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2020 US Presidential Election Odds: Bettors Have Confidence in Donald Trump

71% of bettors this week think Donald Trump will win the 2020 US Election
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2020 US Election Odds

Donald Trumps 2020 US Election odds haven’t shifted at all this week, however, his popularity in the betting market has significantly increased. We reported at the start of the week, Donald Trump accounted for just under 59% of bets over the previous seven days in the 2020 US Election betting market.

That percentage has increased over the last forty-eight hours, the current President has accounted for just over 71% of bets in the US Election market in that time period.

US Election Odds & Betting

CandidateOdds (UK Format)Odds (US Format)Implied Percentage ChancePercentage of bets on candidate
Joe Biden8/13-16261.9%25.3%
Donald Trump7/4+17536.4%71.1%

Donald Trump appeared to have a pretty tight grip on the 2020 US Election Popular Vote betting market at the start of the year, but his odds have since inflated. At the end of March, Donald Trump could be backed at +163 to win the popular vote, which implied there was a 38% chance of this happening.

However, he’s now a massive +500 in the same market, which implies his chances of winning the 2020 US Election Popular Vote has slipped to 16.7%.

Online bookmakers are predicting Trump get a 40-45% share of the popular vote, they currently have this bracket priced up at +150, which implied a 40% chance. Interestingly, under 40% is currently +450 (18.2% chance).

The Democrats are now -700 (87.5% chance) to win the popular vote.

US Election Odds: Bad News For Kanye West

Kanye West’s #2020Vision looks pretty much over! Realistically the music mogul never really had a chance of mounting a serious challenge, but the bookmakers did have him at +4000 at one point. Kanye West’s odds have grown rapidly since, West can now be backed at +25000 in the US Election betting market. This move has put him behind Mike Pence, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton in the market.

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2020 US Election Betting Specials

Unfortunately betting on the 2020 US Election isn’t legal in the US yet, and isn’t likely to be before November. However, bookmakers all over the world are taking bets on Donald Trump v Joe Biden, with the majority of the money being placed at UK bookmakers.

UK bookmakers are known for offering novelty betting markets, and there’s a few interesting ones that have caught our eye regarding Donald Trump (be warned these are less serious than the above markets):

According to online bookmakers, there’s 33.3% chance that Donald Trump will open Area 51 to the public during his first term in office. Yep, you read that right, the bookmakers have priced this at +200. Which makes this more likely than the Brooklyn Nets defeating Orlando Magic….

A less likely special but an intriguing one nonetheless, there’s a 1.2% chance that Donald Trump will deport Madonna. Tricky to see this happening, but to put it into perspective, that’s the same price as Cam Newton winning the regular season MVP.

Online bettors can back Donald Trump to withdraw the US from the UN at +700, which means there’s a 12.5% chance of this happening.

This one would cause outrage in the Whitehouse, Donald Trump is +250 to be banned by Twitter before Election Day. These odds imply a 28.6% chance.


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