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PAC-12 Conference Winner Betting Odds

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Where Can I Find The Live Odds To Win PAC- 12 Conference?

Looking for your team’s Odds to Win PAC 12 Conference? We’ve got you covered. Here at OddsChecker, we gather up PAC 12 Conference betting odds from the most popular sportsbooks across the country. We update our odds each day to make sure they’re always current, displaying the most lucrative lines clearly for your convenience. If you’re ready to bet on PAC 12 championship game odds, we’ll help you get started the smart way. Read on to discover all the facts you need to know about PAC-12 betting, including how to read the odds and which teams will be worthy of your wager this season.

How To Read PAC- 12 Conference Betting Odds

Making futures bets on the Odds to Win PAC 12 Conference is one of the most popular ways to wager in the NCAAF. But if you want to make your bets really count in 2021, you’ll need to know how to read the odds like a real professional. Luckily, PAC 12 football odds aren’t difficult to understand. They look the same as any other college football odds, and function just like other futures bets.

Looking at the PAC 12 Conference odds, you’ll see the name of the team displayed at the left. Beside their name will be a (+) or a (-) sign, and next to that will be the odds number. It’s easy to read the lines if you think of this number in terms of a $100 bet.

The (-) next to a team’s name sign indicates that this team is the favorite, with the best Odds to Win PAC 12 Conference overall. The number represents how much money you would have to bet on them if you were hoping to win $100. Conversely, the (+) next to a team’s name means that the team is an underdog. Their number indicates the amount of money you would win if you were to bet $100 on them.

Let’s take a look at some hypothetical PAC 12 Conference odds as an example:

USC Trojans: -150

Arizona State Sun Devils: +200

We can see here that the USC Trojans are the clear favorite to win, as evidenced by their odds of -150. You would have to bet $150 on USC to win $100, and you’d walk away with $250 in total: your original wager amount of $150, plus your $100 winnings. On the other side of the equation, the Sun Devils are the underdog. If you bet $100 on them, you’d win $200. You’d get back your initial wager as well, leaving you with a whopping $300 altogether.

The Odds to Win PAC 12 Conference can change a lot as the year goes on, so making futures bets far in advance is a bit riskier. However, those with a solid betting strategy in place often find futures wagering more lucrative and more exciting than other types of wagers. If you want to minimize your risk, head to the OddsChecker free bets section. Here you’ll discover bookmakers that offer promotions such as risk-free first bets when you sign up, so you can participate in all the fun without taking too big of a chance.

Current Odds To Win PAC- 12 Conference

Ready to bet on Odds to Win PAC 12 Conference? It may help to know how the organization works and learn a bit about their history. The Pacific 12 Conference consists of 12 teams from 12 different colleges throughout six states in the western United States. As of 2010, football teams in the PAC-12 are divided into two distinct groups: the Northern Division and the Southern Division.

The Northern Division includes the Washington State Cougars, the Oregon Ducks, the California Golden Bears, the Washington Huskies, the Stanford Cardinal, and the Oregon State Beavers. The Southern Division includes the USC Trojans, the Arizona State Sun Devils, the UCLA Bruins, the Arizona Wildcats, the Colorado Buffaloes, and the Utah Utes. California is the only state with teams in both the North and South Divisions.

It’s anyone’s guess as to who will come out on top this year, and the odds are expected to change drastically throughout the season. However, the preliminary PAC 12 championship odds for the most favored teams in the Conference look something like this:

Oregon Ducks: +300

Washington Huskies: +350

USC Trojans: +400

Arizona State Sun Devils: +450

Since the inception of the PAC-12, the Northern Division has won almost every championship title. The exception was back in 2017, when USC defeated Stanford 31-28. The Oregon Ducks have won the past two Championship titles, and so far, they have the best Odds to Win PAC 12 Conference this year. However, the Ducks aren’t exactly a shoe-in—California is coming back with a vengeance, while the Huskies and the Sun Devils are proving their worth as well.

Odds To Win PAC- 12 Conference

So, which team is most likely to win the Championship this year? It appears Oregon is on track to take it again, as they currently hold the best PAC 12 championship odds. But despite the Ducks’ 2020 victory, many forget that it was actually Washington who fought their way to the top in the north last year, and some savvy oddsmakers have predicted the Huskies to be among the top contenders in 2021 as well.

As far as the south goes, the sole reigning champion is USC. Their PAC 12 Conference betting odds are pretty much on par with Oregon, and they have a great lineup featuring new players with national recognition. It’s shaping up to be a very competitive season, and the Odds to Win PAC 12 Conference will undoubtedly change as the year goes on.

All the different factors at play create a lot of variability, and you might need a few tips to help you out this season. Make sure to check out our college football picks section to see what the OddsChecker industry experts predict, so you can bet with knowledge on your side.

With so many gifted players across the west, bettors certainly have their choice of talented teams. Here’s everyone you can bet on this year:

• Washington State Cougars

• Oregon Ducks

• California Golden Bears

• Washington Huskies

• Stanford Cardinal

• Oregon State Beavers

• USC Trojans

• Arizona State Sun Devils

• UCLA Bruins

• Arizona Wildcats

• Colorado Buffaloes

• Utah Utes

Oregon Ducks Odds To Win PAC- 12

The Oregon Ducks have been going strong for two years now, but can they pull of another championship in 2021? Experts certainly seem to think so, as the Ducks have the best Odds to Win PAC 12 Conference on the books so far. That’s not so surprising, considering they’ve won 4 championship titles since the formation of the PAC-12. This is the most of any team in the conference, and coach Mario Cristobal has made sure that Oregon is staying stocked up with key players in 2021. With talent like Kayvon Thibodeaux and Noah Sewell on defense, the Ducks’ PAC 12 championship game odds are looking bright.

Washington Huskies Odds To Win Pac-12

Washington is the biggest threat to the Ducks right now, but they’ll have to fight especially hard this year after the injury of star linebacker Zion Tupuola-Fetui. We shouldn’t forget that although they were unable to compete in last year’s Championship game, the Huskies did technically take the Northern Division title—and their PAC 12 championship odds reflect that. We can still see a rock-solid defensive lineup at play, and they’ll be aided by having many of the more competitive games at home in the comfort of Husky Stadium.

Utah Utes odds To Win PAC- 12

The Utes won Southern Division titles in both 2018 and 2019, and they bring a lot to the table despite having lost the Championship both years. Charlie Brewer is a respectable quarterback, and the same thing must be said for LB Devin Lloyd and OL Nick Ford. Both have something to prove come the 2022 NFL Draft, and they’ll likely fight harder than ever to take the Utes to a championship—injecting the kind of ferocity Utah needs to improve their PAC 12 football odds in 2021.

Colorado Buffaloes odds To Win Pac-12

The Colorado Buffaloes’ Odds to Win PAC 12 Conference sit mid-tier now, especially after star QB Sam Noyer announced his departure. However, this dynamic team still has a few aces up its sleeve. Let’s not forget their appearance in the Alamo Bowl in 2020 or the fact that they finished 4-2 despite being beaten by the Longhorns in Texas. Coach Karl Dorrell brought out the best in his team during his inaugural year at Colorado, where he was also nominated for the PAC 12 Coach of the Year award. It’s clear there’s lots of potential here after last season, with talented players like Jarek Broussard and Alex Fontenot really tying the offense together to improve Colorado’s Odds to Win PAC 12 Conference.

Arizona Wildcats odds To Win Pac-12

Sitting at the very bottom of the PAC 12 Conference odds, it’s safe to say that the Wildcats are a bit of a longshot bet. After a disheartening 2020 season in which Arizona ranked poorly in many categories, new head coach Jedd Fisch certainly has his hands full. However, he could be just the fresh face Arizona needs to land themselves back on the map. He’s been working tirelessly to fill staffing roles as well as player positions, and there’s an undeniable excitement buzzing up around the Wildcats once again. We don’t yet know what will happen, but Arizona could potentially begin to turn their PAC 12 football odds around this year.

Oregon State Beavers odds To Win Pac-12

Coming in with low PAC 12 Conference betting odds, the Beavers have a lot of work to do. Oregon State must clean up after their disappointing 2-5 record last season, and their quarterback situation remains murky with Tristan Gebbia. However, the good news is that Avery Roberts, Omar Speights and Andrzej Hughes-Murray are back to form a dream-team linebacker unit. While their PAC 12 championship game odds aren’t great, the Beavers won’t be an easy to team to beat out.


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