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2022 MLB Farm System Rankings: Ranking Every MLB Team's Farm System As the Season Nears its End

Jason Radowitz is here ranking the top 2022 MLB farm systems. Come find out the MLB teams with the best prospects heading into October.
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2022 MLB Farm System Rankings: Ranking Every MLB Team's Farm System As the Season Nears its End

As the season starts to wind down, here's an updated version of our 2022 MLB Farm System Rankings as the season nears its end.

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Every MLB Team's Farm System Ahead of the 2022 MLB Deadline Rankings

1. Baltimore Orioles

Top 5 Prospects

1. Gunnar Henderson, 3B

2. Grayson Rodriguez, SP

3. Jackson Holiday, SS

4. Colton Cowser, CF

5. Jordan Westburg, INF

Baltimore's already called up Henderson and Rodriguez, but they'll be prospects throughout the rest of the season. Their actual rookie seasons won't be until next year. Even after calling up Adley Rutschman, the Orioles are still first.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers

Top 5 Prospects

1. Diego Cartaya, C

2. Bobby Miller, SP

3. Miguel Vargas

4. Michael Busch, 2B

5. Andy Pages, CF The Dodgers do everything right. They develop talent just as well as they develop teams. The Dodgers will have one of the best seasons in MLB history this year and still have a top prospect group waiting to contribute.

3. Arizona Diamondbacks

Top 5 Prospects

1. Corbin Carroll, CF

2. Dru Jones, CF

3. Jordan Lawlar, SS

4. Brandon Pfaadt, SP

5. Blake Walston, LHP

I wouldn't say the Diamondbacks have a ton of depth. But I will say that the Diamondbacks have some game-changing talent that will contribute soon. Those three include, Corbin Carroll, Dru Jones, and Jordan Lawlar are the future of this program.

4. Cleveland Guardians

Top 5 Prospects

1. Daniel Espino, SP

2. George Valera, OF

3. Gavin Williams, RHP

4. Bryan Rocchio, SS

5. Bo Naylor, C The Guardians have 13 of their top 15 prospects in at least Double-A. This team might already make the postseason in 2022. Imagine how much better they'll be once their young talent starts to develop.

5. Cincinnati Reds

Top 5 Prospects

1. Noelvi Marte, SS

2. Elly De La Cruz

3. Edwin Arroyo, SS

4. Cam Collier, 3B

5. Matt McLain, SS It was an important trade deadline for the Reds after they traded away multiple pieces for depth in the farm system. Nine of their top 30 prospects were from trades. That's exceptional and a great way to build the farm system in rebuilding years.

6 Texas Rangers

Top 5 Prospects

1. Josh Jung, 3B

2. Jack Leiter, SP

3. Evan Carter, OF

4. Justin Foscue, RHP

5. Owen White, SP

The Rangers could have a great starting rotation shortly. Jack Leiter, Cole Winn, and Owen White could be big pitchers for the team. And don't forget about Brock Porter and Kumar Rocker, who were drafted this season. That rotation could be deadly if everyone develops.

7. Pittsburgh Pirates

Top 5 Prospects

1. Henry Davis, C

2. Termarr Johnson, 2B

3. Liover Peguero, SS

4. Quinn Priester, SP

5. Nick Gonzales, 2B

The Pirates are used to being at the top. They're always deep but never seem to build around their young talent. We'll see what the Pirates do in the off-season with some of these guys coming up in the next couple of seasons.

8. Tampa Bay Rays

Top 5 Prospects

1. Taj Bradley, RHP

2. Curtis Mead, LF

3. Carson Williams, SS

4. Jonathan Aranda, INF

5. Xavier Edwards, 2B

You never have to worry about the Rays. They're constantly developing young talent for the Majors. They're willing to make moves that are a bit out of the ordinary in drafts and will take a player much earlier if they feel it's necessary.

9. Chicago Cubs

Top 5 Prospects

1. Brennen Davis, RF

2. Pete Crow-Armstrong, CF

3. Kevin Alcantara, CF

4. Cade Horton, RHP

5. Jordan Wicks, LHP

Chicago's outfield looks tremendous in the minor leagues. Plus, the Cubs are starting to add some depth to pitching in the farm system, with six of their top pitching prospects acquired within the last year.

10. Colorado Rockies

Top 5 Prospects

1. Ezequiel Tovar, SS

2. Drew Romo, C

3. Zac Veen, RF

4. Gabriel Hughes, RHP

5. Adael Amador, SS

The Rockies had a strong draft in 2022 and haven't really made any trades to get worse in their farm. They're busy developing talent on the farm and not messing around. That will benefit this club eventually.

11. Boston Red Sox

Top 5 Prospects

1. Triston Casas, 1B

2. Marcelo Mayer, SS

3. Brayan Bello, SP

4. Nick Yorke, 2B

5. Wilkelman Gonzalez, SP The Red Sox haven't had an excellent farm in quite some time. It's pretty much because they were always competing in the playoffs. Now that they're in rebuild mode, Boston has an exciting farm system nearing the top 10 for me.

12. New York Mets

Top 5 Prospects

1. Francisco Alvarez, C

2. Brett Baty, 3B

3. Ronny Mauricio, SS

4. Alex Ramirez, CF

5. Kevin Parada, LF

The Mets decided not to go all-in at the trade deadline this year. They've already clinched a playoff berth and maintained their farm system. Kudos!

13. New York Yankees

Top 5 Prospects

1. Anthony Volpe, 2B

2. Oswald Peraza, SS

3. Jasson Dominguez, CF

4. Austin Wells, C

5. Everson Pereira, CF The Yankees got rid of some of their talents at the trade deadline. Things haven't worked out for them in that regard. But they're still a top 13 farm system. That makes them an above-average farm.

14. St. Louis Cardinals

Top 5 Prospects

1. Jordan Walker, 3B

2. Masyn Winn, SS

3. Alec Burleson, OF

4. Matthew Liberatore, SP

5. Gordan Graceffo, RHP The Cardinals have done well in the draft, adding five prospects in the top 100 in the draft. Give them credit. They've added elite prospects while maintaining a winning team at the MLB level.

15. Washington Nationals

Top 5 Prospects

1. Elijah Green, OF

2. Cade Cavalli, SP

3. Robert Hassell III, RF

4. James Wood, CF

5. Brady House, SS The Nationals have a ton of talent in the farm system. But some injuries have added more questions than answers to the farm. Don't be surprised if the Nationals get to the top 10 eventually.

16. Miami Marlins

Top 5 Prospects

1. Eury Perez, SP

2. Jose Sales, SS

3. Max Meyer, RHP

4. Jacob Berry, DH

5. Jake Eder, SIRP The Marlins never disappoint with their starting pitching. Again, their top prospects are pitching prospects. The Marlins just have a true eye for pitching. The same can't be said for their eye for hitting.

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17. Kansas City Royals

Top 5 Prospects

1. Gavin Cross, OF

2. Nick Pratto, 1B

3. Michael Massey, 2B

4. Ben Kudrna, RHP

5. Cayden Wallace, 3B

The Royals added so much young talent to their MLB roster this year. They're clearly in need of help at the big league level. So all of their prospects could be come serious contributors eventually.

18. Detroit Tigers

Top 5 Prospects

1. Jackson Jobe, SP

2. Jace Jung, 2B

3. Wilmer Flores, RHP

4. Ty Madden, RHP

5. Peyton Graham, SS

The Tigers had many prospects called up this season. But they didn't produce as Detroit expected. Things are ugly in Detroit but their farm system is still not terrible.

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19. San Francisco Giants

Top 5 Prospects

1. Marco Luciano, SS

2. Kyle Harrison, SP

3. Luis Matos, CF

4. Aeverson Arteaga, SS

5. Grant McCray, OF The Giants have three really good prospects between Luciano, Harrison, and Matos. But then the depth starts to fall off. The Giants are a .500 team this year and didn't sell off their roster to boost their farm. I feel like they lost out on a big chance to become a top-10 farm system. Oh well.

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20. Oakland Athletics

Top 5 Prospects

1. Ken Waldichuk, SP

2. Tyler Soderstorm, 1B

3. Shea Langeliers, C

4. Daniel Susac, C

5. Zack Gelof, 3B

The Athletics have just a bad major league team that they should have a much better farm system. That's just not the case though. They got some help by trading Frankie Montas, but they couldn't trade anyone else for more prospects.

21. Toronto Blue Jays

Top 5 Prospects

1. Gabriel Moreno, C

2. Orelvis Martinez, 3B

3. Ricky Tiedemann, SP

4. Brandon Barriera, SP

5. Tucker Toman, INF

The top three prospects could be up next year. However, the bottom two top prospects won't be up for a little while. The depth lacks and the team still needs some help as they've struggled at times this year. Hopefully, those top prospects can help bring some consistency.

22. Minnesota Twins

Top 5 Prospects

1. Brooks Lee, SS

2. Royce Lewis, SS

3. Emmanuel Rodriguez, OF

4. Connor Prielipp, LHP

5. Matt Wallner, OF

The top of this list is intriguing, but the dept is lacking in Minnesota. If the Twins miss out on the playoffs, things aren't going to look pretty for the Twins.

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23. Seattle Mariners

Top 5 Prospects

1. Emerson Hancock, SP

2. Harry Ford, C

3. Cole Young, SS

4. Bryce Miller, RHP

5. Gabriel Gonzalez, OF

There's some talent at the top of this list. But the depth is certainly a week after the Mariners traded for Luis Castillo.

24. Philadelphia Phillies

Top 5 Prospects

1. Mick Abel, SP

2. Andrew Painter, SP

3. Johan Rojas, CF

4. Justin Crawford, CF

5. Griff McGarry, RHP

Other than Mick Abel, the Phillies lack high-level prospects. Justin Crawford will likely rise in these rankings but he's years away from his MLB debut. Johan Rojas could see playing time next season for the Phillies, especially in center field, where the Phillies haven't had much success.

25. Milwaukee Brewers

Top 5 Prospects

1. Jackson Chourio, CF

2. Joey Wiemer, RF

3. Sal Frelick, CF

4. Garrett Mitchell, CF

5. Brice Turang, SS

The Brewers have a couple of high-level prospects with Chourio and Wiemer but even Milwaukee knew that they needed more prospects in their farm system as they traded away Josh Hader and had other players on the block. Milwaukee's still got a weak system and if they don't make the playoffs this year, things could get ugly for the Brewers' major league team.

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26. Houston Astros

Top 5 Prospects

1. Hunter Brown, SIRP

2. Colin Barber, CF

3. Yainer Diaz, C

4. Pedro Leon, OF

5. Drew Gilbert, CF

As long as the Astros keep winning at the MLB level, nobody will care about how low the Astros are here.

27. Los Angeles Angels

Top 5 Prospects

1. Logan O'Hoppe, C

2. Zach Neto, 2B

3. Edgar Quero, C

4. Ky Bush, LHP

5. Denzer Guzman, SS

The MLB team stinks, and the farm system isn't much better. This team is about to be sold to an owner who might be less hands-on. That'll help.

28. Atlanta Braves

Top 5 Prospects

1. Vaughn Grissom, SS

2. Jared Shuster, SP

3. Kyle Muller, SIRP

4. Owen Murphy, SP

5. JR Ritchie, SP

Vaughn Grissom is currently in the MLB and looks terrific. So if you take him out of the equation, things are so-so. However, the Braves continue to surprise with the development of their young studs.

So I guess, the Braves are more of a wild card than we thought.

29. San Diego Padres

Top 5 Prospects

1. Luis Campusano, C

2. Dylan Lesko, SP

3. Jackson Merrill, SS

4. Samuel Zavala, RF

5. Robby Snelling, LHP

The Padres care about winning now. And yet they're not winning consistently right now. They traded away a lot of their farm for guys who aren't producing. Uh oh.

30. Chicago White Sox

Top 5 Prospects

1. Colson Montgomery, 3B

2. Bryan Ramos, 3B

3. Lenyn Sosa, 2B

4. Noah Schultz, LHP

5. Oscar Colas, RF

The White Sox have a worse farm system than the Padres after they traded away all of their prospects. However, many of their top prospects will be ready to contribute by next year, so maybe the White Sox can get some help moving forward.

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