We are now only nine days away from the Celebrity Big Brother final, so it’s time to take another look at the outright and similar markets. Only eight housemates remain, but realistically, only four are in with any chance whatsoever of winning the title.

Scotty T’s outright price hasn’t moved much throughout the series. He is still trading at around 9/4 despite not contributing much to the show. The view here is, it is still very much worth taking him on in various markets. Scotty still doesn’t have much of a storyline, although he has been deemed as "Toxic" by house guest Gillian McKeith and so gets to spend time in the secret room. With three males roughly even on the often-reliable Telly Mix poll, where Scotty is the third most popular male, he also looks far too short in the Top Male market at odds-on.

The housemate who has undoubtedly been on the biggest journey, much bigger than the one she made from Hollywood to Borehamwood, is Tiffany Pollard. She has been somewhat of a revelation throughout this series with her thoroughly entertaining antics. Punters have backed her into favouritism over the last few days. She had a rocky start on the show, displaying some of the aggressive and negative characteristics she had on US reality shows ‘Flavor of Love’ and ‘I Love New York’. But, as mentioned here last week, she started to turn things around with the comedy of errors relating to David Gest’s non-existent death. Since then, she has entertained by getting involved with the tasks, flirting with various males, and her brutally honest, perceptive diary room rants. The huge amount of laughs and entertainment she provides have meant she has built up an enormous fanbase, despite being previously unknown in the UK.

Tiffany has been steadily climbing in the Telly Mix poll, where she is at 37% at the time of writing, up from 27% last week and 23% the week before. This represents enormous momentum, and her lead is so vast that it is quite possibly insurmountable.

By comparison, Darren (13%), John (12%) and Scotty T (11%) are seriously lagging. The last two celebrities with this kind of lead in the poll were Gary Busey and Jim Davidson, who were both extremely clear cut winners. With the split vote highly probable between the three males, Tiffany looks to be by far the most likely winner, and it’s well worth topping up on her in the outright at 6/4. Demographics (an American woman has never won CBB, neither has a black contestant) don’t look to be hindering her either, and, if anything, give more reason for producers to continue to push her for the win. Luckily for Tiffany, there is also no pesky "UK vs USA" theme to hold her back, either.

One way of covering win bets on Tiffany could be to have an interest in the Top Male market. The contestant with momentum here at the moment looks to be second favourite Darren Day. He was amusingly dubbed "The British George Clooney" on last night’s show and is the male most likely to be found most attractive by the middle-aged female voting demographic. As someone who has successfully changed public perception and is a good fit for the voters, it is worth an investment in Darren to be Top Male at 6/4.

Hopefully this time next week we will have some place and straight forecast markets to look over.

Tiffany Pollard to win - 3pts @ 6/4
Darren Day to be Top Male - 2pts @ 6/4