A series of unconventional evictions have taken place on the show since Angie’s departure on Friday night. Very shortly afterwards, housemates picked Austin to leave, whom they dubbed the ‘most boring’. No-hoper Jasmine was booted out without a public vote on Monday night’s show, whilst dancer James J was victim of a flash vote eviction on Tuesday. Frustratingly for punters, the identities of the nominees were kept secret until the very last minute. Not only that, but the producers also threw us a curveball by chucking in three new female housemates on Friday night.


Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry (12/1) spooked the market at first, but has made nothing other than a dreadful impression to date. A clip of her flashing at John/Edward and rubbing against him is yet to air on the main show, and her price has drifted significantly since the release of this damaging moment. Jessica Cunningham (16/1) was very entertaining on The Apprentice, but has made little impact in the CBB house. How Clean Is Your House’s Kim Woodburn (33/1) is perhaps more well known, and made it to an impressive second place on I’m A Celebrity. However, none of the three look like potential finalists at this stage.

The huge mover in the outright market this week has been 68-year-old James Cosmo (2/1). The Scottish actor has been receiving an increasing amount of airtime on the show, which seems to have correlated with his rapid growth in popularity. No matter where you look online, you can spot many signs of his huge support. Despite the dramatic format changes since Big Brother moved channels, older men are still very capable of winning this show. Paddy Doherty, Julian Clary, Jim Davidson and Gary Busey have all won in the Channel 5 era alone. In this series, James C is coming across as by far the most good-natured and respectable housemate. He has barely put a foot wrong on the show, and very likely won the first two eviction votes. It is therefore highly probable that he will make the final, which is roughly only thirteen days away.

Jedward (7/1), Calum Best (5/1) and Heidi and Spencer (10/1) all look likely to join him there, and it is extremely difficult to imagine anyone else other than those four winning. In the Gary Busey and Jim Davidson series in particular, those two older male celebrities looked almost unstoppable at this stage in proceedings, and only went shorter as the final approached. In a very dramatic and argumentative house, it’s quite possible that voters will be attracted to James C as a beacon of light, and the ‘nicest’ housemate, in amongst all of the unpleasantness and hostility. With his solid regional vote and strong appeal amongst middle-aged women in particular, it is worth backing Lord Commander Mormont to win, even at the comparatively short price of 2/1.

James Cosmo to win - 2pts @ 2/1