Finger Lakes Betting Odds

18:10 - Race 1

Race 1

1st Captain Moss 10/11F2nd Smart Thinking 7/23rd Life Of A Tiger 14/1

Winning Trainer: Dylan Clarke

Winning Jockey: Andy Sanchez Hernandez

Non-Runners: None (All 7 Ran)

18:37 - Race 2

Race 2

1st Twist n Shout 7/12nd Colonial Lass 2/13rd Chump Change 5/4F

Winning Trainer: Jr Daniel Conway,

Winning Jockey: Wilfredo Rohena

Non-Runners: None (All 5 Ran)

19:04 - Race 3

Race 3

1st Fingerpaint 2/7F2nd Atacama 12/13rd Diamond Darlin 5/1

Winning Trainer: Chris Englehart

Winning Jockey: John Jr Davila

Non-Runners: None (All 6 Ran)

19:31 - Race 4

Race 4

1st Avabella 6/12nd Princess Maeve 9/23rd Celtic Serenade 1/4F

Winning Trainer: Mark Tasso

Winning Jockey: Charlie Amaro

Non-Runners: None (All 8 Ran)

19:58 - Race 5

Race 5

1st Even Bette 4/12nd Red Rei Rei 5/23rd Desert Valentine 6/4F

Winning Trainer: James Acquilano

Winning Jockey: Jaime Rodriguez

Non-Runners: None (All 8 Ran)

20:25 - Race 6

Race 6

1st Maries Warrior 20/12nd Taynted Lover 13/23rd Kissa Diamond 14/1

Winning Trainer: Paul Barrow

Winning Jockey: Oscar Gomez

Non-Runners: None (All 9 Ran)

20:52 - Race 7

Race 7

1st Four Directions 5/12nd Our Caravan 11/43rd Benny Big Boy 14/1

Winning Trainer: Mark Tasso

Winning Jockey: Jose Baez

Non-Runners: None (All 7 Ran)

21:19 - Race 8

Race 8

1st Atomium 14/12nd Sudden Victory 7/4F3rd Times The Essents 8/1

Winning Trainer: David Houck

Winning Jockey: Rafael Jr Rohena

Non-Runners: None (All 12 Ran)

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