We are down to the final seven in this year's X Factor. At the business end of the competition, the show tends to jettison the novelty or fun acts in a bid to maintain its credibility. That reasoning informs the value pick in the next elimination market.

Reggie n Bollie have survived longer than many, including myself, assumed. This is thanks to the big, fun productions they've been given, notably in week 2. They likely polled very well that time, and were backed into single-digit prices on the outright as a result.

There was a sense of producers putting on the brakes last weekend, which has given punters a reality check in the win market. Instead of One Direction, the Ghanaian duo sang the more Marmite song 'Who Let The Dogs Out', and Simon Cowell was at pains to point out it hadn't been as good as the week before.

It seems likely that the process of dampening their appeal will continue next weekend. That shouldn't be hard given their weak vocals and reliance on a big stage show. It's open to question if that's enough to get them to the bottom of the vote if it's a double elimination. But it's this week's best value at 11/2 with Betway in the next elimination market.

Leading that market is Mason Noise at 11/10. He was the first act to receive a sympathy bounce from singoff survival the previous week, being called safe last weekend. Usually the sympathy bounce only lasts a week. But Mason managed it despite being sent on first in the running order, and he's the only heart-throb left in the competition. That's why he's worth opposing at short odds to be eliminated next.

Anton Stephans was the surprise package in last weekend's singoff instead, surviving a duel against Monica Michael. He's 5/2 second favourite to be eliminated next. It's possible that producers will help him with a sympathy bounce this weekend, as a way of forcing Reggie n Bollie into danger, and allowing his mentor Simon Cowell to keep an act in the competition.

With some of the favourites not really catching fire last week, producers might have to do their best again to keep them out of the trouble. It was at this coming point in 2012 that outright hot favourite Ella Henderson was eliminated after a singoff against another fancied contestant, James Arthur. Producers might want to avoid such a situation with favoured acts Louisa Johnson, Che Chesterman and Fourth Impact.

In the outright, the main market mover has been Lauren Murray, now into joint-second favourite at 3/1 with Che, behind 5/4 chance Louisa. It was a surprise to see Lauren given so much help last weekend. It seems producers are keeping her as back-up in case their Plan A, Louisa, falls short in the public vote. Her treatment this coming week will be crucial in telling us the lie of the land between these two.
Reggie n Bollie next to be eliminated - 1pt @ 11/2