We waved goodbye to Anita Rani last weekend but once again the judges chose to save the inferior dancer in Katie Derham. Anita’s dance earned her 8pt more than Katie’s, yet the judges chose to save their ‘golden couple’.

They won’t be crowned winners though – that now looks certain to be Jay, with Georgia a close second. Kellie and Katie probably need to produce the dance of their lives to trouble to the big two and one of that pair will surely be leaving first up.

Katie started off last week’s show with a Charleston which immediately meant she was under pressure because there have been some terrific Charleston’s throughout this series. It started slowly and never really picked up, lacking any sort of drive or energy. Katie made several mistakes, which I expected as she didn’t have the comfort of being held by Anton for large parts of the dance. I feel a bit sorry for Katie because she probably knows she's not the best dancer left in the competition but the judges got her score about right all in all and she deserved some of the criticism she got.

After such a poor start, Katie needed a faultless performance in her waltz, one of the easiest dances to pull off. However, she got off to a shocking start and was off-balance straight away and never really recovered. Anton did his best to cover up her mistakes but there was no hiding the fact that she was so often on the wrong foot. Once again there was some honesty from the judges and her total score of 56pt was poor for a dancer at this stage of the competition.

Jay is the only male dancer left in the competition and he’s been a short price favourite to be crowned champion for some time now. He’s obviously a certainty to be in the final and the betting suggests he’s a good thing to win the whole competition.

Jay produced a perfect spin at the beginning of his Viennese Waltz and it was a very elegant performance overall. It’s hard to pick faults with Jay but surely we’d all like to see him smile a bit more? Len noticed the feckle, his favourite step, but still criticized the performance. Overall he was probably happy with 34pt but he would have been expecting to score higher with his second dance which was a Charleston. I wasn’t blown away by it but thought it deserved the 37pt it was awarded by the judges.

For me, Georgia is the best all-round dancer in the competition but last week the public didn't vote for her and she ended up in the bottom two. She has some unreal hip movement at times and her arms are always very sharp. Her Cha Cha Cha had loads of energy and fun throughout and although it contained the odd mistake, it was still a top class dance. I reckon she was on at least par with Jay but the judges didn’t agree and she picked up just 33pt. Her preferred routines are the ballroom over Latin and it showed in her second dance – it was a beautiful performance. I’ll be amazed if she’s not in the final, where she really should give Jay a run for his money.

Kellie drew the short straw with a rumba as the judges often mark that dance lower than the others. For me, it was very stiff, she didn't really extend her arms as she should have and she also struggled with her hip movement. She was over scored to the tune of around 4pt in my book.

Kellie cranked it up a gear with her second performance though, a sensational American Smooth which she got absolutely spot on. It had everything a smooth is supposed to have and I thought it was close to being the best dance of the night. She topped the leaderboard and although the betting suggests she’s got her work cut out with Jay and Georgia, she’s a dangerous outsider who could easily spoil the party if she makes the final.


Katie Derham next elimination - 1pt @ 1.8