After two ‘flash vote’ evictions, our prayers have been answered and normal service has finally resumed, at least for the time being. We also have a bumper line up of nominees to contest the sixth eviction. Coleen Nolan, Heidi and Spencer, Kim Woodburn, Jedward, Jessica Cunningham, Nicola McLean, Jamie O’Hara and Stacy Francis are all nominated this time around.

Let’s start with the heavyweights. Coleen Nolan (25/1) backers were in the mood for dancing on Friday night, as she managed top the eviction flash vote. The former CBB runner up will no doubt be safe again tonight.

Heidi and Spencer (25/1) were kicked into gear by James C, when he cast his vote to make them eternally nominated. We had previously seen a different, nicer side of them until that moment, but Spencer has now been wound up to the extreme. This is the Speidi that fans know and love, and it would come as a surprise if they were in danger tonight. The eternal nomination is a blessing in disguise that will keep their supporters voting to save them each and every time.

How Clean Is Your House’s Kim Woodburn (12/1) has calmed down since last week, but her fiery side is still very much there, as we have seen in arguments with both Stacy and Nicola. She seems to be handling herself a little more calmly now, and could well be receiving sympathy votes tonight after Nicola wrongly attacked her for having no children.

Facing their third public vote tonight are Jedward (14/1). The Republic of Ireland are unable to vote for them, unfortunately, but they are still a blast of positivity in a largely argumentative and confrontational house. The former Eurovision and X Factor contestants aren’t everyone's cup of tea, but their fanbase should easily be strong enough to not make it third time unlucky for Jedward.

The Apprentice is one of the BBC’s biggest shows, and Jessica Cunningham (7/1) was one of the most popular contestants on her series. She has gone largely under the radar since arriving ten days into the series. We haven’t seen much of her, but the Helen Wood lookalike is one of the more likeable characters contesting this eviction. We perhaps haven’t seen her full potential yet, which should give her fans enough motivation to save her.

With Nicola ‘Mean’ McLean (4/1), we have now arrived firmly in the danger zone. She has featured very heavily in the last few edits, doing her best Regina George impression as she has ferociously attacked Kim in particular. Her remark to Kim about having no children was a particularly low blow, as it turns out she lost a baby when she was in her twenties. It’s possible Nicola is evicted tonight, but her vast amount of airtime, in addition how she comes across as quite ‘real’, could just enough to keep this drama queen safe.

Footballer Jamie O’Hara (5/2) is also facing eviction for the first time. He started off quite well in the house, being a sort of cheeky chappie. Unfortunately, his behaviour and comments towards some of the women in the house have been deemed sleazy by the public. His relatively short odds of 5/2 represent how close he could come to leaving tonight, but his romance/showmance with Bianca will possibly see him sneak through.

Finally, Stacy Francis (11/10) has also gone backwards in recent days. The American singer is now greatly annoying the public with her constant arguing. Her shrieking voice and high volume levels have become too much for many. Out of the eight nominees, Stacy arguably has the least potential for future storylines on the show. The producers have probably realised this, which is why she has only been shown in a negative light in the last couple of days. She survived last time, but in this line up, she will undoubtedly split the vote with the other strong (and British) females.

As there are eight up for eviction, this just about makes it value to back Stacy to get the boot tonight from the house tonight at around evens.

To be evicted - Stacy Francis - 1pt @ 11/10