Belterra Park Betting Odds

View full pre-race oddsView all odds17:35 - Race 1 Belterra Park

Race 1 Belterra Park

1st3 Dingdingdingding EvensF2nd1 Rushed 11/23rd6 Jennysregalman 25/1

Non-Runners: None (All 6 Ran)

View full pre-race oddsView all odds18:04 - Race 2 Belterra Park

Race 2 Belterra Park

1st2 Erebuni 4/5F2nd1 Holy Diver 17/23rd4 Promised Fame 14/1

Non-Runners: Backcat (4 Ran)

View full pre-race oddsView all odds18:33 - Race 3 Belterra Park

Race 3 Belterra Park

1st4 Luminaire 7/4F2nd5 Funny Feather 13/23rd3 Dunwoody 5/2

Non-Runners: Osprey Court (5 Ran)

View full pre-race oddsView all odds19:02 - Race 4 Belterra Park

Race 4 Belterra Park

1st2 Great Sky 2/12nd1 Dreammeister 11/10F3rd6 The Accuser 5/1

Non-Runners: Darknstormytime (5 Ran)

View full pre-race oddsView all odds19:31 - Race 5 Belterra Park

Race 5 Belterra Park

1st7 Rollick 11/8F2nd2 Power Of Magic 16/13rd4 Twirling Ruth 15/8

Non-Runners: None (All 8 Ran)

View full pre-race oddsView all odds20:00 - Race 6 Belterra Park

Race 6 Belterra Park

1st9 Clan Cara 11/42nd3 Brilliant Journey 11/10F3rd2 Jack Be Nimble 10/1

Non-Runners: Baytown Jaxx, Happy Dash, Jack Be Nimble (7 Ran)

View all oddsView all odds20:29 - Race 7 Belterra Park

Race 7 Belterra Park

Non-Runners: Whateverusaydear (4 Run)

View all oddsView all odds20:58 - Race 8 Belterra Park

Race 8 Belterra Park

Deanos Cape11/8

Final Delivery4

Early Arrival9/2

Carmel Bay6

Filimons Quest11

Gran Rojo18

Sonic Burn28

Non-Runners: Tactical Landing (7 Run)

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