I was completely blown away by Jay’s Jive at the weekend – make no mistake that is a really difficult routine, yet he took everyone’s breath away and fully deserved the high scores he was awarded.

It’s clear that Jay has danced before. He hid his light under a bushel a bit in the first week but he is really starting to shine now and it’s no surprise that he has overtaken Peter Andre at the top of the betting. There is still a long way to go though, and at least three girls that have bags of potential, so I wouldn’t be in a rush to back Jay at 11/10.

There is a real chance that Peter Andre isn’t as good as everyone first thought. I thought his Pirate-themed Paso Doble was his worst dance of the show so far – it was like he was stomping around the dance floor. It was a routine packed with content but it was almost like he was trying too hard and I think he needs to take a step back and nail something a bit easier.

I was super-impressed with Kellie Bright’s Star Wars-themed Charleston - she produced the second best dance of the night for me. The Charleston needs to have some comedy in it and she nailed it. She got four ‘8’s’ but I thought she deserved a ‘9’.

The Viennese Waltz is a hard dance that is normally kept back for weeks six or seven, so Anita did extremely well to pull that off so early in the competition. I rate her highly.

I’m not sure what was going on between Len and Giovanni Pernice, the dance partner of Georgia May Foote. Len wasn’t happy but he can be like that sometimes – I thought it was a brilliant story-telling dance and maybe the judges think she’s too good?

I thought the standard of judging on Saturday was atrocious! Carol’s Quickstep was more of a ‘slowstep’ and she did well to even get 17 to be honest.

It was also ridiculous that Craig gave Ainsley a ‘3’. I was a bit surprised that Ainsley was voted into the bottom two because he was clearly not as bad as Carol and Daniel, yet they appear to have a bigger following. I enjoy watching Ainsley though, he always looks like he’s enjoying himself.

Katie was the most disappointing dance of the night. She was lucky not to be in the bottom two but she’s much better than that.

The two worst dancers at this stage are Daniel O’Donnell and Carol Kirkwood but they both have big followings, so it’s a tricky one for punters looking for a bet in the next elimination market.

Jeremy seems to be safe for now, so I’m going to take a bit of a flyer on Jamelia going next at best odds 11/2. She doesn’t seem to have the same rapport with the public that some of the others do which surprises me a bit, but that could see her in the bottom two again and she’ll be in trouble if she’s up against anyone other than Daniel or Carol.

Next Elimination - Jamelia - 1pt @ 11/2