Friday night’s ‘killer nominations’ twist was carefully and cleverly designed to keep Jeremy and Stephanie safe for at least another week, as their romance/showmance has been generating much of the drama on the show. As a result of the twist; Tiffany, John, Daniella and Kristina face Tuesday night’s eviction.

US reality star Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard (25/1) has been a surprising highlight of the series thus far. The self-proclaimed H.B.I.C. (Head Bitch In Charge) has somehow managed to find a good balance between being both likeable and entertaining. She has received a lot of airtime, including last night’s highly amusing secret mission, which should see her very safe tonight, and she may well top the vote.

Someone more familiar to the audience is former EastEnders actor John Partridge. Like Tiffany, he too has featured very prominently and has made a huge impact in the first two weeks. He made a very good start, and topped the first two official Big Brother app polls. Since then, he has antagonised himself and the producers have successfully turned him into a villain. However, John last night showed his more vulnerable side, and it’s very likely the public will save him. Not even odds of 16/1 appeal for only male housemate contesting this eviction.

Daniella Westbrook hasn’t been as fortunate in the airtime department as both Tiffany and her former EastEnders colleague, John. When she appears, she usually makes a good impression, but we have seen relatively little of her. She has been somewhat overshadowed by the younger housemates and louder characters, and the biggest events in the house haven’t seemed to have featured her. What was particularly noticeable is that she was absent from last night’s episode. However, as a mother and someone keen to get her career back on track, Daniella (6/1) may still have some appeal to the voting audience.

The favourite to be evicted tonight is Kristina Rihanoff, at a current best price of 1/4. This is largely because, out of the four nominated housemates, she has been the most invisible in the edit. Similarly to Daniella, the Russian dancer just hasn’t got involved when it has mattered. However, I believe there is a fair argument that she *could* potentially survive. Kristina’s Strictly fan base came out for her just eleven days ago, where she topped the vote against weaker competition in Nancy and Winston. Interestingly, a ballroom dancing task choreographed and judged by Kristina herself is to air during tonight’s eviction show. Is this simply the producers getting the last of their money’s worth from her, or is it conveniently-timed airtime designed to save her?

We usually get at least one shock eviction per series on CBB, but we haven’t had one yet. Could tonight be the first? Kristina is perhaps a worthy favourite, but I believe hers and Daniella’s odds should be much closer together. For the above reasons, I think it’s well worth a value bet on Daniella to be evicted at 7/1.

Daniella Westbrook to be evicted - 1pt @ 7/1