Saratoga Betting Odds

18:00 - Race 1

Race 1

1st Cool As You Like 13/8F2nd Our Whim 4/13rd Quick On The Draw 2/1

Winning Trainer: Michelle Nevin

Winning Jockey: Manuel Franco

Non-Runners: None (All 6 Ran)

18:33 - Race 2

Race 2

Mats Checkride

Non-Runners: None (All 8 Run)

Odds available from:

19:06 - Race 3

Race 3

Non-Runners: None (All 5 Run)

19:40 - Race 4

Race 4

Avery Maevein6/4

Bowl Of Kissesout3

Bantys Girlout4

Texas Musicin5

Offlee Irishout50


Mahabodhi Tree


Non-Runners: None (All 8 Run)

Odds available from:

20:14 - Race 5

Race 5

Salt Hay Bay3

Dont Tell Addie7/2

Ds Sisin6

Bull Feathers11

Charming Cara14


Big Brown Cat18

Nova Girl20


Non-Runners: None (All 9 Run)

Odds available from:

20:48 - Race 6

Race 6


Turco Bravoout7/2

Tapin Mojo11/2

My Cousin Lou13/2

Marriage Fever12


Beckers Galaxy

Non-Runners: None (All 7 Run)

Odds available from:

21:24 - Race 7

Race 7

Civil Union9/2

Peters Kitten5


Soar From Shadows7


Desert Isle10

Shamrock Babe10

Daddys Melody18

Perfect Pitch20

Valentines Romance40

French Empire

Mrs Vargas

Sweet Offer

Non-Runners: None (All 13 Run)

Odds available from:

22:02 - Race 8

Race 8

Still Krz4

Professor Snape5

Morning Buzz13/2

Happy Farm7

Richard The Great8

Its All Relevant12


Bolita Boyz20

In Arrears25

Fundys Tide

Non-Runners: None (All 10 Run)

Odds available from:

22:40 - Race 9

Race 9

Chelsea Cloistersin7/4



Stillwater Covein12


Avocado Toastin40


Shang Shang Shang

Non-Runners: None (All 8 Run)

Odds available from:

23:17 - Race 10

Race 10

Midnight Tea Time3

King Orb10/3

Heza Kitten9/2

Overnight Success5

Wicked Trick10

Clydes Runner14

Purr Cat14

Call The Cat20

Proximate To Power25

El Mas Puro28


Florentine Kitten

My Good Man

Our Honor


Shiny Copper Penny

Non-Runners: None (All 16 Run)

Odds available from:

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