The first Big Brother eviction of the year is almost upon us. James Cosmo, Austin Armacost, Heidi and Spencer, Stacy Francis, Angie Best and Ray J were all nominated to face the chop by their fellow housemates. Unfortunately, Ray J was removed from the house after a health problem, which is a shame, but I think he was likely to be on his way out anyway. Five nominees remain, which still makes for an exciting eviction showdown.

Game of Thrones actor James Cosmo (9/1) has been one of the quietest in the house in the first eight days. However, he is quite possibly the only ‘real celebrity’ on the show, and a very nice chap. A quick glance on social media will demonstrate his huge popularity, and I think he is likely to be in the Top 2 of the vote tomorrow night, if revealed by Emma Willis. James C is likely to benefit from significant Scottish regional support also, which should easily be enough to give this legend of Film and TV a decent enough vote.

Another candidate for the Top 2 tomorrow night has to be Austin Armacost (14/1). The American model has made a huge impact on the show, especially during the last few days. Granted, this has not all been for the right reasons. His desperate, antagonistic and attention seeking behaviour has given him a lot of airtime. Austin is clearly not in a good place mentally, and he has shown us different sides of his personality already. Despite no longer having a bromance with James Hill to boost him, Austin’s tears and alleged bullying from James Jordan should make him receive plenty of sympathy votes to keep him safe. He is both divisive and entertaining, both of which are positives in a vote-to-save.

In contrast to Austin, Heidi and Spencer (22/1) won’t be receiving votes for sympathetic reasons. Surprisingly, they have flown under the radar in the last week or so. When they are shown though, they are very entertaining, and my Speidi senses are telling me they built up enough fans from their previous CBB appearance to survive. If Austin’s antics have been too off-putting to viewers and/or James C has been too invisible to pull in the votes, it’s quite possible they could make the Top 2 tomorrow night. They are playing the long game, and when the numbers are whittled down is when we should see their true entertainment potential.

One of the least famous contestants to enter the house was X Factor USA star Stacy Francis (2/1). However, she has received plenty of airtime right from the start. Viewers seem to be warming to her, which is partly due to her being ostracised by the rest of the house. Potential sympathy votes should never be underestimated on this show, and many people will be feeling sorry enough to send theirs to Stacy. The clips from Wednesday’s Bit On The Side show hint at Thursday’s crucial highlights show being all about Stacy, and she seems to be building enough momentum at the right time in order to survive the first vote. It’s not totally certain she survives, as some people will find her annoying, but if she does, this diva could be set for a long run on the show.

One doesn’t have to be posh to be privileged, but Calum Best’s mother Angie (8/11) happens to be both. After a promising start, she has had a condescending and bossy attitude towards the rest of the housemates. It may be January, but her obsession with putting everyone on an extreme health kick has been irritating to watch. Spats with both Coleen and Stacy have also seen her lose support. Furthermore, she referred to the CBB audience as “not very intelligent” on the live feed.

With Stacy gaining momentum at the right time, and with strong enough reasons for people to vote for the other three, Angie Best looks like a solid bet to go tomorrow night, even with two shows until the eviction. Demographically, she is a poor fit for the voting audience, and the initial novelty factor of Calum having his mother in the house has worn off. It also looks worth a speculative bet for Stacy to end up being the Top Woman (not including Heidi) in the series.

Next Eviction - Angie Best - 2pts @ 8/11
Top Woman - Stacy Francis - 1pt @ 4/1