Thirty-two days later, we have finally arrived. The Celebrity Big Brother final takes place tonight, with six contestants seeking that coveted winner’s title, which housemates are hoping would come as a career boost in addition to the obvious validation from fans. Jedward, James Cosmo, Kim Woodburn, Coleen Nolan, Nicola McLean and Bianca Gascoigne are the six ‘celebrities’ looking to win the first of this year’s CBB titles.

Odds-on favourites Jedward have had a largely fantastic couple of weeks. The cheeky twosome have entertained viewers enough throughout the series, on their way to building up a huge following. This is in addition to the twins being allegedly bullied and victimised by their fellow housemates. The extent of this apparent victimisation should never be underestimated, as it has carried many former winners to CBB glory. In addition, the timing of Jedward’s run is fortunate and crucial to their chance at winning the show. The twins have been entertaining, likeable enough, humorous, and, essentially, have changed the public’s perception enough for the public to vote them as their winners. In doing this, they have progressed from childish idiots to highly perceptive and decent adults.

With Jedward very likely to win the show at an odds-on price, there must be some value elsewhere from a punter’s perspective. Ratings of this series almost doubled after Kim Woodburn came in as a late entrant. As stated previously, she has disappointed in the vote thus far, losing out to Coleen Nolan, Bianca Gascoigne and Jedward on at least two separate occasions. However, much of the series has revolved around her and producers definitely seem to be on Kim’s side. Her edit in this crucial week has been highly favourable, with the support for her online particularly being through the roof. Kim has cleverly managed to avoid being part of the unlikeable clique of everyone in the house except Jedward, and voters may well reward her for this.

In terms of who perhaps doesn’t deserve to be in the final, Nicola McLean and Bianca Gascoigne both jump out by a mile. One of them will almost certainly finish in sixth place tonight, so the question is, which of the two has given the most throughout the series and/or is the most likeable? Bianca’s new lover Jamie departed the show on Sunday, and, as a result, she has felt extremely redundant and disposable ever since. Nicola, on the other hand, has been an evil villain of epic proportions throughout, who has survived several eviction votes. She was part of the ‘rock band’ task on Wednesday night with Jedward, which was perhaps indicative of producers’ favour for her over boring Bianca.

Kim Woodburn to be Top Female has been advised on this page before, but it still represents good value now at 6/5. In order to win this bet, she realistically only has to beat Coleen, which seems likely, given her vast amount of airtime and producer favour. Kim could even be declared the winner of this market by finishing only in third place overall.

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Top Female - Kim Woodburn - 1pt @ 6/5
Next Eviction - Bianca Gascoigne - 1pt @ 13/8