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How to Bet on the NFL Draft: The Complete 2022 Betting Guide

Find out how to bet on the NFL Draft online with the Oddschecker 2022 Draft betting guide. Check out what kind of bets you can place, get the latest NFL Draft odds and more....
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How to Bet on the NFL Draft: The Complete 2022 Betting Guide

The biggest event of the NFL Offseason is just hours away and as the prospects get ready to hit the NFL red carpet, fans and sports bettors are ready to settle in for the festivities. The 2022 NFL Offseason has been pretty crazy so far, and the 2022 NFL Draft is expected to be no different. Get ready for another night of NFL festivities by checking out our 2022 NFL Draft.

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2022 NFL Draft: The Preview

The 2022 NFL Draft Odds have been anything but static, as six different players have now been the 'favorite to go first'. Defensive end Aidan Hutchinson seemed to be the consistent favorite to be the first overall pick but has recently been overtaken in the odds by Georgia Edge Travon Walker. Will Georgia beat out Michigan twice in one season?

The former Bulldogs Edge odds have fallen from a massive +2800 to just -480 on the last day before the Draft, giving him a 75%+ chance at donning the Jaguars colors.

Unlike last year, which had a plethora of great quarterback talent (Lawrence, Lance, Wilson, Jones, Fields), this year's draft has no quarterbacks listed amongst the top-5 picks. Who will your favorite team pick in the 2022 NFL Draft?

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NFL Draft Betting Odds: Common Betting Lines

The NFL Draft has grown into a widely anticipated event, and each year the Draft festivities have gotten bigger, louder, and more prolonged. The Draft itself has become an off-season Super Bowl, with millions tuning in to see their new star walk across the stage and don their new team colors.

With the expansion of the NFL draft has come the expansion of NFL Draft betting lines. Sportsbooks across the US now offer multiple Draft betting lines and fans can bet on anything from the first overall pick, to their favorite team's pick. Check out the latest odds for some of the most common betting lines below.

First Overall Pick

All eyes will be on the Jacksonville Jaguars at 8 pm. ET tonight, as they get ready to select their second first overall pick in a row. Last year, Trevor Lawrence going first was pretty much a given and sportsbooks were offering odds as low as -10000 on him to be picked by the Jags. This year is a little different, and the top spot in the draft has been anything but static.

Below are the current First Overall Pick odds courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook

  1. Travon Walker (-450)
  2. Aidan Hutchinson (+400)
  3. Iken Ekwonu (+750)
  4. Evan Neal (+2000)
  5. Kayvon Thibodeaux (+5000)

It's always a little strange when the odds change dramatically just days before the NFL Draft. Did someone has leaked information about the Jaguars' selection?

Betting on the First overall pick in the NFL Draft is a pretty simple process. All that matters is that the player you pick is drafted first! Betting on this market tends to be slightly easier, as there are no picks/trades happening before that could disrupt your draft order.

You can also bet on the second, third, fourth, and fifth overall pick on most sportsbooks, so fill your boots and get picking! If you want to bet with confidence on your first overall pick wager, use the Caesars Sportsbook promo below and get your first bet insured up to $1,100.

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Team Position Drafted Market

Betting on a team-specific market is brilliant fun, as you get to play GM for your favorite team and take a guess at who your new franchise star is going to be. Rather than picking the exact player to be drafted by a team, most people wager on which position their team will draft. This option opens up the market slightly, whilst still providing great odds, especially when betting on teams picking later in the draft.

Let's use the Arizona Cardinals as an example. Below are the Arizona Cardinals' odds to pick a certain position in the NFL Draft.

  1. Wide Receiver +225
  2. Offensive Lineman +250
  3. DL/Edge +300
  4. Defensive back +300
  5. Linebacker +800

As you can see above, betting on a team-specific position market can payout some pretty awesome odds, and still gives you a bigger chance to win than betting on a specific player to land on your team. If you want to bet on this market, why not grab the DraftKings NFL Draft promo below and get your first deposit matched up to $1000?

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Team to Draft Player Markets

Like most other NFL Draft markets, betting on the 'Team to draft a specific player' market is pretty simple to bet on. Rather than betting on a specific pick number (e.g Hutchinson at pick 2), you are betting on a specific player landing with a specific team. This market is really fun for users wanting to bet on their home team, or maybe users with a close relationship with a certain draft prospect. Did you go to Michigan? Why not take a bet on where Hutchinson will end up? Lets take a look at the latest Kenny Pickett Draft odds below to give a good example of the lines available.

Team to draft Kenny Picks Odds:

  1. CAR Panthers (+150)
  2. NO Saints (+200)
  3. PIT Steelers (+350)
  4. ATL Falcons (+500)
  5. SEA Seahawks (+500)

The above selections are the teams with the top odds at drafting Kenny Pickett, but if you have some insider information, or want to take a flier on a certain team you can bet on all 32 teams, right up to the Buffalo Bills at +10000. This is a slightly riskier market to bet on, but it can be truly profitable if landed. Make your first bet risk-free with the FanDuel promo code below and get your wager back if your pick goes elsewhere.

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Draft Prop Markets

As is always the case at NFL events, the NFL Draft is full of betting props that users can take advantage of. Users can bet on anything from 'first punter taken' to 'Mr. Irrelevant'. Although we wouldn't recommend these markets as a big unit spend, they can be a really fun way to spice up the draft in between your larger wagers.

Totals Draft Markets

Totals are the same as betting on over/under in a regular NFL game, except rather than betting on touchdowns, yards, or completions you are betting on the Draft prospects.

For example, users can bet on the o/u number of receivers to be drafted in the first round, or the over-under pick of a certain player (e.g Kenny Pickett Pick 6 over/under).

This market is great if you are clued into a specific position in the draft, or you are dead set on a player being taken at a certain pick.

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In-Play Betting

Similar to making a March Madness bracket, draft predictions, and mock drafts are usually thrown out the window by pick 10. Luckily, most sportsbooks are offering live in-play betting so you can pivot your wagers on the fly and make the most of the big value picks as the draft unfolds. Keep your eyes locked on your favorite sportsbooks NFL Draft page and see if you can find any steals as the excitement commences.

NFL Betting Picks

If you are unsure of who to bet on during the NFL Draft, or if you are looking for in-depth insight or analysis, make sure to head over to our Picks section to get the latest analysis from some of the best handicappers in the United States. If there is a value pick on the board, our guys will know about it.

How to bet on the NFL Draft FAQs

When does the NFL Draft Start?

The first round of the 2022 NFL Draft is due to start at 8 pm Eastern tonight (April 28th), and the following rounds will continue over the next few days, ending on Saturday April 30th.

How can I watch the NFL Draft?

The entirety of the 2022 NFL Draft will be broadcast across ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network, as well as streamed on NFL.com.


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