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2024 Presidential Debate Odds: Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden Win The First Presidential Debate?

The first US Presidential Debate is tonight. Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden win the first Presidential Debate? Jason Radowitz breaks down the 2024 Presidential Debate odds.
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2024 Presidential Debate Odds: Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden Win The First Presidential Debate?

President Joe Biden will face off against former President Donald Trump in the first debate of 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia.

They'll share their top election priorities with the public, hoping each will be elected to another term as president.

That said, you can bet on some of the outcomes in the debate. Look at some of the odds available ahead of tonight's debate between Biden and Trump.

Trump vs. Biden First Debate Odds

Who's 1st Answer During Debate Will Be Longer?

Presidential CandidateOdds
Joe Biden-130
Donald Trump-110

Joe Biden has a higher probability of having a longer answer. This is strictly because it takes him longer to process and speak than Trump.

However, Trump could be an interesting selection here because it's highly probable that he will interrupt Biden while he's speaking.

Debate Winner as per polls

Presidential CandidateOdds
Joe Biden+125
Donald Trump-165

Donald Trump's personality typically wins debates. Remember, this bet will go to the polls for the winner.

Therefore, be careful with this bet. You might think your candidate won, but the polls could be different. There's no definitive winner. It's based on the polls, which is practically opinion-based.

First To Mispronounce Politician's Name

Presidential CandidateOdds
Joe Biden-200
Donald Trump+150

In this market, Joe Biden is the favorite at -200 to be the first person to mispronounce a politician's name.

Even if Joe Biden is as good as he was during the State of the Union Address, he'll still likely make a mistake with his words.

Presidential CandidateOdds
Joe Biden+250
Donald Trump-400

While Trump will certainly have more people talking about him on X tonight, what if Joe Biden makes a major blunder?

Then Biden would trend more than Trump. It's something to think about in this market. At +250, taking the actual president of the United States to trend more might be the way to go.

Total Mentions - Putin

Over or UnderOdds
Over 6.5 Mentions-120
Under 6.5 Mentions-120

Ultimately, Vladimir Putin wants Trump to win this election. If a moderator asks a question that includes Putin, it'll go over. If not, it'll likely go Under.

Take your coin-flip pick.

Candidate or Moderator to say "Taylor Swift"

Yes or NoOdds

Taylor Swift is an iconic singer, but she has nothing to do with this debate. If the odds were way higher than +200, then it'd be fun to take a chance. But not at +200.


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