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3 Super Bowl Bets to Avoid for Super Bowl LVI: Avoid These Traps for Rams vs. Bengals

Make sure you avoid these three bets for the Super Bowl. Handicapper Jason Radowitz breaks down the three bets you want to stay as far away from as you can for Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles.
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3 Super Bowl Bets to Avoid for Super Bowl LVI

Betting on the Super Bowl can get very overwhelming. Each sports betting platform has a ridiculous amount of options to bet on it and that is just straight-up overwhelming, especially to a beginning sports bettor. There's nothing wrong with having a little skin in the action. However, there are bets that aren't very profitable. For Super Bowl LVI, I've jotted down three super bowl bets to avoid for Super Bowl LVI between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams.

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Top 3 Super Bowl Bets to Avoid

Same-Game Parlays

There's a reason why every site adopted Same-Game Parlays on their platform. FanDuel was first and everyone followed because sportsbooks make a killing off Same-Game Parlays. This isn't just a Super Bowl thing. It's an everyday thing. There are ways to make a profitable same-game parlay, however, if you don't put together a positive expected value bet for your parlay, it's a parlay to avoid. For example, if you place a Same-Game parlay on the Rams to win at -195 and for Matthew Stafford to throw over 1.5 touchdowns at -150, your Same-Game Parlay odds would be +152. But if another site has the Rams at -180 and Stafford to throw over 1.5 touchdowns at -140, those same odds would be +166 on a different site. Unless you're extremely knowledgable and understand expected value while having multiple accounts opened up.

Random Prop Bets

I know it's fun to bet on the National Anthem length or the color of Gatorade, but nobody has a clue about what's actually going to happen there. You can look at data from previous years and you can look at data from the artist themselves, but the reality is, you have no edge. If you want to place a dollar on these bets and laugh about them with your friends, go for it. But outside that, I'd spend time worrying about what could happen in the game with numbers and analytics that back up your argument.

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Actual Bets to Avoid During Super Bowl

  • Joe Burrow Under 36.5 Completions @ -122 via FanDuel
  • Tee Higgins Under 5.5 Receptions @ -140 via FanDuel
  • Mathew Stafford Over 281.5 Passing Yards @ -114 via FanDuel

Joe Burrow under 36.5 completions is currently +100 on DraftKings and Caesars, so there would be no reason to take Burrow under 36.5 completions at -122. There's absolutely no value there. Plus, the Bengals continue to throw the ball, even when the running game is working. If the Bengals trail early in this game, as expected, Burrow will be dropping back a ton, and even an incomplete pass, while he gets rocked to the ground, will count as an attempt.

That brings me up to my next bet to avoid. Tee Higgins is currently -140 on FanDuel to go under 5.5 receptions. He's about -115 or -120 on every other site. If Burrow is going to attempt 37 passes, Higgins will likely get a whole bunch of targets to get over on his receptions total.

Lastly, Stafford is -114 to go Over 281.5 Passing Yards on FanDuel. Why grab Over 181.5 at -114 when you can get Over 279.5 on other sites at -112? If the Rams get out to an early lead, they might start running the ball a little bit. Stafford has had trouble protecting the ball and continues to throw interceptions or near-interceptions. The Bengals locked down defensively in the second half against the Chiefs but if the Bengals do lock down, that could keep the game tight and force Stafford to throw a little more!


Jason grew up an avid sports fan. His passion for sports writing grew in high school and he developed a blog that was strictly for New York Sports. From his work, you will quickly realize that he loves looking at games from an analytical and numbers perspective and hopes to provide you with that same perspective in his articles.


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