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Bet365 Bracket Challenge: Win $10 Million With the Perfect Bracket at March Madness

Think you know how March Madness 2023 will unfold? Then enter the $10 Million Bet365 Bracket Challenge for free now, and ensure you are winning big on the biggest event of the month!
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Bet365 Bracket Challenge: Win $10 Million With the Perfect Bracket at March Madness

Are you ready for March Madness? Do you have the perfect bracket standing by and are also ready to win big on your March Madness betting picks? Then do we have a treat for you!

With the $10 Million Bet365 Bracket Challenge, you will have a chance to win $10 Million for the perfect bracket and $100,000 if no one predicts the perfect bracket, but you were the entrant with the most correct predictions! That is double bubble, as you get multiple chances to win grand prizes!

This Bet365 Bracket Challenge is free to enter, so there are no worries about stumping up any cash, and even if you are signing up for Bet365 for the first time, you still do not have to deposit to enter this competition.

The bonus is, if you are signing up for a Bet365 account for the first time, you can bet $1, win $365 guaranteed on your favorite March Madness betting picks, as our link to the Bracket Challenge also includes the $365 guaranteed Bet365 promo code.

You have until tomorrow to enter the Bet365 Bracket Challenge, so sign-up now, and get those picks right away!

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How to Enter the $10 Million Bracket Challenge on Bet365

Any time you get a chance to win $10 Million your excitement levels are through the roof, and that is only accentuated when that opportunity comes by picking the perfect bracket in the Bet365 $10 Million bracket Challenge.

Click this link, or any other link in this article, to enter the $10 Million Bet365 Bracket Challenge now.

Then once you have done so, you just need to sign up for a Bet365 account if you haven't already. The good news is, when you do this by following our links, you will receive a bet $1, get $365 promotion, which means you can win more betting March Madness this month.

Just fill out those brackets now, cross everything that you have submitted the perfect bracket, and if you do, then $10 Million will be yours. This has happened as recently as 2019, so it is not impossible to predict the perfect bracket, just very hard!

Even if you don't submit the perfect bracket, you could still win as much as $100,000, for being the leading points scorer in the $10 Million Bet365 Bracket Challenge.

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Can You Win Big on March Madness Without the Perfect Bracket?

Yes, there are ways with the Bet365 $10 Million Bracket Challenge, where you can still win big bucks, without completing the perfect bracket.

If you were to indeed pick the perfect bracket, then of course you are taking home the grand prize, which is $10 Million! If no one picks the perfect bracket, which is highly likely, then there are however some other big prizes up or grabs.

Here is a full breakdown of the prizes available via the Bet365 Bracket Challenge.

First Position - $100,000

Second position - $25,000

Third position - $10,000

Fourth position - $5,000

Fifth position - $1,000

Further prizes are available up to 5,000th position.

How Many Points Do I Get For Each Correct Prediction?

If you are on your way to the perfect bracket, and the $10 Million prize, points don't necessarily mean too much, but once it is impossible for someone to predict the perfect bracket, it is then time to see who accumulated the most points.

That means you made the best bets on March Madness and your predictions came in more frequently than others in the competition.

See how these points are awarded below.

Round 1: You get ten points (10) per win 

Round 2: You get twenty points (20) per win 

Round of 16: You get forty points (40) per win 

Quarter-Finals: You get eighty points (80) per win 

Semi-Finals: You get one hundred and sixty points (160) per win

Final: You get three hundred and twenty points (320) per win

Bet365 Bracket Challenge Terms & Conditions

Below are a few things you need to know before entering the Bet365 Bracket Challenge: 

  • This Bet365 Bracket Challenge is available to new and existing Bet365 users
  • You must be in Colorado, New Jersey, Ohio, or Virginia 
  • Only one entry per user is allowed
  • Once submitted, you cannot edit your bracket

When Does the March Madness Bracket Lock on Bet365?

You must make your selections for your perfect March Madness bracket before tip-off tomorrow.

Get your perfect bracket picks in tonight, or with your morning coffee tomorrow, or miss out on the chance to win big on the Bet365 $10 Million Bracket Challenge.

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