The blind auditions have finished on the BBC's final season of The Voice. We've just seen the first of the two battle rounds, building up to the April 9 final. Only the quarter finals onwards are live, so the outright is the only market around right now.

Deservedly heading that market at 7/2 is former Liberty X member Kevin Simm. The good-looking, 35-year-old, father-of-two presses all the right buttons with the voting audience, and recognition from his previous pop career should be an extra advantage. All the judges turned for his rendition of Sia's 'Chandelier' in the episode 4 pimp slot, the biggest talking point of the series so far.

His biggest rival in the market is 17-year-old Cody Frost, who wowed with her leftfield rendition of 'Lay All Your Love On Me' in the opening episode pimp slot. With her punk styling, and way of changing songs up, she's not as audience-friendly as Simm. But although the BBC audience tend to favour something a little more mainstream, she's got the talent and distinctiveness to go far.

We will be seeing Cody this weekend, where she's paired against nervous 16-year-old Heather Cameron-Hayes in a Boy George team battle. She should win that one comfortably, though don't forget eight battle losers will be kept in as a "steal" by another judge, bringing 48 down to 32 by the end of these two rounds. We have to wait till next week to get our next sighting of Simm.

It's 7/1 bar the two, and the next three in the betting will all be battling it out this Saturday. That includes X Factor bootcamp victim Lydia Lucy, who should beat Irene Alano Rhodes; the likably plump teen Harry Fisher, who should beat Charley B; and 21-year-old Jolan who should similarly get past Efe Udugba.

Of those three, Jolan makes most early appeal. The 21-year-old showed a strong soul voice for his rendition of Terence Trent D'Arby's 'Wishing Well' in the sixth episode pimp slot. After that performance, Boy George said, "I think you could win this."

The telegenic young lad, who has recently had to cope with the death of his mother, took the compliments with grace before choosing Team Ricky. In the longer term, he could offer a more heartwarming profile than Simm.

But it's still early days. Finding an interesting underdog in a field of 48 isn't easy. It may be worth keeping an eye on the Faheem vs Aaron Hill battle this Saturday to see if either shape up as an interesting outsider.
Jolan - 1pt @ 7/1