The Celebrity Big Brother Final takes place this Friday, and phone lines are now open for viewers to vote for their winner. All remaining housemates are therefore facing the tenth eviction, with the one in last place getting the boot tonight.

We have now had six outright favourites throughout this series, with Jedward currently occupying first place. They have had a fantastic week on the show, benefitting from allegedly being bullied by several of the housemates. They will be safe tonight, as will Game of Thrones actor James Cosmo, whose legendary reputation and Scottish regional vote will get him through.

Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan is also likely to be safe. She was top of the eviction vote ten days ago, in addition to being a good fit for the voting audience. Kim Woodburn has disappointed in the vote relative to her performance in various online polls, but she is still a compelling character and momentum seems to be swinging her way once again.

The eviction therefore seems to be a three way battle between Nicola McLean, Bianca Gascoigne and Calum Best. The question is, which one provides the least motivation to be saved?

Former glamour model Nicola McLean has been portrayed as an epic villain throughout this series. Dubbed ‘The Blair Witch’ by Jedward, Nicola has dominated the most recent highlights shows and has managed to survive several eviction votes. Despite her threatening nature, she has been entertaining and ‘real’ enough to be deserving of a place in the final six.

Bianca Gascoigne’s time on the show has been largely defined by her new relationship with Jamie O’Hara. He has now been evicted, so punters now have to question whether or not she will still pull in the votes without him. Bianca was a shock in the Top 2 on Friday night, and so clearly has people willing to vote for her, and odds-on for her to go next is undoubtedly too short. It is likely that she is somewhat aspirational to modern young girls who dream of becoming famous for no particular reason. This is in addition to her non-threatening character and undeniable beauty, which could also make her a role model for young women.

The value pick for this eviction has to be Calum Best. Anyone who was following the show at the start of the series may be shocked by this, but he has very much gone backwards since his mother Angie was evicted. He has not had much of a storyline and has tended to have been portrayed negatively whenever he has appeared on screen. Calum’s last two edits have been particularly terrible, with him verbally lashing out at Jedward, which has given them sympathy from their furious fans.

Votes to win can be somewhat different to votes to save, with many people tending to pick up the phone who haven’t previously done so in the series. Viewers will be looking at who has entertained them throughout, and/or who has come across as the most likeable. By these measures, Calum Best looks particularly vulnerable tonight, and will be relying almost solely on his looks in order to get through. It’s well worth chancing him to go tonight at around 2/1.

Next eviction - Calum Best - 1pt @ 2/1