Best March Madness Brackets for 2023

Looking to win big on March Madness? Then find a list of the best March Madness Brackets below, which will allow you to win over $20 Million if you can predict the perfect bracket and over $200,000 for being the top points scorer!
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Best March Madness Brackets for 2023

March Madness wouldn't be the same without the March Madness Bracket Challenges, and we have two $10 Million bracket challenges to share for you, as well as some other huge bracket challenge prizes.

All the bracket challenges we have outlined below are free to play, and we are will rank them in terms of their respective prize pool!

There are of course a boatload of NCAA Brackets running for March Madness when you take into account those with entry fees and others that may not offer the biggest prizes.

In this article, we are ensuring that we focus solely on the top five March Madness brackets, based on both a free entry and the biggest prizes on offer.

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March Madness Brackets

No.1) BetMGM $10 Million Bracket Challenge 

There is no bigger March Madness bracket challenge than the BetMGM $10 Million Bracket Challenge, and whilst one other sportsbook does compete with it, there are a couple of reasons why BetMGM just edges their competitor.

Firstly, BetMGM is widely available in a number of states, so if you are in a state where sports betting has been legalized, chances are you can enter this BetMGM $10 Million Bracket Challenge.

Secondly, this free-to-play BetMGM $10 Million Bracket Challenge allows you to edit your bracket right up until tip-off. Some make you enter now and lock your picks in, but with BetMGM you can make changes right up until Thursday - great for you who like to tinker!

You do not even have to predict the perfect bracket to win money at BetMGM, you will cash $100,000 for being the leading points scorer in the bracket challenge.

There are no picks to be made in the First Four round of this tournament, so do not worry about making picks tonight, you have until Thursday.

To enter BetMGM $10 Million Bracket Challenge, you just need to register for free with BetMGM Sportsbook via the link below, this takes less than two minutes. 

Then you just need to make your NCAA Bracket entries for the 2023 March Madness competition.

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No.2) Bet365 $10 Million Bracket Challenge

Not to be outdone by their rivals, Bet365 have joined BetMGM by putting up a $10 Million prize for the perfect bracket scorer, and will also offer $100,000 to the leading points scorer, should no one predict the perfect bracket, which is likely...

The Bet365 $10 Million Bracket Challenge is only available to users in Colorado, New Jersey, Ohio, or Virginia, which is why this one is a close second behind BetMGM, but if you are in one of these four states this is the one to enter.

That is because the Bet365 $10 Million Bracket Challenge pays all the way down to 5,000th place, and those that finished, 2nd ($25,000), 3rd ($10,000), 4th ($5,000), or 5th ($1,000) also win in the thousands which is a nice bonus.

The Bet365 $10 Million Bracket Challenge does lock as soon as you make your entries, so be sure to make your final selections before pushing enter.

Sign up for the Bet365 $10 Million Bracket Challenge below.

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No.3) Free DraftKings March Madness $60k Bracket Battle 

We love DraftKings Sportsbook pools here at OddsChecker, and this $60k March Madness Bracket Challenge is no different.

You can enter this single-entry tournament just as soon as you sign up with DraftKings Sportsbook, and the winner will take home a HUGE $2,500 1st-place prize.

Better still the DraftKings Bracket challenge pays all the way down to those who finish in 5096th place, which is a huge bonus for those that perhaps do well, but cannot quite keep up with the leader at March Madness.

It will take less than two minutes to sign-up for DraftKings Sportsbook and in turn this March Madness bracket, just simply head to their pools section now, after clicking the link above or below, and look for the Free $60k Yuengling Bracket Challenge.

Now all that remains is for you to make your picks!

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No.4) OddsChecker’s March Madness Bracket Challenge

In the interest of avoiding bias, we have positioned our own bracket 4th on this list, but yes we do have our own March Madness Bracket Challenge, yes there is a HUGE prize pool, and yes, once again, it is free to enter.

It is incredibly easy to get involved with our NCAA Bracket Challenge, just simply click this link, which will take you directly to the pool, which after you have signed up, will be ready to enter.

With a $1000 prize pool up for grabs, you would be crazy to overlook our March Madness Bracket Pool here at OddsChecker!

There’s a $1000 prize pool for our March Madness Bracket! Don’t miss out! 

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No.5) ESPN March Madness Bracket Challenge

No list would be complete without the ESPN March Madness Bracket Challenge, which is free to play and offers a $100,000 prize pool.

It has its own unique way to pick out a winner, as unlike the sportsbooks that simply pay out on the top scorer, the points leader from each specific round gets a chance to win the grand prize.

So if you won Round 1, but then struggled later on, you will still claim a place in the final draw, which will determine the winner of the big prize.

Rewarding everyone that won a round with a chance to win the ultimate prize is a nice bonus from ESPN, who clearly sees it fit to reward anyone that can be best in class during at least one stage of the March Madness bracket.

So whether you come out the blocks fast, or get better as March Madness goes on, the chance to win big will be there for you!

The entrants who score the most points in each round get a ticket to enter the final draw. The winner is then picked at random from the final draw. 

Here is how a win in each round of the ESPN Bracket Challenge will be scored.

First Round: 10 points

Second Round: 20 points

Sweet 16: 40 points

Elite 8: 80 points

Final Four: 160 points

National Championship: 320 points

Latest March Madness Odds

You may be looking for inspiration for your 2023 March Madness brackets. If that is the case, then take a look at the favorites to win the tournament HERE on OddsChecker, in order to establish who has the best chance to win it all. Then you can work your way down the odds board, and pick out who you think can go far this year.


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