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Power Ranking Each of the 32 NFL Head Coaches

As we all know, an NFL head coach can make a world of difference for a team. A great coach knows how to get the best out of their squad. That being said, Kade Kimble ranks each of the 32 head coaches in the NFL.
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Power Ranking Each of the 32 NFL Head Coaches

As we all know, an NFL head coach can make a world of difference for a team. A great coach knows how to get the best out of their squad. That being said, let’s rank each of the 32 head coaches in the NFL.

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32. Lovie Smith (Houston Texans)

The Texans are in no way shape or form a good spot for a head coach to land, especially for a head coach who’s been around for a while. The best thing for the Texans would be to find a young coach with the patience to take the long road to build a program.

31. Matt Eferblus (Chicago Bears)

Defense is Eferblus’ strong suit, but will he be able to keep up with the modern NFL offense? That question remains unanswered, as his resume doesn’t support any argument, so this next season should be full of answers.

30. Dan Campbell (Detroit Lions)

In his first year with the Lions, Campbell led his squad to just three total wins. The team was able to have a solid offseason, so they should be able to rack up a few more wins this season. It’ll be a telling season for Campbell. 

29. Arthur Smith (Atlanta Falcons)

This season feels like a second first season for Smith after losing Matt Ryan. He’s going to have to spend the season proving to us he can build a culture and a winning program until he gets to jump the rankings. 

28. Matt Rhule (Carolina Panthers)

The QB position has been lackluster for the Panthers while Rhule has been the HC, but with Baker Mayfield now under center, Rhule may finally be able to pick up the pace with the Panthers. So far, his tenure hasn’t been impressive, though.

27. Dennis Allen (New Orleans Saints)

Winning wasn’t Allen’s thing as a head coach in his first attempt, but he’s spent time under Sean Payton, who may have taught Allen enough to make this head coaching stint better than the last one. 

26. Robert Saleh (New York Jets)

Saleh feels like the head coach on the list that will be able to make a push to the middle of the pack the quickest. Zach Wilson seems ready to lead this team, they had a good offseason and have given Saleh a young squad to try to win with. 

25. Josh McDaniels (Las Vegas Raiders)

His Broncos days are in his past and McDaniels should be ready to rewrite his not-so-long head coaching history. He remains a question mark as to whether or not he can run the offense consistently. 

24. Nathaniel Hackett (Denver Broncos)

How will Hackett follow up his tenure with Green Bay? It’ll be fun to see how much being under LaFleur and Aaron Rodgers helped Hackett as a coach, and how he’ll utilize Russell Wilson. Hackett has the keys to being competitive on his squad, now let’s see if he’s up for it.

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23. Kevin O’Connell (Minnesota Vikings)

Another new head coach! And another young head coach, well, the second youngest in the league. The youngest? O’Connell’s mentor in LA, McVay. He has the tools to come in and compete immediately, and we’ll be able to analyze what kind of coach he is. 

22. Mike McDaniel (Miami Dolphins)

McDaniel is similar to Daboll as a first-year head coach, but with less experience. He was solid as an assistant under Kyle Shanahan, which makes me believe he’ll be a solid schemer.

21. Brian Daboll (New York Giants)

Daboll helped pave the way for the Bills’ offense and utilized Josh Allen in the best possible way. If the Giants can provide Daboll with a good QB, we can suspect he’ll be a solid head coach.

20. Todd Bowles (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

In his first head coaching tenure, Bowles was far from impressive, but he was coaching the Jets. Now, with more than enough talent, we will get a chance to see Bowles’ true potential as a coach. 

19. Ron Rivera (Washington Commanders)

Since his Super Bowl run in 2015, Rivera hasn’t had many strong showings or incredible seasons. He’s had a very solid career, but the last six or seven years haven’t been as solid as his start, so he’s naturally slipped down the rankings.

18. Mike McCarthy (Dallas Cowboys)

McCarthy has a history of winning games and even a Super Bowl, but again, this ranking is for now, and he’s got to prove he can win with the Cowboys, who have plenty of talent. After a disappointing end to last season, McCarthy will have to prove that he can still make noise in the postseason.

17. Nick Sirianni (Eagles)

After a weird spot for the Eagles post-Pederson, the Eagles were able to find an identity with Sirianni. Jalen Hurts was used in a way to maximize his strong points and talent, which led to a playoff appearance. I’m excited to see what’s next for Sirianni and the Eagles.

16. Brandon Staley (Chargers)

Justin Herbert is a very good QB and Staley helps bring the best out of Herbert. He should be able to get Herbert and the new-look Chargers to the playoffs with the new talent they’ve brought in.

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15. Zac Taylor (Bengals)

Taylor is the coach that’s near the middle of the pack with the potential to climb the ranks very quickly. If he can continue to find postseason success with the core of Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase, and company, he should have no issue flipping his resume to a top 10 coach.

14. Kevin Stefanski (Browns) 

Stefanski was able to make the playoffs with Baker Mayfield, which was impressive. It’s going to be interesting to watch Stefanski deal with Watson and see if he has a similar decline as Baker had, or if it was because of the injuries.

13. Kliff Kingsbury (Cardinals)

At exactly .500 in his Cardinals tenure, Kingsbury will have Kyler Murray locked in as QB over the next few years to improve his win percentage. So far, Kingsbury’s teams have been unable to remain strong through the entirety of a season.

12. Frank Reich (Colts)

Reich has shown great resilience despite being dealt with inconsistency at the QB position in his time with the Colts. He’s had very solid teams and has had plenty of potential playoff teams. It seems like he’s due for a playoff appearance very soon. 

11. Doug Pederson (Jaguars)

Pederson is a Super Bowl-winning HC who will have the opportunity to develop former no. 1 overall pick, Trevor Lawrence. He’s been proving to win and he knows how to spice up an offense. 

10. Mike Vrabel (Titans)

He’s proving to make improvements as a HC year after year, and it seems as if it’s only a matter of time until Vrabel and his run-heavy offense make some loud noise in the postseason by bullying teams. 

9. Pete Carrol (Seahawks)

Carrol had 10 straight years of winning seasons before last season's losing season, which eventually led to the team starting a rebuild. Now Carrol will have a chance to prove his winning ways with a new, rebuilding squad. 

8. Kyle Shanahan (49ers)

Throughout Shanahan’s career, we’ve seen Shanahan make two NFC Championships, whereas he won one of them. He’s shown playoff success and losing seasons both. He’s made the run game his staple and look easy. He’s now taking on the challenge of having a new QB under center in Trey Lance. 

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7. Matt LaFleur (Packers)

LaFleur has won 13 games in each of his three seasons with the Packers (and as a HC!), and he’s done so with Aaron Rodgers. In his short time, LaFleur has won consistently, but like most coaches on this list, we need to see playoff wins come from these great seasons. 

6. Sean McDermott (Bills)

McDermott, just now going into his sixth season, has the potential of continuing to rise on this list. In his years in Buffalo, we’ve seen the franchise turn around to a now-contending team, who owns the Super Bowl odds for next season. There are some shaky decisions here and there, but McDermott takes a consistently aggressive approach to the game. 

5. Mike Tomlin (Steelers)

In 15 seasons with the Steelers, Tomlin has never had a losing record. That’s the main stat people see surrounding Tomlin’s resume, but there’s more to it. Tomlin has maintained success for 15 years as a head coach, all with the same QB. This next year will test Tomlin and his position on this leaderboard as the squad will have a new-look squad to lead to a winning record.

4. John Harbaugh (Ravens)

Winning isn’t the only solid look for Harbaugh and his resume. Harbaugh has had teams with very, very different styles. Run happy, pass-happy, and stifling defense – he’s led them all while maintaining a winning culture. 

3. Bill Belichick (Patriots)

Not much needs to be said for Belichick. All-time, Bellichick is most definitely the top pick, but it’s based on now. Belichick has proved he doesn’t exactly need Tom Brady, as the Patriots found their way to the playoffs with Mac Jones. He’s still near the top of the list, and still a great coach, but Reid’s emergence and McVay’s quick success hold the top of the leaderboard for now. 

2. Sean McVay (Rams)

Winning a Super Bowl as a head coach says a lot about a coach, and it’s a very, very solid accomplishment. He turned Matthew Stafford and company into a Super Bowl-winning squad. He’s still a very young coach at 36 years old. He’s a great players coach with much improvement ahead of him as he’s had only six years of experience as a head coach. 

1. Andy Reid (Chiefs)

Reid proves with the Chiefs year after year why he remains the top head coach. His flashy play calling has been a staple as a head coach. It appears that he’s finally taken the top spot as a head coach from Bill Belichick. Reid knows how to maximize his talent, and that’s been proven with almost any team he’s been dealt.

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Kade has spent his last 3 years writing about the Oklahoma City Thunder. He has also been following the NBA for the past 11 years. Just recently, Kade began co-hosting the Boomtown Hoops Podcast.


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