Deshaun Watson Next Team Odds: Will Watson Get Another Chance?

Where Will DeShaun Watson play in the NFL next year? Jason Radowitz takes a look at the odds.
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Deshaun Watson Next Team Odds: Will Watson Get Another Chance?

Deshaun Watson didn't have the best of years last year. It wasn't due to football. It was due to watching 22 women file civil lawsuits against him, accusing him of lewd sexual behavior.

Once the Houston Texans learned about this, Watson was sidelined and never given a chance to play football once the lawsuits began. Right now, many teams are ready to look past Watson's behavior just to win some football games.

It's unfortunate, but here's to hoping that Watson has learned from his mistakes and doesn't get himself caught up in these lawsuits again.

Despite these lawsuits and Houston's unwillingness to play Watson, the Texans still have a hefty price tag for teams looking to acquire Watson. A trade might not happen very fast and Watson could be sitting out another full season if we're being honest.

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Deshaun Watson 2022 Team Odds

  • Houston Texans -110
  • Buccaneers +400
  • Vikings +450
  • Panthers +950
  • Broncos +950
  • Eagles +1000
  • Commanders +1200

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Texans (-110) (Bet $110 to win $100)

There are going to be many quarterbacks on the move during the offseason. Currently, Watson is hoping he's one of them. Watson has a fully-guaranteed salary of $35 million and essentially isn't allowed to play for the Texans due to misconduct.

The Texans have moved on from him and likely don't want to pay his salary if he's not going to be playing for the Texans anymore. However, it seems like the Texans are asking for a whole lot in return and no team is meeting those expectations in trades. There are probably only a select few teams that are even willing to think about adding Watson to their team. Watson could've gone to Carolina while the criminal and civil matters were pending, but chose to decline an opportunity with the Panthers.

So at this point, it's likely he's going to stay put and then watch another season of his career get washed away. But in fairness, it's deserving.

Buccaneers (+400) (Bet $100 to win $400)

If the Buccaneers took a chance with Antonio Brown, I'm sure Tampa Bay wouldn't mind adding Watson. Watson would replace Tom Brady and while that wouldn't make the Buccaneers a Super Bowl contender, it would help them compete until the Buccaneers ultimately found a replacement or developed Watson into a better quarterback and leader. If the Buccaneers become desperate, we might see Watson with Tampa Bay.

Vikings (+450) (Bet $100 to win $450)

Unless Kirk Cousins gets hurt, it would be hard to imagine that the Vikings would go after Watson. Cousins is an above-average quarterback that has more potential than I think most people want to let on. But if the Rams can trade Jared Goff for Matthew Stafford, then maybe the Vikings can trade Cousins for Watson. That would be an interesting development, but again, I'd highly doubt that the Vikings move on from Cousins at this point.

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Jason grew up an avid sports fan. His passion for sports writing grew in high school and he developed a blog that was strictly for New York Sports. From his work, you will quickly realize that he loves looking at games from an analytical and numbers perspective and hopes to provide you with that same perspective in his articles.

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