The penultimate eviction of the series is taking place tonight, but this time there are only three facing the boot from the Borehamwood bungalow. Tiffany, Stephanie and Jeremy are all up for what seems like the umpteenth time.

I’d like to say that I think Tiffany Pollard is topping the vote tonight. She certainly should be, given her massive online following, in addition to the fact she was in the Top 3 last Friday night. However, last night’s highlights show was relatively poor for her, and perhaps her worst show in a couple of weeks. This is because she was shown going OTT and kicking off at being up for eviction. She has drifted in the outright a little, but still remains the favourite. This shouldn’t be too detrimental to her chances in the long run, however, as her support online seems very solid and she is topping absolutely every eviction poll that can be found. Odds of 18/1 don’t particularly appeal for a shock Tiffany eviction.

It seems a long time ago now that Stephanie Davis (6/4) was Top 3 in an eviction vote, despite being just two Fridays ago. The vast majority of her time in the house has been concerned with her relationship with Jeremy, and the fact that she’s been cheating on her now infamous boyfriend Sam Reece. Along with Gemma Collins, Stephanie is probably the most divisive person in the house, which can well be a positive in a vote-to-save scenario. What I have learnt in recent series of CBB, is that viewers are suckers for a showmance, no matter how dramatic, awkward and complicated it may be. Therefore Stephanie and Jeremy have both turned into love-to-hate figures, which is quite possibly what has kept them both safe for the past few evictions.

Having said that, it looks extremely likely that we will see them separated tonight, as the market thinks one of them will almost certainly go. Is it likely to be Stephanie, rather than Jeremy? I’m not sure it is. Over the past week especially, we have seen Stephanie become very vulnerable indeed, which has led to viewers feeling sorry for her. This sympathy is likely to make Stephanie poll higher than Jeremy. Let’s not forget that she already has form in beating him in at least one eviction vote.

Jeremy McConnell has probably been very lucky to survive the last couple of evictions. Emma Willis revealed that there was less than 4% between the Bottom Three on Tuesday and less than 1% between the Bottom Three this time last week. It would come as a shock to me if Jezza wasn’t in the mix for eviction on both of those occasions. His only saving grace this time could be the fact that Stephanie is still quite hated, but it would actually require viewers to vote tactically to save Jeremy. The problem with this theory is, plenty of people who dislike Stephanie will likely be voting to save Tiff. The voting is too expensive this series to encourage people to vote for more than one housemate.

As Stephanie also edges out Jeremy in the often reliable Telly Mix poll, he has to be tonight’s eviction bet, despite fairly short odds of 8/13. With only three housemates up, I may well go bigger on this eviction than I usually would. But it’s all about value, and if Stephanie drifts out far enough then I would consider backing her.
Jeremy McConnell to be evicted - 3pts @ 8/13