Prairie Meadows Betting Odds

00:00 - Race 1

Race 1

1st Contrip 9/22nd Out Of Mischief 7/23rd Silver Planet 6/1

Winning Trainer: Jr Ray Tracy,

Winning Jockey: Alex Birzer

Non-Runners: None (All 6 Ran)

00:27 - Race 2

Race 2

1st Aint Annie Grand 8/12nd On My Joy 20/13rd Emmy Got Even 2/1F

Winning Trainer: Jr Ray Tracy,

Winning Jockey: John Bisono

Non-Runners: None (All 8 Ran)

00:54 - Race 3

Race 3

1st Substitution 9/4JF2nd Pepe Longstocking 8/13rd Charlies Lucky 9/4JF

Winning Trainer: Hemel Kelly Von

Winning Jockey: Ty Kennedy

Non-Runners: None (All 7 Ran)

01:21 - Race 4

Race 4

1st Munyak 7/22nd K Street 11/43rd Irish Goodbye 15/8F

Winning Trainer: Kenny Smith

Winning Jockey: Glenn Corbett

Non-Runners: None (All 8 Ran)

01:48 - Race 5

Race 5

1st Caesartheruler 10/12nd Charlies A Charmer 9/23rd Lucky Perfection 15/8JF

Winning Trainer: Dick Clark

Winning Jockey: Terry Thompson

Non-Runners: None (All 6 Ran)

02:15 - Race 6

Race 6

1st Skylas Gold 15/8JF2nd Cougar Country 15/8JF3rd Blabimir 8/1

Winning Trainer: Karl Broberg

Winning Jockey: Chya Johnstone

Non-Runners: None (All 6 Ran)

02:42 - Race 7

Race 7

1st Mudd Dobber 25/12nd Jdubs Jet 8/13rd Oprahs Ranger 11/10F

Winning Trainer: David McShane

Winning Jockey: Kevin Roman

Non-Runners: None (All 9 Ran)

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