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Super Bowl Odds Update and Betting: Every Team's Odds to Win the Super Bowl

A look at each team's odds to win the 2022 Super Bowl after Week 10 and a breakdown of each team's chances. See where you can find the best odds.
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Super Bowl Odds Update and Betting: Every Team's Odds to Win the Super Bowl

Breaking down the odds to win Super Bowl LVI for all 32 teams heading into Week 11 of the NFL Season.

With Week 11 on the horizon, the NFL season has now made its way past the halfway mark. Of course, with all 32 teams playing a total of 17 games, there isn’t a true “halfway point” when it comes to the standings. An odd number of scheduled games admittedly still takes some getting used to. Either way, with ten weeks in the books, some bettors might be curious to revisit the NFL betting odds to win Super Bowl LVI.

There have certainly been plenty of surprises through the first half of the regular season. The last three weeks in particular have proven especially chaotic with numerous underdogs springing outright upsets. The fact that dogs have covered the spread at a rate of 57% on the season as a whole further point toward the balance and parity in today’s NFL.

Bettors likely won’t be surprised to find that the updated Super Bowl betting odds after ten weeks of play differ quite a bit from both the prices listed before the season and at the quarter mark. After a run of results that have left many scratching their heads in disbelief, expect more adjustments to the 2022 Super Bowl odds as the season progresses.

The following article includes the updated Super Bowl betting odds along with associated commentary for every team. 

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Super Bowl Odds Update

Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +600

The Bills are curiously the odds-on betting favorites to win the Super Bowl after ten weeks of play. Their odds have continued to get shorter as the season has gone on, dropping from +850 after Week 4 to the current 6-1 price. However, the Bills have only won three of five games played since the quarter mark of the NFL season. While Buffalo is a very talented team, losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars in embarrassing fashion isn’t exactly a performance befitting a Super Bowl favorite.

The optimal +600 Super Bowl odds are available at Caesars and bet365. Other sportsbooks have Buffalo priced as low as +500.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +650

Despite returning all 22 starters from last year’s Super Bowl-winning team, the Buccaneers have not been the odds-on betting favorites to repeat at any measuring point this season. Tampa Bay trailed the Kansas City Chiefs in both the preseason Super Bowl odds and at the quarter mark. Now, they find themselves behind the Bills. The Bucs’ stock has taken a bit of a hit in recent weeks as they sandwiched their bye week in between two surprising losses. While Tom Brady has weapons galore, the status of Antonio Brown moving forward is now up in the air.

Bettors can find the preferred +650 Buccaneers Super Bowl odds at BetMGM, PointsBet, bet365, and Borgata. All other sportsbooks have the price a touch lower at 6-1.

Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +900

All of the media attention and scrutiny surrounding the Packers this season has been directed towards the quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Perhaps this is partly due to the fact that Green Bay’s defense is drastically improved over previous years. As a result, the Packers’ Super Bowl odds have continued to dwindle as the season has progressed. A +1200 price at the quarter mark is now down to 9-1 through ten weeks.

The best Super Bowl odds for the Packers can be found at any of Caesars, PointsBet, Unibet or SugarHouse. A couple of sportsbooks list them at +800 to win the 2022 Super Bowl.

Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +900

After losing only one of their first eight matchups, the Rams dropped back-to-back decisions heading into their Week 11 bye. Even so, they are still among the NFL betting favorites when it comes to the Super Bowl futures market. Trading for linebacker Von Miller and signing wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. were two highly publicized transactions that bolstered the perception of bettors. The Rams’ Super Bowl odds have come down from +1200 after Week 4 to the current +900 figure.

While the best Super Bowl odds on the Rams equal the optimal price on the Packers, there is more variance in Los Angeles’ price. While BetMGM, bet365, and Borgata all have the Rams listed at +900, other shops have them priced as low as +700.

Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +1000

The Cardinals were the last team to lose a game this season, maintaining their unblemished record into Week 8. Arizona has now played their last two games without a pair of offensive stars in quarterback Kyler Murray and receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Their Super Bowl odds have only gotten smaller, dropping from +1600 through four weeks to the current +1000 offering. Despite having one of the six shortest prices in the NFL, the Cardinals only have the second-shortest Super Bowl LVI odds in the NFC West Division.

The Cardinals can be found at +1000 to win the Super Bowl at any of Caesars, FOX Bet, bet365, Unibet, or SugarHouse. They are listed as low as 9-1 elsewhere.

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +1000

The Cowboys Super Bowl odds have been cut in half from the quarter mark of the season to now. Having only lost once since the season-opener, Dallas is proving to be one of the legitimate championship contenders. Along with Dak Prescott’s remarkable comeback campaign, a vastly improved defense has the Cowboys sitting pretty atop the NFC East Division.

The +1000 price on the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl is identical across all sportsbooks in the NFL betting market.

Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +1100

The preseason Super Bowl betting favorites now find themselves in the double-digit price range. While the Chiefs have struggled to replicate their offensive success from previous seasons, they certainly flashed some promise in a Week 10 rout of the division-rival Raiders. The Chiefs’ defense has also quietly been playing a lot better in recent weeks. Still, they are one of the few contenders who has seen their odds grow longer as the season has gone on.

Only Caesars is offering the premium +1100 Super Bowl odds on the Chiefs. Other sportsbooks list Kansas City at a diminished value. One shop even has them three full dollars lower at +800.

Tennessee Titans Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +1200

A Week 10 win over the Saints marked the Titans’ sixth victory in a row and fifth straight over playoff teams from last year. Despite losing star running back Derrick Henry, Tennessee’s Super Bowl betting odds have only gotten shorter. They were priced as high as 40-1 just six weeks ago.

Although the best value on the Titans to win the 2022 Super Bowl is long gone, interested bettors can find the optimal +1200 price at FanDuel. Elsewhere, the Titans are listed as low as +900.

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +1400

A sluggish road loss in Week 10 to the Dolphins derailed public confidence in the Ravens a bit. While Baltimore will need to overcome multiple defensive injuries if they are to make a Super Bowl run this season, it isn’t unfathomable. Lamar Jackson has improved dramatically as a passer and is a popular midseason pick to win the NFL MVP Award.

The Ravens’ Super Bowl odds have not moved much from the quarter mark of the season to now, dropping from +1600 to +1400. Bettors can find that price at bet365.

New England Patriots Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +2700

After the Ravens, there is a steep drop-off in the NFL betting odds to win the Super Bowl. The next team in line is the Patriots at a +2700 price. While the number pales in comparison to the 80-1 offering after Week 4, it’s certainly an intriguing bet to make given the roll New England has been on recently.

The best Super Bowl odds for the Patriots can be found at FanDuel. There is also a much larger price variance across the market for New England compared to teams with shorter odds. The worst number is currently 18-1.

Los Angeles Chargers Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +3000

The Chargers have dropped three of their last four games and have seen their Super Bowl odds take a hit as a result. A +2100 price after Week 4 is now as long as 30-1. Brandon Staley has improved the defense, but L.A. can’t stop the run to save their lives. For as promising a future as Justin Herbert appears to have, strong defensive teams have been able to force him into making mistakes.

Those who believe that Chargers can rebound from their recent rough stretch can bet +3000 odds at BetMGM, bet365, Borgata, Unibet, and SugarHouse.

Cleveland Browns Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +4500

Despite sitting along in the AFC North Division cellar, the Browns still somehow have shorter Super Bowl odds than two of their rivals. One of those teams is actually the current division leaders. It appears that preseason expectations in Cleveland were once again a bit far-fetched. The current 45-1 listing is much longer than the Browns’ quarter-mark price of +1400.

Those who wish to bet on a Browns turnaround and potential Super Bowl run can find these +4500 odds at bet365. Most sportsbooks are currently offering Cleveland at +4000.

Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +6000

After a red-hot start, the Bengals have come back down to Earth a bit in recent weeks. Given the very low bar for this team coming into the year, they have still seen a massive drop in their Super Bowl odds. The current line is less than half of the +15000 on Cincinnati after Week 4.

Although they remain a long shot, the Bengals are in the thick of the crowded AFC North Division race. Bettors can lock in 60-1 odds on Joe Burrow to lead Cincinnati to a Super Bowl title at PointsBet, Unibet, and SugarHouse.

Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +6000

The Steelers stand out as the third consecutive AFC North team on the Super Bowl odds list. With a record of 5-3-1, Pittsburgh surprisingly leads the division through ten weeks of action. Their odds have plummeted even further than the Bengals’. Just six weeks ago, the Steelers had a 250-1 price.

Four different sportsbooks currently list the Steelers at +6000 to win the Super Bowl. They have the longest odds of any division leader at the halfway point of the season.

Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +8000

The Colts have successfully reversed a 1-4 start to the season by winning four of their last five games. They continue to stare up at the Titans in the AFC South Division. Nonetheless, Frank Reich’s team seems to be finding its identity. Indianapolis holds an advantage in the trenches over most other NFL teams. Their Super Bowl odds have dropped from 100-1 at the quarter mark of the season.

The Colts are a team that has a wide range of prices to win the Super Bowl depending on where one looks in the betting market. While some sportsbooks list them as low as +5000, a wager on +8000 odds can be made at Caesars and Borgata.

New Orleans Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +8000

Injuries have caused the Saints’ Super Bowl odds to swell compared to where they were earlier in the year. No matter how good their defense may be, it’s hard to envision New Orleans seriously contending for a title after losing quarterback Jameis Winston to a torn ACL.

The current +8000 odds on the Saints to win the Super Bowl are nearly double what they were six weeks ago. Both Caesars and Borgata offer this price. Perhaps Drew Brees craves the spotlight enough that he will come out of retirement and try at one last run for glory?

Las Vegas Raiders Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +10000

It has been quite the tumultuous last six weeks for the Raiders organization. After losing head coach Jon Gruden, Las Vegas recently cut ties with both of their first-round picks in last year’s draft. They are still in the midst of a contentious AFC West Divison race, but the Raiders have seen their Super Bowl odds lengthen.

While two sportsbooks (Caesars and Borgata) list the Raiders at +10000 to win it all, most shops have them at 80-1. Oddly enough, one book has Las Vegas’ odds all the way down at +5500.

Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +10000

The Vikings have looked great in some games this season. In others, they have lost to the likes of Cooper Rush. Mike Zimmer is on a perpetual hot seat that will only get warmer if Minnesota fails to push for a playoff spot. To their credit, the Vikings’ adjusted numbers suggest that they should be a better football team than their current record would indicate.

All sportsbooks currently list the Vikings between +10000 and +8000 to win the Super Bowl.

San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +10000

The 49ers count themselves among the teams who have seen a major increase in their Super Bowl odds compared to the preseason. Even as little as six weeks ago, San Francisco was +2800 to win it all. Just when most had written Kyle Shanahan’s team off for good, they went out and pummeled the Rams in Week 10. Of the teams with triple-digit odds to win the 2022 Super Bowl, the 49ers might be the most logical bet to make.

Bettors who believe in Jimmy Garoppolo and a healthy Niners team can find favorable +10000 odds at both Caesars and Borgata. They are priced way down at +5000 at three other sportsbooks in the NFL betting market.

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +12500

The Seahawks got Russell Wilson back from a finger injury, but he was nowhere close to himself in a Week 10 shutout loss. With a 3-6 record, Seattle is staring up at the rest of the loaded NFC West Division. While a playoff berth is still within the realm of possibility, winning the Super Bowl is a tough ask.

The Seahawks Super Bowl odds have more than quadrupled from where they were at the quarter mark of the season. A +2800 price is now as high as +12500. No sportsbook in the market lists Seattle lower than 100-1.

Denver Broncos Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +13000

After starting the season off 3-0, the Broncos have gone just 2-5 since. For as likable a player as Teddy Bridgewater is, he just isn’t a Super Bowl-caliber quarterback. The Broncos also have numerous injuries on defense. Odds that sat at +4400 through four weeks have ballooned to +13000.

FanDuel is the only shop offering this 130-1 price. All other sportsbooks list the Broncos’ Super Bowl odds at 100-1.

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +20000

The Eagles have been making something out of nothing on occasion this season. A weak defensive secondary and the inconsistent QB play of Jalen Hurts give them almost no chance to run down the Cowboys in the division.

It is interesting to note the wide range of prices on the Eagles’ Super Bowl odds. While PointsBet offers the best value at +20000, other shops have Philadelphia as low as +10000.

Carolina Panthers Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +25000

Remember when actual NFL betting analysts were saying Sam Darnold was the solution at quarterback for the Panthers following a 3-0 start? I sure do. Spoiler alert: Darnold never has been and never will be an NFL-caliber QB. The Panthers would be better off starting Cam Newton the rest of the year.

While Carolina’s Super Bowl odds never dipped below 100-1, they have swelled back up to +25000 following losses in five of their last seven games.

Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +50000

The majority of the NFL betting market lists the Falcons’ Super Bowl odds between +22500 and +25000. While the PointsBet odds of 500-1 are double that, don’t expect a flyer on Atlanta to pan out. Betting on the quarterback-coach combination of Matt Ryan and Arthur Smith is as ugly as it gets.

Chicago Bears Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +75000

Despite what the typical Bears fan may claim, this is a lost year for Chicago. Not that veteran QB Andy Dalton is anything great, but he surely would have been the better option than extremely raw rookie Justin Fields if the Bears wanted to challenge for a Super Bowl this season. On top of that, the once-mighty Bears’ defense ranks just 22nd in adjusted efficiency.

Miami Dolphins Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +100000

The Dolphins have actually shown flashes of a bright future, especially in a Week 10 upset of the Ravens. Despite all of the scrutiny and trade rumors, it appears that Miami has a franchise QB in Tua Tagovailoa. However, they remain a year or two away from contending for anything legitimate.

New York Giants Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +100000

This clearly isn’t the Giants’ year. However, one cannot deny the consistent improvements that this team has made. Daniel Jones is the real deal and Joe Judge sure knows how to get the most out of his players. Still, your money is probably better saved for a rainy day than it is betting on the Giants 1000-1 Super Bowl odds at FanDuel.

Washington Football Team Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +100000

Washington surprised the NFL betting world in Week 10 by knocking off the defending Super Bowl Champion Buccaneers. Unfortunately, their third win of the year came at a major cost as star pass-rusher Chase Young was lost to a torn ACL. Just when the Football Team’s defense had been finding its footing after an awful start, they lost their best player. Even with Unibet and SugarHouse offering 1000-1 odds, there’s not much reason to get excited about Washington.

Jacksonville Jaguars Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +500000

Other than defending the run and having the NFL’s superior Josh Allen playing for them, the Jaguars don’t have a lot going for them. Aside from another spirited upset or two, bettors shouldn’t expect much football success out of Duval County until next season at the earliest. Preferably, Urban Meyer won’t last that long as the Jags’ head coach.

New York Jets Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +500000

Like Jacksonville, the Jets pulled off a couple of stunning upsets of their own by beating the Titans and Bengals. In Week 11, Joe Flacco will become the third QB to start a game for the team this season. The Jets are more interested in a top-3 draft pick than they are winning a Super Bowl this season.

Detroit Lions Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +1000000

Look, Dan Campbell can only do so much from the sidelines as head coach. While the Lions probably should have a win or two already, they certainly aren’t a Super Bowl contender. That said, they did tie the Steelers in Week 10. The last team to tie Pittsburgh at Heinz Field was the 2002 Atlanta Falcons, and they went on to win a playoff game that same season. Those ‘02 Falcons also didn’t have Jared Goff as their quarterback.

Houston Texans Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +1000000

The Texans have not won a game since their season-opener. Tyrod Taylor was quite rusty in his return from a stint on the IR two weeks ago. Perhaps he can guide Houston to another win or two, but it’ll be at least a few years before the Texans’ Super Bowl odds figure to be worth a serious look.

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