Ranking the Five Best 2023 Super Bowl Commercials: From Doritos to T-Mobile

What were the five best commercials of Super Bowl 57? OddsChecker takes a look, including Doritos, Pringles, and more. Here's the list.
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Ranking the Five Best 2023 Super Bowl Commercials: From Doritos to T-Mobile

Super Bowl commercials aren't what they used to be. But there were still some good ones in this year's Super Bowl. I've listed the five best Super Bowl commercials this year. Which ones would you add to the top five? Do you agree with any of the commercials below?

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Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials

5. Jack Harlow's Doritos Commerical

Jack Harlow is one of the more established artists as of late. In this commercial, he turned down a collaboration with Missy Elliott. Elton John beat him for the award for the best triangle player. The Doritos chip is a triangle, so they used the best triangle player as the theme.

4. Everyone Gets Hands Stuck In Pringles Can

Pringles had a 30-second spot showing different people with their hands stuck inside the can. All the different kinds of people were using the cans for their jobs, making it one of the funnier ones.

3. Binky Dad with Kia

Parents forgot the binky for their baby. The 60-second slot shows the father driving a 2023 Tellluride X-Pro who went viral after using the car to retrieve the Binky. They even used the Rocky theme music in this ad, which made it even better.

2. Melissa McCarthy with Booking.com

Booking.com hasn't made a ton of Super Bowl ads. But this one was good. Melissa McCarthy is an Emmy award-winning comedy star. In the ad, she went to luxe locations, including a Malibu beach house and resort. They've been launching a marketing effort on social media and wanted to get the attention of many during the Super Bowl. It worked!

1. T-Mobile's Grease

T-Mobile had the best commercial with its Grease spoof. T-Mobile is trying to get more interest in its 5G internet, and they'll have many talking about this commercial, including John Travolta.

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