NCAA Brackets: The Biggest & Best March Madness 2023 Brackets

We look at the best free March Madness brackets where you could walk away with huge winnings. Find out our top five NCAA Brackets.
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NCAA Brackets: The Biggest & Best March Madness 2023 Brackets

March Madness is one of the best sporting periods of the year, with so much action going on, there’s always a good chance of winning some serious cash. 

There are loads of NCAA Brackets running for March Madness, with some of them being paid-for brackets, and some being free. 

In this article, we pick out our top five 2023 NCAA Brackets. The main things we’ve taken into consideration when choosing the best March Madness brackets are: 

1) Is the March Madness bracket free to enter?

2) How big is the prize pool for the NCAA bracket? 

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NCAA Brackets: BetMGM $10 Million Bracket Challenge 

We’ve struggled to find an NCAA Bracket bigger than the one being run by BetMGM Sportsbook. BetMGM’s NCAA Bracket is giving users the chance to win a whopping $10 million for a perfect bracket. 

A perfect bracket is obviously tricky to get, but it does happy, just ask the Ohio resident who picked the perfect bracket back in 2019. 

Either way, this NCAA Bracket is completely free to enter, so there’s no harm in dreaming you can win the $10 million. 

Even if you don’t pick the perfect NCAA Bracket with BetMGM Sportsbook, their $10 million bracket challenge gives points for the number of correct selections. 

The users with the most points at the end of March Madness will win $100,000. Not bad for a free-to-enter bracket. 

To enter BetMGM $10 Million Bracket Challenge, you just need to register with BetMGM Sportsbook via the link below, this takes less than two minutes. 

Then you just need to make your NCAA Bracket entries. 

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NCAA Brackets: DraftKings Free $60k Bracket Battle 

DraftKings Sportsbook are the king of free pools, and they were never going to let us down when it came to a March Madness bracket. 

DraftKings are running a free-to-play $60k Bracket battle. You can only enter once into the DraftKings NCAA Bracket. 

DraftKings NCAA Bracket gives out points for each correct pick, with the number of points increasing the further we get into March Madness. 

The winner of the DraftKings Bracket battle will walk away with a cool $2,500, and there are prizes up for grabs all the way down to 5096th place. 

To enter the DraftKings $60k Bracket battle you just need to click the link below and register a new DraftKings Sportsbook account. 

It will take less than two minutes to sign-up for DraftKings Sportsbook

Once you’ve done this you need to head over to their pools section and find the competition called Free $60k Yuengling Bracket Battle. 

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Then make your picks. 

NCAA Brackets: ESPN Challenge Bracket 

ESPN is one of the most played March Madness brackets each year. 

The prize pool for the ESPN Challenge Bracket this year is $100,000. The scoring of the ESPN Challenge Bracket is similar to both BetMGM and DraftKings, but how the winner is picked is a little different. 

The entrants who score the most points in each round get a ticket to enter the final draw. The winner is then picked at random from the final draw. 

It’s a little different but the ESPN Challenge Bracket is well worth entering. 

Here’s the scoring for the ESPN Challenge Bracket: 

First Round: 10 points

Second Round: 20 points

Sweet 16: 40 points

Elite 8: 80 points

Final Four: 160 points

National Championship: 320 points

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NCAA Brackets: OddsChecker’s Challenge Bracket 

Yep, that’s right, we’ve got our own March Madness Bracket this year, and it's completely free to enter. 

Best of all it’s really quick to enter, you just need to click on this link which will take you to the pool and make your selections. 

There’s a $1000 prize pool for our March Madness Bracket! Don’t miss out! 

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NCAA Brackets: Yahoo’s $25k Tourney Pick Em 

The Yahoo Fantasy $25k Tourney Pick ‘Em will be one of the most popular brackets this year. 

Not only can you win some serious cash with Yahoo’s $25k Tourney Pick Em but you can win an MGM Resort vacation packed in Las Vegas. 

It’s also worth noting that Yahoo’s $25k Tourney Pick Em allows you to have 10 entries!

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