2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show Odds: All the Bets You Can Place on the Halftime Show

Looking for Super Bowl Halftime show odds? Jon Conahan has you covered with the latest 2023 Super Bowl halftime show odds. Come find out all of the Rihanna Super Bowl odds that you need to know!
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2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show Odds: All the Bets You Can Place on the Halftime Show

The 2023 Super Bowl halftime show will feature one of the greatest artists of all time as Rihanna takes the stage. Just like all the other props, there are many Super Bowl halftime show odds that we need to discuss. There are some crazy halftime show odds, but we're here to discuss every single one of them and try to see if there is value in any of them.

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Super Bowl Halftime Show Odds

Super Bowl Halftime Show Odds: Rihanna To Suffer a Wardrobe Malfunction


Rihanna to suffer a wardrobe malfunction currently sits at -1200 to not happen. This is an interesting one because we could see her having to change clothes fast and something could potentially happen here. Playing for it to happen at +650 doesn't seem like a bad idea if you're into these types of props.

Super Bowl Halftime Show Odds: Rihanna Wears Necklace On Stage


We already know that Rihanna is going to be coming out with a crazy necklace on. The jewelry that she's going to have on is going to be stunning and for that reason, playing the juice here might not be a bad idea. Although the odds are just -400, money is money at the end of the day.

Super Bowl Halftime Show Odds: Will Rihanna Fall Down on Stage?


We're talking about Rihanna here. One of the bets is if she's going to fall down on stage. Although the odds for this are horrible at -1400, we already know that RiRi isn't going to fall down on stage. She's too much of a professional and won't embarrass herself on stage. Perhaps she could trip, but she's been around the block for too long for this to happen.

Super Bowl Halftime Show Odds: Rihanna Lipstick Color

No Lipstick/Clear+265

Some may call me crazy here, but I do think that blue at +1200 is going to be what she comes out with. Although we could see her take the stage in red or pink, she might not decide to do that because she might not be a Chiefs fan. Putting on red lipstick could have people thinking that she's rooting for one team when that might not be the case. Although I might be thinking too much about this, I do like Rihanna to come out in blue lipstick.

Super Bowl Halftime Show Odds: Rihanna Eye Shadow Color


Rihanna is going to be stunting on everybody, so I'm going to automatically say that the favorite of none is not going to happen. I think she's going to go with something light here, so playing purple or blue again isn't a bad idea.

Super Bowl Halftime Show Odds: Rihanna Dress/Shirt Primary Color


If I had to guess what Rihanna is going to come out with, I'm going to say that she's going to do something that's popping out. That means that we shouldn't see any black or white dresses/shirts. Perhaps she could go with something like red, but as I just said, that could indicate that she's rooting for a certain team. I have a good feeling here that Rihanna might be showing up in gold and flexing on everybody in the stadium.

Super Bowl Halftime Show Odds: Rihanna Wears Sunglasses on Stage


There's a 0% chance that Rihanna doesn't come out and have sunglasses on. I just can't imagine a way that she doesn't come out with a pair of stylish sunglasses that are blinged out.

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