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Week 5 of the NFL season kicks off when the Broncos host the Colts. With both teams missing star running backs handicapper John Hyslop is looking for the passing game to take off. See his massive Broncos vs. Colts same-game parlay breakdown here.

Thursday Night Football Denver Broncos vs. Indianapolis Colts: Smash This +1090 Same-Game Parlay

Broncos vs. Colts Odds

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It's Thursday night and that means NFL Football. You kids have no idea how good you have it. Back in the day (before 2006), there was no NFL Football to bet on Thursday nights. None. You had to wait all the way from Monday to Sunday. What's even crazier is the Monday night games started at 9:00 pm ET. So some of the weaker, east coast people didn't even get to fully enjoy that. They were strictly Sunday to Sunday people. And even crazier, there wasn't even Sunday Night Football before 1987 so those same people pretty much only got seven hours of NFL Football per week. That sucked. I don't know where I'm going with this, but I think it's obvious that we need to be thankful that the NFL has invaded Thursdays on a regular basis. To show how thankful we are, I've decided to bet a Thursday Night YOLO parlay. Feels right.

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Broncos vs. Colts Same-Game YOLO Parlay (+1090) - (Bet $100 to Win $1090)

*Odds Available at FanDuel*

Russell Wilson 275+ Passing Yards

Matt Ryan 275+ Passing Yards

Before you say "Russell Wilson isn't going to throw for 275+" or "Matt Ryan won't throw for 275+", zip it. Everyone with a brain knows it's not likely. That's probably why the books will pay us +1090 if they do. It's how sports betting works. The thing is, this is definitely not out of the realm of possibilities. Not by a long shot. It's definitely worth a +1090 move. I'll even tell you why.

First off, Russell Wilson would have covered his 250+ last week if Mike Boone could catch. That last 4th down play where he dropped a sure-thing 30-yarder is what nightmares are made of. It's not totally Boone's fault though. He can't help the fact that he was born with bricks for hands. This week, I bet Wilson knows better than to throw to him. The only issue is the Colts have some major players missing from their defense which could help the run game. Luckily for us, their banger, Javonte Williams (get well soon), isn't around after tearing his ACL last week. Melvin Gordon makes holding on to a football look hard so maybe the Broncos attempt to throw a little. Short stuff that turns into long stuff because of YAC. It could happen.

On the Matt Ryan side of things, the haters are going to be the first to tell us that only four teams have allowed fewer passing yards to quarterbacks than the Denver Broncos. What they won't tell you is the quarterbacks they've seen are Geno Smith, Jimmy Garoppolo, Davis Mills, and Derek Carr. Big deal. Carr would have gone for way more against them but yard hog, Josh Jacobs, decided to make it all about him and run for 144 yards. Not Carr's fault. This week Jonathan Taylor is out so maybe the plan is to use the short pass as the run game. Matt Ryan has gone 350+ twice this season. If the Colts start getting their asses kicked, they will be forced to throw the ball in garbage time. This isn't that crazy.

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John has spent the past 20+ years betting sports on a daily basis and is considered by many to be a walking sports betting encyclopedia. From obscure player props to sides and totals, if there is an angle, John will find it. His work has appeared on Rotogrinders and he has been a regular on sports talk radio stations across the country. Based in the US, John operates a blog & podcast, Sports Bets Beers, which covers betting angles in the NFL, NBA, MLB, & NHL.


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