Laurel Park Betting Odds

17:30 - Race 1

Race 1

1st Reedini 6/12nd Scouts Honor 5/23rd Kings House 10/3

Winning Trainer: Jr Robert Leaf,

Winning Jockey: Antonio Quiles

Non-Runners: None (All 15 Ran)

18:00 - Race 2

Race 2

1st Cerulean Springs 10/32nd Tambora 10/13rd Vineyard 11/8F

Winning Trainer: Marilyn McMullen

Winning Jockey: Rosario Montanez

Non-Runners: None (All 6 Ran)

18:31 - Race 3

Race 3

1st A Rose By Any Name 33/12nd Ghostly Affair 9/23rd Eighty Bucks 25/1

Winning Trainer: Suzanne Dempsey

Winning Jockey: Antonio Lopez

Non-Runners: None (All 15 Ran)

19:00 - Race 4

Race 4

1st Altamura 10/11F2nd Up Hill Battle 11/43rd Virginia Fable 12/1

Winning Trainer: Wayne Catalano

Winning Jockey: Channing Hill

Non-Runners: None (All 8 Ran)

19:30 - Race 5

Race 5

1st Another Broad 11/42nd Ghouls Night Out 9/43rd Victory Rally 6/4F

Winning Trainer: Michael Trombetta

Winning Jockey: Julian Pimentel

Non-Runners: None (All 7 Ran)

20:00 - Race 6

Race 6

1st Elusive Mischief 5/4F2nd Divine Interventio 5/23rd Homespun Hero 11/2

Winning Trainer: Ian Wilkes

Winning Jockey: Sheldon Russell

Non-Runners: None (All 11 Ran)

20:30 - Race 7

Race 7

1st Bye Bye Blues 10/11F2nd Polarization 10/13rd Trufflesberg 16/1

Winning Trainer: Dale Capuano

Winning Jockey: Daniel Centeno

Non-Runners: None (All 11 Ran)

21:00 - Race 8

Race 8

1st Stomp Dance 12/12nd Big City Blues 5/13rd Odds On 15/8F

Winning Trainer: Kieron Magee

Winning Jockey: Rosario Montanez

Non-Runners: None (All 10 Ran)

21:30 - Race 9

Race 9

Non-Runners: None (All 12 Run)

22:00 - Race 10

Race 10




Going Out

Madame Milan

Magic Hatter


Ponti Scheme

Non-Runners: None (All 12 Run)

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22:30 - Race 11

Race 11



Well Blessedin6

Secret Or Notout16


Street Miz40

Complete St


My Vixen

Sweet Sandy

Non-Runners: None (All 10 Run)

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23:00 - Race 12

Race 12

Young Americanin8/11

Bobs My Unclein4

Redneck Cowboyin11/2

Patriot Saint6


Heres Paco16

Super Vision25

Wildly Clever33

Non-Runners: None (All 8 Run)

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