Huddersfield v Wolves - Saturday 15:00

There’s been no shortage of acclaim for David Wagner and his German revolution at Huddersfield but it would be wise for punters to keep a lid on their estimation of where the Terriers stand in the overall scheme of the Championship promotion race. Gegenpressing is all well and good, but is it sustainable over a 46-game season?

On the evidence to date, it seems hard enough to sustain over 90 minutes with Town’s stranglehold on matches repeatedly tailing off after the break. And yet, bizarrely, when the well appeared to be dry in each of their four matches and they had little else to give, they’ve conjured up an important late goals. In a parallel universe, they are third from bottom.

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You could argue those late interventions are delayed reward for all that early dominance - deferred fatigue, if you like - but you could also argue it’s a quirk of randomness that will come back to bite them in the fullness of time. Either way, I’m intrigued enough to chance the 27/10 available on Wolves to win the second half.

Every now and then, a team who’s philosophy revolves around intensive pressing has their pants pulled down in the latter stages of a match. They dominate, take the lead, then they hit a brick wall. Walter Zenga has already demonstrated a capacity to inspire his troops against the odds. Have a nibble on the Huddersfield/Wolves half time/full time bet at 40/1.

Wolves to win the second half - 1pt @ 27/10
Huddersfield/Wolves half time/full time - 1pt @ 40/1