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Is Michelle Obama Running For President?

While Michelle Obama is third in the odds market, is she running for President? Read on to see what Michelle Obama's Presidential odds are.
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Is Michelle Obama Running For President?

Just last month during an interview with Jay Shetty, Michelle Obama expressed her fears surrounding the 2024 Election race, and with Donald Trump pretty much guaranteed to be the Republican Candidate, we assume her fears are continuing the grow.  

With Donald Trump’s chances of winning the 2024 Election increasing each day according to the latest odds market, the rumors surrounding Michelle Obama’s presidential run grow.

Michelle Obama is the third favorite in the 2024 Election odds market behind Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Based on Michelle Obama’s odds to win the election, which stand at +900, there’s a good chance that she does run for president.  

2024 Election Odds

Candidate Odds Implied % Chance 
Donald Trump -110 52% 
Joe Biden +240 29% 
Michelle Obama +900 10% 
Gavin Newsom +1600 6%

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Michelle Obama’s not confirmed if she will run in the 2024 election, but she’s second favorite in the Democratic Candidate odds market behind Joe Biden.  

Michelle Obama’s odds are +400 to be the Democratic candidate, which implies a 20% chance.  

2024 Democratic Candidate Odds 

Candidate Odds Implied % Chance 
Donald Trump -250 71% 
Joe Biden +400 20% 
Gavin Newsom +900 10% 
Kamala Harris +1200 8%

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Michelle Obama 2024 For President  

It’s not only the online sportsbooks which think Michelle Obama will make a run to win the 2024 Election.  

Online sports bettors have been quick to back Michelle Obama to challenge Donald Trump come November.  

In the past 30-days, 37% of bets in the Democratic Candidate odds market have been on Michelle Obama winning. Joe Biden has only accounted for 25% in the same time period.  

2024 Democratic Candidate Betting (Last 30 Days)  

Candidate Percentage Of Bets 
Michelle Obama 35.3% 
Joe Biden 24.6% 
Gavin Newsom 13.0% 
Kamala Harris 5.8% 
Dean Phillips 4.8% 
Hillary Clinton 3.0% 
Gretchen Whitmer 2.7% 
Pete Buttigieg 2.1% 
Robert Kennedy Jr. 1.4% 
Tulsi Gabbard 1.1% 
Elizabeth Warren 0.8% 
Bill Gates 0.5% 
Meghan Markle 0.5% 
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 0.3% 
Tammy Duckworth 0.2% 
Amy Klobuchar 0.1% 
Beto O'Rourke 0.1% 
Cory Booker 0.1%

Online sports bettors have also been quick to bet Michelle Obama to win the election in November. Michelle Obama has been the thirs most bet on candidate to win the 2024 Election.  

2024 Election Betting (Last 30 Days) 

Candidate Percentage of Total 
Donald Trump 56.9% 
Joe Biden 22.7% 
Michelle Obama 9.4% 
Robert Kennedy Jr. 4.0% 
Nikki Haley 3.4% 
Gavin Newsom 3.1% 
Kamala Harris 2.1% 
Gretchen Whitmer 1.1% 
Kanye West 0.6% 
Ron DeSantis 0.4% 
Vivek Ramaswamy 0.4% 
Elizabeth Warren 0.3% 
Dean Phillips 0.3% 
Dwayne Johnson 0.2% 
Hillary Clinton 0.2% 
Liz Cheney 0.2% 
Ivanka Trump 0.2% 
Joe Manchin 0.2% 
Bernie Sanders 0.2% 
Meghan Markle 0.2% 
Donald Trump Jr 0.2%

Will Michelle Obama run for President?  

Based on the odds and betting patterns seen in both the 2024 Election odds market, and Democratic candidate market, we think there’s a good chance Michelle Obama will run for presidency.


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