Six of the nine remaining housemates face tonight’s eviction, after failing to win immunity. These are; Tiffany, Scotty T, John, Christopher, Danniella and Jeremy.

Outright favourite Tiffany Pollard is no stranger to the public vote, and should be the safest tonight at 66/1. Fans of MTV’s Geordie Shore will also keep Scotty T (66/1) very safe. John Partridge has slipped a little, but was in the Top 3 of a seven-way vote just four days ago, and therefore should be in no danger at 16/1. Producers will get some very useful voting data tonight, with three of the top four in the betting competing against each other. We’re getting closer to the final now, and so top of the vote may not be revealed to the audience.

Christopher Maloney is known to viewers for being a controversial contestant on The X Factor. He hasn’t had much of a storyline, so is understandably one of the favourites to be evicted at 5/2]. However, his public image was pretty terrible before his time on this show, and when we have seen him, he’s made quite a positive impression. In other words, he’s changed public perception and has displayed his sympathetic qualities. Despite this, it’s still difficult to imagine too many people picking up the phone to vote. Christopher is undoubtedly one of the nicest people in the house, and he polled extremely well on The X Factor. A small North-West regional vote could also make a difference.

It’s been a poor few days for Danniella Westbrook (5/4). She has slipped in the outright and now is one of the outsiders. This is largely because she didn’t make the Top 3 in Friday’s vote. Danniella has been seen buddying up with Gemma, including breaking out through the fire exits twice in two days. This did not go down well with viewers on social media. She has also said now that she wants to leave, as she’s missing her children, which never does much good for a contestant’s public vote. Last night’s edit felt like it was designed to ditch Danniella, as she barely featured at all. But as the only mother in the house, her appeal shouldn’t be underestimated, and she could well survive again.

Phone lines for this eviction are open for less than twenty four hours, which may be good news for Jeremy McConnell. He was featured a lot in last night’s highlights show, and noticeably more than usual. It was a largely positive edit for Jeremy, which definitely felt like an attempt to save him. Standing up to Stephanie and larking about in the pool with Scotty T could also win him some votes. But as we know he was in the Bottom Four last Friday, and the Bottom Three the Friday beforehand, he is certainly in danger of going. As a relative unknown, I am banking that it could well be third time unlucky for Jezza at 2/1.

With three housemates in the frame for eviction, the wise play, similar to what paid off on Friday with Megan, is to back two to go. It could be close, so I’m therefore advising backing Jeremy to be evicted, with a saver on Danniella.
Jeremy McConnell to be evicted - 1pt @ 2/1
Danniella Westbrook to be evicted - 1pt @ 5/4