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Super Bowl LVI is just a couple of short hours away. Expert handicapper JT Miller is here with some last-minute bets you should be racing to place.

Super Bowl 2022 Preview and Best Bets: All-In on Joe Burrow 

I am pretty torn on this one y’all and can genuinely go both ways on my argument. I have been holding a +1000 Rams Super Bowl future since September. The talent on that squad from top to bottom is absolutely extraordinary. 

The guys in the trenches are monsters and there are a handful of truly elite skill players on both side of the ball. I am not going to sit here and talk about Aaron Donald, Cooper Kupp and Co. because there is no need for me to; you all know exactly what I know regarding how amazing this team is. The narrative for them this season was set a long time ago in my opinion.

They must win.

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They have put together one of the most talented teams we have seen in the last decade, if not longer, and they gave an arm and a leg for it. The Rams have no first-round draft picks until 2024 and spent a ridiculous amount of money to put those guys on the field. They have a phenomenal coach in Sean McVay and are now making their second trip to the Super Bowl during his tenure.

Lose again here and all the boy wonder, mad scientist talk regarding Sean McVay goes out the window. I love the man as a coach and think he is truly one of the best, but he’s been given everything he needs to get the job done.

Stafford was the cherry on top for him.

I haven’t dug too deep on this so don’t quote me on it, but I am pretty sure McVay never was a fan of what Jared Goff was doing. Yes, they played nice for the media, but it is rather common knowledge that the relationship deteriorated every week and by the time things were closing on Goff’s career in LA, McVay was just dogging him on the sideline.

McVay loves what he has in Stafford and for good reason, the guy is a baller. He deserves to win this game today after having the hell beat out of him while still playing pretty excellent football through 12 seasons with the Lions. He finally got out of Detroit and has an opportunity to really put a highlight on a great career to this point and silence the many doubters.

There is blood in the water and the Rams intend to be the sharks today.

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The Bengals, on the other hand, have been my dark horse since wildcard weekend and I have road them all the way to this point. I love the culture they are building in Cincinnati, and you can expect them to be back in this game soon regardless of today’s outcome.

Some believe this is just a Cinderella story and they are not supposed to be here. 

The Bengals don’t care.

I knew if they could sneak past the Raiders (genuinely believed game one would be the most challenging) they could get hot and they did. 

They have embraced the role as the underdog and are playing with no pressure in this one, just like two weeks ago when they walked into Kansas City and beat them on their home turf; that environment is a lot harder to play in than this one will be tonight. The environment does not matter me too much in this one though; the Bengals have shown us it does not affect them.

The team obviously has its weak points and they are young, however, they are incredibly talented and the most important player on the field is their best player, Joe Shiesty. 

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I don’t hype guys up like this often so know I mean it when I say this, Joe Burrow is that guy. He is a cold-blooded killer with the mentality of Brady and talent of Rodgers; I truly believe that and do not say it loosely. The turnaround this organization has made in the last three years is remarkable; it is also impossible without Joe Burrow as the signal-caller. 

That man stepped into Cincy and has led that team all the way here, they play off him. He makes every player on that team better and they have been dogs this season. If he is cool, they are cool, and how can you ever be cooler than Joe Burrow let’s be honest here. All jokes aside, he is young, but I do not think the moment will be too big for him, he has never lost his composure before, and I expect nothing less from him and the Bengals today. 

The Rams need to win, yes, I understand and agree with the narrative, but you cannot disagree with this one; the Bengals don’t care.

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Super Bowl 2022 Best Bet 

Cincinnati +11.5/Over 41 teaser -130 (Bet $130 to Win $100)

It is the Super Bowl, and anything can happen, so today I am riding with my gut and going with the play I see covering the most outcomes possible. It is very hard to beat a team in the playoffs by more than 10 points, we have seen it all year, especially the Super Bowl. Both offenses are spectacular, and I see points in this one, it is hard not to with so many playmakers to cover on both squads. As long as the Rams defensive line does not absolutely maul Burrow, I see no reason why they would not keep this one close if not win outright. 

With that said, I have one bonus play here and it is one of my favorite props of the day. It plays along perfectly with the teaser.

Super Bowl 2022 Best Prop Bet

Burrow Over 10.5 rush yards -115 (Bet $115 to Win $100)

I love Joe Burrow o10.5 rushing yards here in this one and think he will have plenty of opportunities to cash it. The Bengals do not want him running and spending a lot of time outside of the pocket, but if he sees a level of pressure anything like what most people are assuming is coming, he will not have a choice. 

He’s been in big spots before and we’ve seen him take off when he needs to in virtually all those games. Obviously, I am referring to some college games here as well for a larger sample size. I am not comparing the competition or stage by any means but the thing that matters does not change; Joe Burrow is a bad man and he is going to do absolutely everything in his power today to win this game.

He rushed for 25 yards on 5 carries last week. None of them by design, of course, but they all came at very important moments in the game, most notably 7- and 11-yard scrambles to keep a drive alive in the fourth. 

If we do not cash this one on a scramble early, I am almost certain we grab it late if the Bengals are trying to claw their way back into the game and need to keep critical drives alive. 

That’s what I got for y’all today. As always, best of luck to those who tail.

Let's rip!

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