Charles Town Betting Odds

00:00 - Race 1

Race 1

1st Aroostook 4/7F2nd The Great Mchenry 4/13rd Right On The Money 5/1

Winning Trainer: Javier Contreras

Winning Jockey: Jerry Villegas

Non-Runners: None (All 7 Ran)

00:31 - Race 2

Race 2

1st Dakota Mist 11/12nd Marcys Wish 9/43rd Gattolottacharm 9/1

Winning Trainer: Frank Light

Winning Jockey: Adrian Flores

Non-Runners: None (All 7 Ran)

00:57 - Race 3

Race 3

1st Gabbis Amor 4/12nd War And Thunder 11/23rd Transfigured 8/1

Winning Trainer: Victor Espinosa

Winning Jockey: Antonio Lopez

Non-Runners: None (All 9 Ran)

01:21 - Race 4

Race 4

1st Blue Plaid 11/10F2nd Air Station 3/13rd Molokai 2/1

Winning Trainer: Elizabeth Meehan

Winning Jockey: Grant Whitacre

Non-Runners: None (All 7 Ran)

01:56 - Race 5

Race 5

1st Boca Birdie 4/12nd Land Castle 5/4F3rd Gabs Lil Leaguer 6/1

Winning Trainer: Michael Atkins

Winning Jockey: Victor Rodriguez

Non-Runners: None (All 9 Ran)

02:22 - Race 6

Race 6

1st Cherubim 10/11F2nd Northern Freeway 15/83rd Jazz Age 16/1

Winning Trainer: Jeff Runco

Winning Jockey: Arnaldo Bocachica

Non-Runners: None (All 10 Ran)

02:50 - Race 7

Race 7

1st Walk To Freedom 10/32nd Last Plunge 6/13rd Dionysus Chalice 9/4F

Winning Trainer: Gregory Viands

Winning Jockey: Ramon Maldonado

Non-Runners: None (All 7 Ran)

03:20 - Race 8

Race 8

1st Live Free 15/82nd Polly Jean 7/4F3rd Deciding Factor 10/1

Winning Trainer: Javier Contreras

Winning Jockey: Fredy Peltroche

Non-Runners: None (All 4 Ran)

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