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Super Bowl 2022: Over 7 Billion Dollars is Expected to be Wagered on Super Bowl LVI

For Super Bowl 2022, over seven billion dollars is expected to be wagered. Handicapper Jason Radowitz breaks down why betting on the Super Bowl is so popular and what the sportsbooks are hoping to see come Sunday.
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Super Bowl 2022: Over 7 Billion Dollars is Expected to be Wagered on Super Bowl LVI

The Super Bowl is like a holiday. The streets will be empty and parking lots will be full. Almost nobody will be missing the big game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams. With sports betting legalized in more and more states this year, the betting handle continues to increase. Now the expectation is that the handle reaches at least $7.6 billion dollars.

Sports betting is becoming extremely popular around the world but there's no bigger event than the Super Bowl. People want to brag about their winnings the following day or just have fun betting on the game with their friends and family. Everyone's bankroll has been increased for Super Bowl Sunday. I guess this is where I ask everyone to please bet responsibly! Click Here for the best Super Bowl LVI promos available

Super Bowl 2022 Betting: $7.6 Million Expected to be Wagered

Bengals +4.566%56%
Rams -4.534%44%

Usually, the Super Bowl consists of a highly popular player that everyone wants to put their money on. A guy like Tom Brady, for example. Instead, we've got two quarterbacks that have never been to the Super Bowl before and two head coaches that have never won the Super Bowl before. This is ultimately an exciting time for sportsbooks. As of right now, throughout social media, it seems pretty evenly split when it comes to betting handles. We won't be able to know fully until Sunday where most of the money is, but for now, sportsbooks are enjoying a Super Bowl without big names like Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, for example. Both teams have solid storylines. You can look at the storyline for Rams, talking about how Matthew Stafford won his first Super Bowl. Or you can talk about how Sean McVay is very deserving of a Super Bowl award at such a young age. The storylines would also include players like Aaron Donald, Von Miller, Jalen Ramsey, Odell Beckham, and Cooper Kupp as well. There's a lot there. Even Cam Akers' return would be a cool story. Meanwhile, the Bengals are young and dumb. I mean it in a good way. The story of Joe Burrow winning a National Championship, Heisman Award, and a Super Bowl within three years would be absolutely absurd. With 30 legal states, more than 100 million Americans can place a legal sportsbook. Last year, only 20 states were legal. Even sites where some bettors are limited are allowing more handle for the big game.

Click here for the best Super Bowl prop sheet for your Super Bowl Party DraftKings told Forbes that 65 percent of the money is coming in on the Bengals but that 85 percent of the action will come more towards Saturday and Sunday. More money should be wagered on the Rams when the time comes. Sports betting on the Super Bowl grows every year and each site is experiencing that. All of these sites are adding as many props as possible because bettors love variety. By the time the game is about to start, there will be a bible of props available on all of these legal sites. Essentially, sportsbooks want a quiet game. The public is usually rooting on overs and long plays. A quiet, low-scoring game, with nothing going on, is what a sportsbook will dream of. Either way, the growth of sports betting during the Super Bowl continues to grow. And you just love to see it.


Jason grew up an avid sports fan. His passion for sports writing grew in high school and he developed a blog that was strictly for New York Sports. From his work, you will quickly realize that he loves looking at games from an analytical and numbers perspective and hopes to provide you with that same perspective in his articles.


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