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NHL Draft Odds: Bookmakers NHL Mock Draft Picks

We've compiled a mock draft based on the sportsbooks odds
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Today sees the beginning of the NHL Draft, we've come up with a mock draft based on where the sportsbooks expect to players to be drafted.

The draft takes place over Tuesday and Wednesday, beginning at 7pm ET today. You can watch that live on NBCSN.

Be sure to check the latest NHL odds on OddsChecker after the draft and see how each team's new stars have impacted their odds of winning next season's Stanley Cup.

NHL Draft Pick 1: New York Rangers: Alexis Lafrenière

It feels like we've known about this pick forever. If you're the Rangers you just go out and grab the best guy here.

NHL Draft Picks Odds: Alexis Lafrenière 1st pick: -1000 (Click to place bets)

NHL Draft Pick 2: Los Angeles Kings: Tim Stützle

Stutzle is quick a quick and dynamic forward who'd slot in well here, there are a lot of reports of the Kings taking him at 2. Surely there is no smoke without fire?

NHL Draft Picks Odds: Tim Stützle 2nd pick: -125 (Click to place bets)

NHL Draft Pick 3: Ottawa Senators: Quinton Byfield

Byfield is a giant and at 6"4 he'll offer the Senators a physical and dominant player for years to come.

NHL Draft Picks Odds: Quinton Byfield 3rd pick: -125 (Click to place bets)

NHL Draft Pick 4: Detroit Red Wings: Cole Perfetti

Here the Red Wings can lock in Cole Perfetti, a quality forward who managed 111 points in last season's OHL competition.

NHL Draft Picks Odds: Cole Perfetti 4th pick: -125 (Click to place bets)

NHL Draft Pick 5: Ottawa Senators: Jake Sanderson

Sanderson is one of the best defensemen in this draft and he'd be a great pickup to put alongside Quinton Byfield.

NHL Draft Picks Odds: Jake Sanderson 5th pick: +350 (Click to place bets)

NHL Draft Pick 6: Anaheim Ducks: Jamie Dyrsdale

Another of the league's best defensemen, if Dyrsdale falls to 6 then the Ducks should select him and strengthen that area of their team.

NHL Draft Picks Odds: Jamie Dyrsdale Under pick 6.5: -182 (Click to place bets)

NHL Draft Pick 7: New Jersey Devils: Lucas Raymond

Raymond offers huge potential and the Devils could grab a talent who'd be a key part of their offensive gameplan going forward.

NHL Draft Picks Odds: Lucas Raymond Under pick 7.5: -167 (Click to place bets)

NHL Draft Pick 8: Buffalo Sabres: Marco Rossi

Rossi managed to score 120 points in the OHL last season, which resulted in him leading the league. This could be a selection that looks like huge value at 8, over the coming years.

NHL Draft Picks Odds: Marco Rossi Over pick 7.5: -155 (Click to place bets)

NHL Draft Pick 9: Minnesota Wild: Alexander Holtz

Holtz knows how to shoot and would give the Wild a goal-scoring threat immediately.

NHL Draft Picks Odds: Alexander Holtz Under pick 9.5: -115 (Click to place bets)

NHL Draft Pick 10: Winnipeg Jets: Yaroslav Askarov

We all know how rare it is to see a goalie being selected in the first round but Askarov isn't any goalkeeper, he's smashing it in the KHL and could be a huge addition for anybody who takes him.

NHL Draft Picks Odds: Yaroslav Askarov Under pick 10.5: -115 (Click to place bets)

NHL Draft Pick 11: Nashville Predators: Anton Lundell

Could the Predators take a center here? It makes a lot of sense to select the 6"1 star here.

NHL Draft Picks Odds: Anton Lundell Under pick 11.5: -167 (Click to place bets)

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NHL Draft Pick 12: Florida Panthers: Jack Quinn

52 goals in 62 games in the OHL last season shows just what Quinn could offer the Panthers.

NHL Draft Picks Odds: Jack Quinn Over pick 11.5: -115 (Click to place bets)

NHL Draft Pick 13: Carolina Hurricanes: Seth Jarvis

Jarvis is a two-way forward who would be a smart addition for a 'Canes team in need.

NHL Draft Picks Odds: Seth Jarvis Over pick 12.5: -125 (Click to place bets)

NHL Draft Pick 14: Edmonton Oilers: Rodion Amirov

Rodion Amirov is a real darkhorse in this draft, with some experts thinking he could be a top 10 talent. He's been playing well in the KHL and it does make you question whether passing on Amirov could be a Luka Doncic moment for some teams.

NHL Draft Picks Odds: Rodion Amirov Under pick 16.5: -112 (Click to place bets)

NHL Draft Pick 15: Toronto Maple Leafs: Hendrix Lapierre

With a clean medical history there is no doubt Lapierre would go higher but it's a gamble for anybody given his issues, in particular concussions. Another roll of the dice that could pay off bigtime if it goes well.

NHL Draft Picks Odds: Hendrix Lapierre Under pick 18.5: -116 (Click to place bets)

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