheehy

Straight Forecast: 17.97€

Tricast: 35.17€

Non-runners: Questionare (8 Ran)

Distances: 1½, Head

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1st1 Lord Of The Lodge12/1
2nd3 Boosala5/6F
3rd2 Abolish66/1

Winning Trainer: K R Burke

Winning Jockey: Pierre-Louis Jamin

Straight Forecast: 22.35£

Non-runners: None (All 7 Ran)

Distances: Nose, 3

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1st12 No Nay Alexander16/1
2nd2 Moshammer15/8F
3rd1 Cheval Blanc9/4

Winning Trainer: J P Murtagh

Winning Jockey: B M Coen

Straight Forecast: 48.21€

Non-runners: Cisne (12 Ran)

Distances: Neck, 5

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1st4 Hello Me9/4F
2nd6 Kind Review16/1
3rd12 Giogiobbo66/1

Winning Trainer: Joseph Parr

Winning Jockey: Rossa Ryan

Straight Forecast: 35.97£

Tricast: 1852.61£

Non-runners: Tommy de Vito (12 Ran)

Distances: ¾, ¾

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1st1 Ampeson10/3
2nd9 Sondheim50/1
3rd14 Sir Dotti4/1

Winning Trainer: P J F Murphy

Winning Jockey: J Coen

Straight Forecast: 179.58€

Tricast: 597.75€

Non-runners: Chica Power, Briseuse De Coeur, Benkogambit, Pimstrel (13 Ran)

Distances: ½, 1¼

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1st6 Tiber Flow4/1
2nd10 Pink Crystal1/1F
3rd4 Macchiavello9/2

Winning Trainer: W J Haggas

Winning Jockey: Tom Marquand

Straight Forecast: 8.19£

Non-runners: Barbaras Incharge (13 Ran)

Distances: 1, 4½

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1st4 Freescape4/1F
2nd11 Akhlaaq11/1
3rd6 French Rain5/1

Winning Trainer: D Marnane

Winning Jockey: O J Orr

Straight Forecast: 49.6€

Tricast: 231.72€

Non-runners: None (All 13 Ran)

Distances: ½, ½