The longest ever series of CBB reaches its conclusion this Friday, but there’s the small matter of the final eviction to get out of the way first. Stephanie, Danniella and Gemma are the unlucky three to be facing the chop tonight.

Stephanie Davis is no stranger to the public vote, as she has survived eviction now on three occasions. In two of those evictions, we know that she polled in second place on the Friday night just gone and in the Top 2 the first time she was nominated. She has been through an awful lot in the house, and has given the viewers every type of emotion you could possibly imagine. Stephanie has had some momentum in the outright, crashing to as low as single figures in some places. This is because people feel sorry for her now that Jeremy has departed, and quite a few have warmed to her childlike persona. She should easily be the safest tonight, and even though she’s divisive, it would come as a shock if she were to be evicted at 12/1.

Another housemate who has survived several times has been Danniella Westbrook (4/6). However, she has definitely taken some steps backwards over the last week or so, and now looks like a huge outsider for the title. Many people have not been impressed with her bitchy comments and how she’s been associating herself too much with Gemma. What was particularly damaging was her comment to Stephanie about how she’d "Never work again", which she mentioned on more than one occasion. Do people still care enough about Danniella to save her from eviction one last time? Of the three nominated housemates, she has most certainly been the least entertaining, and entertainment value has been key to surviving evictions in this series.

It may well come down to how much the voters want rid of Gemma Collins. The first week saw her challenging for favouritism in the outright, but she has kept slipping ever since. Viewers have expressed their frustration on how much the producers seem to have favoured her throughout, with "The GC" dominating much of the airtime on both the main show and Bit On The Side. She is arguably the most hated housemate of those remaining, but has not been without her humourous moments. Her birthday party on last night’s highlights show gave her a lot of airtime but this just seemed to annoy people on social media.

The infamous Telly Mix eviction poll has Danniella surprisingly around 10% ahead of Gemma, and its apparent accuracy so far in this series can’t be dismissed. Gemma probably deserves a spot in the final more than Danniella does, but it shouldn’t be underestimated how despised she now seems to be. It could therefore be worth a small value bet on Gemma to be evicted tonight at 7/4, and it would be great TV to see her get her comeuppance just before the final.
To be evicted - Gemma Collins - 1pt @ 7/4