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Donald Trump's Odds To Win 2024 Election

Donald Trump so far is one of the leading candidates for the Republican Party in the 2024 US Election. But what are his odds exactly and is anyone on his heels? Take a closer look at Donald Trump's odds to win the 2024 Election.
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Donald Trump's Odds To Win 2024 Election

Candidate Odds Implied Probability (%) 
Donald Trump +128 43.86 
Joe Biden +200 33.33 
Michelle Obama +1300 7.14 
Nikki Haley +2400 4.00 
Gavin Newsom +2500 3.85 
Robert Kennedy Jr. +3700 2.63 
Kamala Harris +6900 1.43 
Elizabeth Warren +17900 0.56 
Corey Booker +20000 0.50 
Dave Portnoy +20000 0.50

With the 2024 presidential election looming on the horizon, speculation regarding potential candidates and their likelihood of securing victory is rampant. Among the contenders, Donald Trump stands out as a polarizing figure with a significant base of support.  

His odds, currently standing at +128, reflect a sense of resilience and anticipation among his followers. Despite facing criticism and controversies during his previous tenure as president, Trump remains a dominant force within the Republican Party, commanding unwavering loyalty from many of his supporters. This relatively favorable odds position suggests that Trump is viewed by some as a formidable candidate capable of mounting a strong campaign for a return to the White House. 

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Donald Trump Election Odds History

  • Monday 5th February: -125, Implied Probability: 55.56% 
  • Monday 29th January: -120, Implied Probability: 54.64% 
  • Monday 22nd January: -110, Implied Probability: 52.36% 
  • Monday 15th January: +110, Implied Probability: 47.62% 
  • Monday 8th January: +125, Implied Probability: 44.44% 
  • Monday 1st January: +138, Implied Probability: 42.02% 
  • Monday 25th December: +125, Implied Probability: 44.44% 
  • Monday 18th December: +138, Implied Probability: 42.02% 
  • Monday 11th December: +125, Implied Probability: 44.44% 
  • Monday 4th December: +146, Implied Probability: 40.65% 
  • Monday 27th November: +138, Implied Probability: 42.02% 

Donald Trump’s Republican Candidate Odds

Candidate Odds Implied % Chance 
Donald Trump -833 89.3% 
Nikki Haley +1850 5.1% 
Ron DeSantis +10000 1.0% 
Vivek Ramaswamy +28900 0.3% 
Tucker Carlson +34900 0.3% 
Mike Pence +53900 0.2%

Donald Trump maintains a commanding lead in the Republican candidate odds for the 2024 election, with odds at -833, implying an overwhelming 89.3% chance of securing the nomination. Following far behind are Nikki Haley at +1850, indicating a 5.1% chance, and Ron DeSantis at +10000, with just a 1.0% chance. The odds steeply decrease for Vivek Ramaswamy and Tucker Carlson, both at +28900 and +34900, respectively, suggesting only a marginal 0.3% chance for each. Mike Pence lags further behind at +53900, indicating a mere 0.2% likelihood.  


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